BA Fine Arts Syllabus and Subjects

Duration: 3 Years
Avg Fees: INR 2,000 - 3,00,000 per year
Ayesha Taneem
Ayesha Taneem

Updated on - Mar 22, 2024

BA Fine Arts subjects cover topics like the history of arts, printmaking, clay modeling, computer graphics, calligraphy, and fundamentals of visual arts including elective subjects photography, advertising , computer graphics, etc. The BA Fine Arts syllabus spans six semesters, including a compulsory internship in the final year.

The BA Fine Arts course aims to train the students and prepare them to provide good artists and designers and expertise in working in teams and assisting researchers. This practical knowledge prepares graduates for diverse roles such as Fine Artist, graphic designer, animator, creative director, art teacher, etc.

Additionally, the course emphasizes teaching students skills related to acting, calligraphy, dance, visual arts, sculpture, graphic designing, drama and theatre and more so that graduates can make well-informed choices regarding their careers.

Table of Contents

BA Fine Arts Subjects

BA Fine Arts course subjects list includes two kinds of subjects: core and elective subjects. The core subjects include history of arts, aesthetics, printmaking, computer graphics, clay modeling, drawing , english communication, etc. Moreover, they also focus on elective subjects like photography, advertising, packaging, lettering and typography, etc.

The electives open to applicants are depending on their interests, scope, and career goals. The following are the core and elective subjects in BA Fine Arts:

Core BA Fine Arts Subjects

Below listed are core subjects in BA Fine Arts along with topics covered in each subject:

Core Subjects Topics Covered
History of Arts What is Art?, Art Concepts, Theme and purpose of art, Principles of Design in Art,  The Visual Elements
Aesthetics History of Aestheticism, Aesthetics in Art, Understanding Indian Aesthetics, Five schools of Aesthetics
Printmaking Introduction to process, Materials and Equipment, Converting design for printing, Printing Exercise: Monochrome,
Computer Graphics Making PowerPoint presentation, Microsoft office, Basics Networking
Clay Modelling Creating 3d form with clay, Creating 3d form with Plaster of paris, durability and maintenance of POP, Plaster of Paris and its behavior
Drawing Sketching, Exercise of different types of lines, Drawing from still objects, Drawing of foliage, Drawing from model
Design & Painting Composition using basic shapes, Lines, forms and colours,  tones and textures, Exercise with Basic colors, Exercise with Colour wheel, 
Geometrical & Perspective Drawing Draw Plan and elevation, Isometric projection, Parallel and Angular Perspective, Evaluation Methodology, 

BA Fine Arts Elective Subjects

Below listed are elective subjects in BA Fine Arts along with topics covered in each subject:

Elective Subjects Topics Covered
Photography History of Photography, Lighting and Lights, Photo Editing Software, Digital Photography
Computer Graphics Working with Vectors, Vector Illustration, Working with Bitmap, Scalability and Printing Resolution
Advertising Theory Introduction to Advertising and its application, History of Advertising, Social and Economic Impact, Market Research
Lettering and Typography Printing Designing, Advertising, Calligraphy, Applications of Typography 
Packaging Packaging, Use of Packaging Design, Principles of Packaging Design, Design Process
Printmaking Different Printing Techniques, Stencil and their Evolution, Stencil Graffiti
Digital Media Introduction to New Media, Introduction to Web Development, Creative Lab Design, Digital Technologies

Semester Wise BA Fine Arts Syllabus and Subjects

The BA Fine Arts syllabus is divided into 6 semesters aspects of various fields of study in fine arts. It introduces students to a wide range of subjects like history of arts, visual arts process & practices, aesthetics, art project, lettering & layout, computer graphics, photography, advertising, packaging, lettering and typography, etc. The semester-wise B.A. Fine Arts syllabus is mentioned below:

BA Fine Arts First Year Syllabus

BA Fine Arts 1st year syllabus fundamentals of the history and major fields of Visual Arts Process & Practices, Computer Graphics, Design & Painting, etc. The BA Fine Arts 1st year syllabus is given below:

Semester I Semester II
History of Arts Design & Painting
Visual Arts Process & Practices Computer Graphics
Painting Art Project
Mural Lettering & Layout

BA Fine Arts Second Year Syllabus

The 2nd year BA in Fine Arts syllabus focuses on Art History, Critical & Contextual; Studios, Professional Ethics & Human Behaviour, Communication Design, etc. The second year BA Fine Arts syllabus is given below:

Semester III Semester IV
Professional Ethics & Human Behaviour Critical & Contextual; Studios
Photography Design & Communication
Design & Communication Practices Communication Design
Art History Clay Modeling
Printmaking Photography
Elective-I Elective-III
Elective-II ELective-IV

BA Fine Arts Third Year Syllabus

BA Fine Arts 3rd year syllabus covers topics Advertising Art and History of Arts, Aesthetics and Entertainment Design, Educational Tour and Market Research, etc. The third year BA Fine Arts syllabus is given below:

Semester V Semester VI
Advertising Art and History of Arts Aesthetics and Entertainment Design
Educational Tour and Market Research Communication Illustration
Printing and Packaging Drawing & Sketch
Cyber Security Entertainment Design
Elective-V Elective-VII
Elective-VI Elective-VIII

College-Wise BA Fine Arts Syllabus

The BA Fine Arts syllabus differs for each institution, but the subjects and ideas remain the same. Students can obtain the BA in Fine Arts syllabus PDF from the college's official website to gain a better grasp of the subjects offered by a particular institution. The following are the B.A. Fine Arts syllabus from top colleges in India:

AKTU BA Fine Arts Syllabus

AKTU B.A. Fine Arts subjects covers topics like History and Application of arts, drawing, painting, clay modeling, photography, design, computer graphics and more, The BA Fine Arts Syllabus of AKTU is given below:

Semester I Semester II
History & Appreciation of Arts History & Appreciation of Art
Geometrical & Perspective Drawing Geometrical & Perspective Drawing
Hindi English for Professional Communication
Computer Graphics Computer Graphics
Design-I Design-II
Drawing-I Drawing-II
Painting-I Painting-II
Clay Modeling-I Clay Modeling-II
Printmaking-I Printmaking-II
Art Project-I Art Project-II
Semester III Semester IV
Universal Human Values & Professional Ethics/ Environment & Ecology Environment & Ecology/ Universal Human Values & Professional Ethics
History of Arts- I History of Arts- II
Aesthetics- I Aesthetics- II
Design & communication Practices-I Design & communication Practices-II
Communication Illustration I Communication Illustration II
Communication Design- I Communication Design- II
Advertising Art-I Advertising Art-II
Computer Graphics Computer Graphics - II
Advertising Seminar Critical & Contextual studies
  • Photography I
  • Entertainment Design- I
  • Photography II
  • Entertainment Design- II
Semester V Semester VI
History of Arts- III History of Arts- IV
Aesthetics- III Aesthetics- IV
Design & communication Practices-III Design & communication Practices-IV
Communication Illustration III Communication Illustration IV
Communication Design- III Communication Design- IV
Advertising Art-III Advertising Art-IV
Computer Graphics - III Computer Graphics - IV
Market Research Educational Tour
Cyber Security Any one of the following elective:
  • Photography-IV
  • Entertainment Design - IV
  • Printmaking-II
  • Packaging-II

Calcutta University BA Fine Arts Syllabus

Calcutta University syllabus for BA Fine Arts focuses on fundamental composition, design, painting, art appreciation, drawing, history of arts, etc. Below listed is the BA in Fine Arts syllabus:

Semester I Semester II
Drawing/Study from natural objects Elementary Composition
Painting in watercolor Antique & Anatomy study
Design Clay modeling
Communicative English- I Communicative English- II
Any one of the following elective:
  • Art Appreciation I
  • Art Terminology- I
Any of the following elective:
  • Art Appreciation- II
  • Art Terminology- II
Semester III Semester IV
Fundamental Composition Composition with Watercolor
Object Study in Oil Still Life in Oil
Head Study Study from Nature in Oil
Any one of the following elective:
  • History of Arts
  • Methods & Materials
Any one of the following elective:
  • History of Art
  • Method & Material
Any one of the following elective:
  • Drawing & Sketch
  • Printmaking
Any one of the following elective:
  • Drawing & Sketch
  • Mural
Semester V Semester VI
Gouache Painting Oil Painting
Head study in Oil Arcylic Painting
Portrait Portrait in Oil
Any one of the following elective:
  • History of Arts
  • Method & Material
Any one of the following elective:
  • History of Art
  • Methods & Material
Any one of the following elective:
  • Drawing & Sketch III
  • Printmaking III
Any one of the following elective:
  • Drawing & Sketch IV
  • Mural

BA Fine Arts Course Structure

The BA Fine Arts course structure is designed in a core and elective subject pattern. The course is designed to provide an overall understanding of the various concepts in fine arts. The BA Fine Arts course structure is mentioned below:

  • VI Semesters
  • Core Subjects
  • Elective Subjects
  • Practicals

BA Fine Arts Teaching Methodology and Techniques

BA Fine Arts is a course focusing on different aspects of arts and history. Learning strategies have varying implications for courses. The teaching methodology overall develops the ability to analyze problems and take responsibility effectively throughout their careers critically. 

A few of BA Fine Arts teaching methods and techniques are listed below:

  • Course Module
  • Seminars
  • Individual sessions for Dissertation Research
  • Guest Lectures

BA Fine Arts Projects

BA Fine Arts project, known as a mini-thesis, is a project for the students to complete during the syllabus. As such, students should regard their projects as an ideal opportunity to integrate what they have learned during the BA Fine Arts program and apply it to their future working profession. Some of the project topics are:

  • Abstract Expressionism
  • Community mural
  • Cultural heritage project
  • Abstract expressionist painting series
  • Sound sculpture installation
  • Experimental printmaking
  • Kinetic sculpture installation

BA Fine Arts Reference Books

BA Fine Arts specializes in painting, sculpture, architecture, music, poetry, and performing arts like theatre and dance. The topics taught in the course module are very much enough. 

But, to get a deep or in-depth knowledge, there are certain books published by the -authors, who have opened up about their thought process, and thus helps in being more skilled and knowledgeable, which constitute a significant part of BA in Fine Arts Subjects.

Mentioned below are some of the popular BA Fine Arts books for reference:

Name of the Books Topics Covered Authors
History of Art Ancient Art, Renaissance Art, Neoclassical Art, Modern Art Movements, Contemporary Art, etc. H.W. Janson
Commercial Art Techniques Drawing fundamentals, Digital illustration, Typography, Branding and logo design, etc. Raviraj
Designer's Guide to Colour Color theory basics, Color harmony, Use of color in different media,  Color in environmental design, etc. James Stockton
The Paintings Of Samuel Palmer Palmer's use of light and shadow, Analysis of specific paintings, Palmer's contribution to Romanticism, etc. Raymond Lister
Calligraphy Today Basics of calligraphy, Calligraphy tools and materials, Calligraphy styles, Calligraphy techniques, Digital calligraphy, etc. Ajit Mukherjee

BA Fine Arts Fee Structure


What are the subjects in BA Fine Arts?

Some of the subjects include History of Arts, Graphic Design, Animation, Ceramics, Aesthetics, Printmaking, etc.

What skills can I expect to develop during a BA Fine Arts program?

BA Fine Arts program can help you in developing skills such as technical skills, sketching skills, research skills,creative thinking, self-discipline and time management, visual communication skills, etc.

What specializations are available under BA Fine Arts?

Some of the BA Fine Arts specializations include graphic design, animation, pottery and ceramics, textile design, etc.

What topics are covered in Digital Arts?

The topics covered in Digital Arts include Introduction to the Elements of Digital Art, Techniques of Sketching and Drawing, Colour Theory, Character Animation and Body Design, Shading and Lighting, Landscape Drawing and Typography.

What topics are covered in the B.A Fine Arts 3rd year syllabus?

The BA Fine Arts third year syllabus covers topics like Professional Ethics & Human Behaviour, Critical & Contextual; Studios, Photography, Design & Communication, Art History, Clay Modeling and Printmaking.

Is there a practical component to the BA Fine Arts program?

Yes, theoretical or academic courses are usually combined with practical courses like painting, printmaking, clay modeling, photography, etc

What core studio art topics are included in the BA Fine Arts program?

The specific core studio art topics included in a BA Fine Arts program are digital media, photography, sculpture, etc.

Are there any exhibitions that students are required to complete in their final year of the BA Fine Arts program?

Yes, the candidates are required to present an exhibition during their senior year that demonstrates their achievement, artistic development, skills, and concepts they've explored throughout their undergraduate studies.