Syllabus and Subjects for Bachelor of Arts [BA] {Hons.} (Political Science):

Paper Name


Political Theory

Introduction to Political Theory

Institution of State

Sovereignty, Citizenship, and Rights

Liberty, Equality, Property, and Justice

Development and changing forms of Government

Comparative Government and Politics

Approaches: Traditional, Behavioral, Structural and Constitutional

Capitalism, State Socialism, Colonialism and Decolonization

Government and Politics in United Kingdom, USA, China, Pakistan, Brazil, Nigeria etc.

Principles of Public Administration

Public Administration as a discipline and profession

Administrative Theories

Structure and Functions

Control over Administration and Public Policy

Personnel Administration

Development Administration to New Public Management

International Politics


Concepts – Power, Ideology, National Interest

Structural Aspects – Balance of Power, Collective Security, Arms Control

Major issues and Contemporary Challenges


Colonialism in India

Imperialism and Colonialism

Foundations of Colonial Rule in India

Economy and Society

Religion and Society


Early Indian Responses

Nationalism in India

Approaches to the study of Nationalism in India

Reformism and Anti-Reformism in the 19th century

Nationalist Policy and expansion of its Social base

Social Movements

Partition and Independence

Constitutional Democracy and Government in India

The Constituent Assembly and Constitution in India

Organs of Government

Federalism and Decentralization

Security Laws

Political Processes in India

Political Parties and the Party System

Elections and the Electoral System

Federalism and Regional Aspirations

Religion and Politics

Caste and Politics

Globalisation and the Changing Nature of the Indian State

Public Policy and Administration in India

Public Policy


Public Finance

Citizens and Administration

Policies of Social Welfare

Western Political Thought

Origin of Western Political Thought

Origin of modern Political Thought – Niccolo Machiavelli, Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Enlightenment Movement – Immanuel Kant, Jeremy Bentham, John Stuart Mill, Edmund Burke

Dialectic Tradition – Greek Legacy, Aristotle’s Contribution, Hegel, Marx

Post-Marxist Tradition – Lenin, Antonio Gramsci, Mao Tse Tung, Contemporary Trends

International Organization

Nature, Basis and Evolution of International Organizations

The League of Nations

Main Organs of United Nations

Other Organs of United Nations

U.N. and Human Rights

Regional Conflicts

Women’s Rights and Developments

Reform and other Critical Issues

Local Government in India

Local Government & Local Self Government in India

Background of Local Governance in India

Rural Local Government

Urban Local Government


Development Processes and Social Movements in Contemporary India

Perspectives on Development since Independence in India

Industrial Development Strategy and its impact on social structure

Agrarian Development Strategy and its impact on social structure

Social Movements: Old and New

Contemporary Rights based concerns

Understanding South Asia

Understanding South Asia as a region

Politics and Governance

Socio-Economic Issues

Regional Issues and Challenges

African Polity and Economy

Situating Africa – Pan-Africanism and the Third World

Africa in the Contemporary World

Regional Integration: Problem and Prospects

Feminist Theory and Practice

Approaches to understanding Patriarchy

History of Feminism

Feminism in India: History and Practice

Feminist Perspective on Indian Politics

Contemporary Women’s Issues in India

Dilemmas in Politics

The Moral Economy of Violence

The Politics of Exclusion

Debates on Human Rights

Ecology and Political Responsibility

Capabilities and the Politics of Empowerment

Global Justice and Cosmopolitanism

Feminism and the politics of interpretation

Legitimacy of Humanitarian Intervention

India’s Foreign Policy

Determinants and Principles of India’s Foreign Policy

India and the Global Economic and Political Regimes

Changing Relations with the US and Russia during and after Cold War

India-China Relations

India and South Asian States

Security Challenges of India

India and Regional Organizations – EU, ASEAN, SAARC

Contemporary Political Economy

Approaches to Political Economy

Capitalist Transformation

Issues in Development

Globalisation and Development Dilemmas

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