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Surobhi Chatterjee

Updated on Jan 4, 2023 by Surobhi Chatterjee

Surobhi Chatterjee

Updated on Jan 4, 2023 by Surobhi Chatterjee

BA Bengali syllabus is a three years undergraduate degree course and is divided into six semesters. BA Bengali is a study about the basics of the Bengali language, the origin of the Bengali language, reading and writing of the Bengali language. The subjects related to the BA Bengali course differ according to the specializations and institutes.

Semester Wise BA Bengali Syllabus

Bachelor of Arts in Bengali syllabus covers everything from the origin of Bengali language, Literature, Reading and writing in Bengali. BA Bengali course syllabus has both practical and theory papers. Semester wise BA Bengali subjects list are given below:

BA Bengali First Year Syllabus

Semester I

Semester II

Socio-cultural background of Bengali

19th Century Poetry

Ancient and Medieval Literature

19th Century Play

History of Literature (Ancient & Medieval)

19th Century Fiction & Rhetoric

Concurrent - Qualifying Language

Concurrent - Credit Language


BA Bengali Second Year Syllabus

Semester III

Semester IV

Tagore I (Novel, Criticism, Autobiography)

Tagore II (Novel, Criticism, Autobiography)

Indian Literature in Translation

20th Century Literature (Short Stories)

20th Century Literature (Novels)

Concurrent - Discipline Centered I

Concurrent- Interdisciplinary


BA Bengali Third Year Syllabus

Semester V

Semester VI

Post Tagore Poetry

Prose (Non- Fictional)

History Of Literature (19th - 20th Century)

Literary Theory & Criticism

Bengali Linguistics and Prosody

Concurrent - Discipline Centred II

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BA Bengali Subjects

BA Bengali subjects cover theory and practicals of Bengali Language. Bachelor of Arts Bengali in subjects is Tagore’s Novels, Poetry, Prose and Literature, History and Origin of Bengali Language and so on. BA Bengali course curriculum includes both core and elective subjects.

Some Compulsory Languages are listed below:

  • Indian Literature in Translation
  • Socio-cultural background of Bengali
  • 19th Century Fiction & Rhetoric
  • Tagore (Novel, Criticism, Autobiography)
  • Bengali Linguistics and Prosody
  • Literary Theory & Criticism

BA Bengali Course Structure

BA Bengali course duration is three years and is divided into six semesters. BA Bengali course provides both practical and theoretical knowledge to the students. BA Bengali course structure is made in such a way that it covers both classroom training and practicals. The BA Bengali course structure is given below:

  • VI semesters
  • Core Subjects
  • Elective subjects
  • Practicals
  • Projects
  • Internship

BA Bengali Teaching Methodology and Techniques

BA Bengali course undertakes different teaching methods. Along with classroom training, BA Bengali includes practical sessions for those who are very passionate about Bengali Language and want to take it professionally in future. Some of the teaching methods that are adopted for the course are listed below:

  • Classroom training
  • Conceptualized learning
  • Practicals
  • Internship
  • Group discussions
  • Presentations

BA Bengali Projects

Projects are there to give to the students who must understand deeply about concepts and get some experience. Projects are completed by the end of the sixth semester. Some popular BA Bengali projects topics are listed below:

  • Jyotirindranath Thakur jiban o srijan
  • Adhunik Bangla kabitay baijanik chetana o bijnan anushanga 1941 2011
  • Shambhu Mitra ek ekak kanthaswar
  • Bangla kabye samajchetanar aloy Birendra Chattopadhyayer kabita
  • Banglar lokekathar gathantattwa

BA Bengali Reference Books

BA Bengali books are available in both online and offline stores written by different authors and publications. Reference books are meant to give additional and deep knowledge about a concept. Books for BA Bengali courses differ according to the specializations and institutes. Some reference books for the BA Bengali course are:

BA Bengali Books

Reference Books


The Modern Anglo-Bengali Dictionary

Charu Chandra Guha

A Dictionary of the Bengali Language: In Which Words are Traced to Their Origin and Their Various Meanings Given

W. Carey

Chottogramer Hridoy Hotey Prothom Khondo

Nurul Mostafa Kamal Zafari

Ekasa bacharera sera galpa

Samaresh Majumder

Banglar Pakhpakhali

Kanad Baidya, Sandip Das

BA Bengali Fee Structure

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