The BSW subjects and syllabus is 3 years which is equally segregated into 6 semesters. BSW syllabus and subjects deal with a wide variety of topics dealing with social work. They cover topics such as science and technology, psychology, counselling, languages, family education, substance abuse, and many more. 

Semester Wise BSW

BSW course, like any other academic degree, teaches students in classrooms through theory and practical lectures, projects, and assignments, among other things. 

The syllabus of the BSW course is designed in such a way that it imparts the necessary social sensitivity and develops confidence among the students to nurture them as agents of societal change and benefit. The BSW syllabus pdf is structured into six semesters, with fieldwork and projects in the final semester. 

The following is the whole BSW syllabus:

BSW First Year Syllabus

BSW First Year Syllabus
Semester I Semester II
Beginnings of Social Work Basic Concepts in Psychology
Fundamentals of Social Work Contemporary Social Concerns
Sociology for Social Work Social Psychology
Concurrent Field Work Concurrent Field Work
Concurrent – Qualifying Language Concurrent – Credit Language

BSW Second Year Syllabus

BSW Second Year Syllabus
Semester III Semester IV
Working with Individuals Community Organization
Working with Groups Communication and Development
Social Deviance and Social Problems Physical, Mental, and Community Health
Concurrent Field Work Concurrent Field Work
Concurrent – interdisciplinary Concurrent – Discipline Centered I

BSW Third Year Syllabus

BSW Third Year Syllabus
Semester V Semester VI
Social Policy and Social Development  Social Welfare and Administration
Social Legislation and Human Rights Research in Social Work
Social Action and Movements Areas of Social Work Practice II
Areas of Social Work Practice I NGO Management
Concurrent Field Work Concurrent Field Work

BSW Subjects

BSW subjects are determined by the specialization chosen by the students. BSW subjects are chosen from a list of fundamental humanities and social science courses as well as specialized choices. There are two types of BSW subjects: core and elective.

BSW Core Subjects

The core BSW subjects list includes the following subjects that all students, regardless of speciality, must study:

  • Introduction to Social Work
  • Social Science Foundation for Social Work: Human Growth and Behavior
  • Social Science Foundation for Social Work: Contemporary Development Studies
  • Community Organization
  • Social Work Administration
  • Research Methods
  • Social Work Theories and Practice 

BSW Elective Subjects

These elective courses allow students to focus on a single subject and gain a better understanding of it. One can learn about its main components in addition to the fundamental BSW Subjects. Consider the following examples:

  • Work with older adults 
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Disability
  • Basic Counseling Skills 

The BSW Course Structure

The BSW syllabus and course curriculum is structured into two categories, namely core and elective subjects. The course is divided into semesters based on the various social problems, languages, community development, life skills and other topics to be covered. 

Some of the BSW course details are:

  • VI Semesters
  • Core and Elective subjects
  • Field Work
  • Projects/Assignments

The BSW Teaching Methodology and Techniques

The BSW Degree course curriculum includes various teaching methods and techniques that help students understand multiple topics taught in their classes. Some of the different teaching methodologies and techniques adopted in the course curriculum of The BSW degree course are as follows:

  • Social Work and Campaigns
  • The emphasis on Practical and Theoretical Learning
  • Guest Lectures, Seminars, and Workshop
  • Group Assignment and Discussion
  • Awareness Programs
  • Research & Development

The BSW Projects

Project Topics for the BSW is an amazing resource opportunity for students from humanities and science backgrounds and aspirants looking to complete the post-graduation program ahead. Students pursuing the BSW project topics are addiction, affordable care act, ageing, animal rights, gender equality, Social justice, Substance abuse, Suicide, Veterans, etc. 

The students can take BSW project topics based on their subjects and syllabus, motivating them to develop additional knowledge to complete the project work. Some of the best project topics for the BSW course:

  • Juvenile justice system
  • Elder Abuse
  • Human Trafficking
  • Mental illness
  • Mentoring program
  • Nutrition assistance programs
  • People experiencing homelessness
  • People with disabilities
  • Resilience
  • Restorative community programs

The BSW Reference Books

Best books for BSW help students get a clear idea about various subjects and topics covered in the course curriculum. The BSW reference books help undergraduates expand their knowledge and vision about multiple topics covered in their classes. Some of the very best BSW books are:

Books Authors
Saving Normal Allen Frances
 A Trick of The Light   Lois Metzger
  Stir It Up: Lessons in Community Organizing and Advocacy Rinku Sen
Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?  Jeanette Winterson
Breaking Night Liz Murray 

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