Syllabus and Subjects for Bachelor of Arts [BA] {Hons.} (Hindi):



History of Hindi Language

This course introduces to the history of the Hindi language and its evolution to its current form.

History of Hindi Script

This course focuses on the history of the evolution of Hindi script over the time.

History of Hindi Literature

In this course, students learn the vast and rich heritage of Hindi literature.

Hindi Poetry through the ages

This course focuses specifically on the history of poetry in Hindi through last few centuries.

Hindi Novel and its development

This course aims to unravel the development of Hindi novel and its current status.

Hindi Prose and Essay

This course is about the various forms of prose and essays in the Hindi language.

Hindi Story

This course discusses the development of the story as a form of the genre in Hindi.

Hindi Plays

In this course, students learn about the types of plays and also study some Hindi plays by Hindi playwrights.

Literary Criticism

This paper focuses on the theories and ideas of literary criticism in Hindi language and literature.

Modern Poetry in Hindi

This paper exclusively discusses the modern form of Hindi Poetry.

Creative Writing in Hindi

In this course, students learn about the various forms of creative writing in the Hindi language.

Script writing and Dialogue writing in Hindi

This course aims to teach the basic concepts of Script Writing and Dialogue writing for Hindi channels.

Popular Literature in Hindi

In this paper, students learn texts and literature in Hindi pertaining to a popular medium.

Translation Literature in Hindi

This course focuses on the literature from other languages translated into Hindi.

Hindi for Official Purposes

Hindi is also the official language of India. This course aims to teach the use of Hindi language for official purposes such as in banks, government offices etc.

Hindi Language and Society

Language forms an integral part of a society. In this course, students learn the contribution of Hindi language towards the development of society.

Hindi Cinema

Hindi Cinema plays a crucial role in the advancement of language. This course examines Hindi Cinema through the lens of language.

Translation in Hindi

This paper is about translation techniques for translation in Hindi.

Hindi Language Teaching

This course is about the teaching methods for the Hindi language.

Hindi on the World stage

This paper examines the importance and evolution of Hindi language in the global context.

Advanced Courses:

  • MA (Master of Arts) in Hindi

  • M.Phil (Master of Philosophy) in Hindi

  • Ph.D (Doctor of Philosophy) in Hindi

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