BA History Syllabus and Subjects

Duration: 3 Years
Avg Fees: ₹2K - 1,00,000 per annum.
Roumik Roy
Roumik Roy

Updated on - Jan 5, 2024

The BA History syllabus is divided into six semesters taught over a period of three years. BA History subjects include Ancient World History, Civilization and Culture, and Modern History that aspirants learn about during their course tenure.

BA History course is one of the most popular among civil servant aspirants. BA History job scope has applicants vying for positions in both the public sector but there is a growing demand in the private sector. 

Table of Contents

BA History Subjects

The BA History subjects are designed for students to learn about the history of the world in detail. The BA History subjects, which include World History, the History of Southeast Asia and India, Civilization and Culture, etc., are pursued in-depth. 

The foundational subjects, or core subjects, are those that are thought to be most important. The coursework is made more varied and flexible by the elective subjects.

BA History Core Subjects

BA in History subjects include subjects related to civilization, culture, trade relations, colonialism, etc. Some of the core BA History subjects list are stated below:

  • Reconstructing Ancient Indian History
  • Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of the Ancient World 
  • History of Early India (1500 BC. to 2nd Century AD.)
  • English 
  • Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of the Medieval World
  • Introducing Prehistory and Proto-history
  • Europe Transformed – from 1350 onwards to the 17th century
  • History of India III (750 – 1206)
  • History Of Southeast Asia – The 19th Century
  • Rise of Modern West-II  
  • The Indus Valley Civilization 
  • Socio-cultural and political developments in 19th and 20th century Bengal
  • Medieval Bengal from the 13th to the 18th Centuries: Politics, Economy, Society and Culture
  • History of the Marathas: (1630- 1707)

BA History Elective Subjects

The electives can be chosen by the aspirants on their own, pertaining to their interests. Some colleges allow candidates to select other courses as their electives for the first and second years of their course.

Below are the common BA History electives:

  • Environmental Science
  • MIL
  • Foreign Language 

Semester Wise BA History Syllabus and Subjects

The BA History syllabus and subjects provide in-depth knowledge of the fundamentals of history, civilizational structures, archaeology, anthropology, politics, and society. The first and second years of the BA History syllabus focus on the beginning ages, such as the Palaeolithic, Neolithic, and Bronze Ages, to the Medieval period. 

The final year's syllabus is more focused on the modern world and the dissertation portion of the course. The BA History subject list is given below according to the semesters:

BA History First Year Syllabus

The table below contains the list of BA 1st year syllabus History:

Semester I

Semester II

English I

English II

History of India-I

History of India-II

Medieval India (1206-1526)

Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of the Medieval World 

Prehistory and Proto-history

Medieval Europe: Institutions

Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of

Ancient Greece

Economy and Society (circa 300 BCE to circa CE 300)

BA History Second Year Syllabus

The table below contains the list of BA 2nd year History syllabus :

Semester III

Semester IV

History of India-III 

History of India-IV

Europe Transformed – from 1350 onwards to the 17th century

The Transformation of Europe: Mind, Body and Society

Islamic Society and Pre-Sultanate India: Rise of Islam

Comparative Colonialisms in Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa, and West Asia

Rise of the Modern West I

Rise of the Modern West II

BA History Third Year Syllabus

The table below contains the list of BA 3rd year History syllabus:

Semester V

Semester VI

History of India-V

History of India-VII

Modern Europe 

History of India-VIII

Western Political Thought

The Chinese Civilization

History of India-VI

History of the United States of America

History of South East Asia 


BA History Course Structure

The first two semesters of the course cover the fundamentals of Ancient History, Civilization, Medival History of India, East Asia, South East Asia, Europe, and America, while the remaining semesters cover the modern world and specialized electives. Following is the course structure for BA in History.

  • VI Semesters
  • Core and Elective subjects
  • Seminars
  • Dissertation Submission
  • Project and Viva Voice

BA History Teaching Methodology and Techniques

The BA History teaching methods incorporate traditional teaching philosophies as a methodology and a strategy. Students also receive specialized assistance for their research projects. There are one-on-one meetings given to the students for a chance to present their best work and ask questions regarding the assignment.

  • Research Sessions
  • Group Projects
  • Case Methodology 
  • Workshop
  • Project Work
  • Final Dissertation Submission

BA History Projects

Research projects are a big part of getting ready for a BA History course. In accordance with the course they take in their chosen subject, students can select the topics for their projects. Some of the BA History project topics are listed below:

  • Colonialism and its Effect on Colonies in India, Africa and South East Asia
  • The Effective of Migration of European Colonies in South America
  • The Inca Tribes History, Culture and Civilization
  • Orion, Bundas and the Dravidians Rule of India 
  • The Making of Modern India
  • The Bengal Renaissance and Colonialism 

BA History Reference Books

 Some of the well-liked BA History books that students can purchase are listed below:

Name of the Book


An Advanced History of India

Majumdar, Ray

India’s Ancient Past

RS Sharma

The Idea of History

RG Collingwood

BA History Fee Structure


How many subjects are there in BA History?

There are around 30 -45 subjects in BA History, which include elective subjects.

What are the main subjects of BA History?

The main subjects of BA History are Ancient History, Civilization and Culture, Medieval Period, Modern World, Industrial Revolution and Colonialism.

Is BA History good for government jobs?

Yes, the subject contains very crucial subjects and topics that are generally covered in government examination preparation.

What is the scope of BA History?

BA History graduates have scope to work with many government agencies and also there is a growing demand in the private sector.

What is the syllabus for BA 1st year in history?

The syllabus for BA 1st year in history contains English, an introduction to the history of India, prehistoric history, medieval history of Europe, ancient Greece, and socio-economic history.