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Surobhi Chatterjee

Updated on Jan 4, 2023 by Surobhi Chatterjee

Surobhi Chatterjee

Updated on Jan 4, 2023 by Surobhi Chatterjee

The BA English syllabus covers topics such as Indian Classical Literature to American Literature, European Classical Literature, etc., and a vast choice of electives such as Media and Communication Skills, Language and Linguistics, Contemporary India: Women and Empowerment, Academic Writing, and Composition, Travel Writing, Autobiography and many more. The BA English course even includes other specializations for further skill development. BA English job scope provides good exposure to students looking for pursuing their career path with extensive employment opportunities and lucrative salaries. 

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Semester-Wise BA English Syllabus

The BA English course consists of core and elective subjects. Depending on the university/college, they may differ slightly. It has two parts -a compulsory set of courses covering all foundation areas in literature and a set of elective courses that aim to build job-specific skills and knowledge. BA English course aims to ensure that the students have access to all the vital and key information they need. The semester-wise courses are as follows:

BA English First Year Syllabus

The table below contains the subjects from BA English first year syllabus:

Semester I Semester II
Communicative English Professional Communication
Language Paper I Language Paper II
History of English Literature: The Pre-Chaucerian to the Augustan History of English Literature: The Pre-Romantic to the Victorian
English Poetry: The Elizabethan to the Augustan English Poetry: The Pre-Romantic to the Victorian
English Prose: The Elizabethan to the Victorian English Prose: The Late-Victorian to the Modern
Introduction to Computing Indian Writing in English: Fiction
Cultural Education I Cultural Education II

BA English Second Year Syllabus

The table below contains the subjects from BA English second year syllabus:

Semester III Semester IV
Communicative English (Advanced) History of English Language and Phonetics
History of English Literature: Victorian to the Present Indian Writing In English: Poetry
American Literature Shakespeare: Comedies
Biography Environmental Studies
English Fiction: Victorian Elective A
Life Skills I Open Elective A
Amrita Value Programme I Life Skills II
Amrita Value Programme II -

BA English Third Year Syllabus

The table below contains the subjects from BA English third year syllabus:

Semester V Semester VI
Elements of Literary Criticism Literary Criticism: Introduction
English Poetry: Modern European Fiction
English Drama: Elizabethan to Victorian English Fiction: Modern
Spiritual Literature English Drama: Modern
Elective B Shakespeare: Tragedies
Open Elective B/Live-in-Lab Autobiography
Life Skills III -
Canadian Literature -

BA English Subjects

The BA English subjects taught in the course are mostly similar for all the colleges, but it varies depending on the institution's course module. But, the overall subjects are quite similar but put in a different order, depending on the teaching method. Overall, the course makes them have a peculiar way of teaching and writing and a good scope of literature.

Core Subjects

  • Indian Classical Literature
  • British Poetry and Drama: 14th to 17th Centuries
  • American Literature
  • Women's Writing
  • English/MIL Communication
  • British Literature: The Early 20th Century

Elective Subjects

  • Academic Writing and Composition
  • Readings on Indian Diversities and Literary Movements
  • Text and Performance
  • Literary Theory
  • Travel Writing
  • Autobiography
  • Research Methodology

BA English Course Structure

The BA English course syllabus is designed to mainly include various works and authors from literature in the English language and elective subjects, which gives the knowledge to work in the job sectors. This field sharpens a student's mind to tackle the daily obstacles faced in their workplace, studies & other similar aspects. The course involves modules which include aspects like

  • Literary theory and practice
  • Core Subjects
  • Elective Subjects
  • Writing/ Translation/ Language

BA English Teaching Methodology and Techniques

BA English is a course focusing on different aspects of English literature, language, and writing. The course is designed based on requirements and helps get the most exposure regarding the field, and the BA English course subjects deal with the same. Consequently, learning strategies have varying implications for courses.

  • Assignments
  • Following course module books
  • Case studies/ Research work
  • Internships

BA English Projects

BA English project, known as a mini-thesis, is a compulsory project for the students to complete at the end of their semester. Students should regard their projects as an ideal opportunity to integrate what they have learned during the English program and apply it to their future working profession.

Some of the project topics are:

  • Satire And Social Meditation in Wole Soyinka's: A case study of the Trials of Brother Jero and a Play of Giants
  • Racism and Oppression in Black American Literature: An example of Richard Wright's Black Boy
  • Language in feminists Literature (A study of Mariama Ba'S So Long A Letter)
  • A Stylistic Analysis of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's The Thing Around Your Neck

BA English Reference Books

The topics taught in the course module are very much enough. But, to get deep or in-depth knowledge, there are certain books published by authors, who have opened up about their thought processes.

Name Author
Antigone Jean Anouilh
Beginning Theory: An Introduction To Literary and Cultural Theory Peter Barry
Paradise Lost John Milton
Theory of Criticism Raman Selden
The Art of Rhetoric Aristotle

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