Job, Scope, Salary, & Placements for Bachelor of Arts :

  • Candidates who are willing to take up Teaching and Lecturing can do BA B.Ed course, the ones interested in Law can opt for BA LLB course, also the ones interested in defense and armed forces can choose to do a BA Defence course and any other BA additional course depending upon their interest of jobs in the specific field.

  • Since graduates with a Bachelor of Arts possess skills in a variety of subjects, career opportunities are available in multiple fields for them.
  • The skills associated with BA courses are vast, the salary trend too is varying. Below is a graph which represents the salary range for different job roles held by BA course graduates.

Salary Offered for Different Roles:

Source: Payscale

Job Roles for Bachelor of Arts [BA] :




Library and Information Science

Business Process Outsourcing Units


Civil Services

Professional Writing

Community Service

Public Administration

Film Editing and Direction

Public Planning

Graphics and Printing Industry

Religious Studies

International Relations

Social Work

Journalism and Mass Communication

Salary offered for Bachelor of Arts [BA]:

Job Type

Average Salary

Content Writer

Rs. 245159/-

Human Resource Manager

Rs. 582537/-

Operations Manager

Rs. 618228/-

Executive Assistant

Rs. 611575/-

Graphic Designer

Rs. 3000000/-

Operations Team Leader

Rs. 394753/-

Business Development Manager

Rs. 453033/-

Key stats for Bachelor of Arts [BA]:

Source: Payscale