BA English Literature Syllabus and Subjects 2023


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Roumik Roy

Updated on Jun 1, 2023 by Roumik Roy

Roumik Roy

Updated on Jun 1, 2023 by Roumik Roy

BA English Literature syllabus is divided into 6 semesters over 3 years and mainly covers an in-depth study of socio-political issues, theoretical frameworks, and contemporary research. BA English Literature Subjects cover a range of topics starting from Shakespeare to Elizabethan Age Literature, Contemporary and Western Literature, etc. 

BA English Literature syllabus imparts the essential knowledge required to acquire great expertise in English literature. BA English Literature job scope is extensive as students can acquire a wide range of job opportunities in the public and private sectors.

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BA English Literature Syllabus Semester Wise

BA English Literature subjects contain a wide range of topics such as cultural research, English literature, modern literature, rhetoric, etc. However, the syllabus pattern may differ in institutions based on the academic structure and different regulations. A detailed view of the generic BA English Literature syllabus is given below. 

BA English Literature First Year Syllabus

Students get to study various subjects and different sections of English history in the BA first-year English syllabus. Given below are the English Literature BA 1st Year Syllabus:

BA English Literature 1st Semester

BA English Literature 2nd Semester

Foundation - Language I (Regional)

Foundation - Language II (Regional)

Foundation of English I

Foundation of English II

Grammar and Usage

English Poetry: The Pre-Romantic to the Victorian

British Prose 

Environmental Studies 

Social History of England

Indian Writing in English - Fiction 

Functional English

Value Education - Human Rights 

BA English Literature Second Year Syllabus

 A variety of dramas, novels, and poems are covered under the BA English Literature semester 2 syllabus. Given below are the BA 2nd Year English Literature Syllabus:

BA English Literature 3rd Semester

BA English Literature 4th Semester

Foundation - Language III (Regional)

Foundation - Language IV (Regional)

Foundation of English – III 

Foundation of English – IV 

American Literature

Twentieth Century Literature 

Functional English II

Phonetics and Transcription 

Grammar and Usage

Study of English Language II

British Poetry

Indian Writing in English - Poetry

Word Power & Creative Writing

History of English Literature II

History of English Literature I

English for Competitive Exams 


Open Elective A

BA English Literature Third Year Syllabus

Students can choose electives in the BA English literature Third-year syllabus. Given below are the BA 3rd Year English Literature Syllabus:

BA English Literature 5th Semester

BA English Literature 6th Semester

Modern English Drama

Language and Linguistics

British & American Prose

Drama: Shakespeare

New Literature in English

Literary Criticism 

Women's Writing in English

English Language Teaching

Journalism and Mass Communication

Translation Theory and Practice

20th-Century British, American, and Indian English Poetry

Introduction to Literary Theories


English for Employment 

Open Elective B


Top BA English Literature Colleges in India Scope of BA English Literature in India

BA English Literature Subjects

BA English Literature subjects include the study of the English language, creative writing, and novels and provide knowledge about popular movements like Realism, Post Colonialism, and Existentialism. Listed below are a few core & elective subjects under the BA English Literature syllabus: 

BA English Literature Core Subjects

The curriculum consisted of core, allied & elective subjects. Listed below are the core BA English Literature Subjects:

  • American & British Prose
  • Contemporary Fiction
  • Indian Writing
  • British & American Drama
  • 20th-Century English Literature
  • Literary Theories
  • Renaissance Texts
  • American & British Literature
  • Translation Theory and Practice

BA English Literature Elective Subjects

Listed below are the optional subjects in BA English Literature major. 

  • Literary Criticism
  • Academic Writing and Composition
  • American Literature
  • Advanced English
  • Indian Writing in English
  • History of English Literature 
  • Autobiography
  • Text and Performance

BA English Literature Allied Subjects

Listed below are the allied BA English Literature Subjects:

  • Social History of England
  • Literary Forms
  • History of English Literature
  • English for Competitive Exams
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BA English Literature Subjects in Detail

BA English Literature syllabus includes a wide range of subjects such as Poetry, Essay Writing, Drama, Novels, Non-Fiction, Prose, History, and Plays. Some of the BA English Literature subjects are discussed below:

BA English Literature Subjects Topics Covered
Functional English Speaking Skills, Communication Skills, Telephone Skills, Group Discussion, Notices, Agenda, Minutes & Meetings, Non-verbal Communication, and Editing Skills
Fiction Introduction of Novel, Anita Desai - Cry the Peacock, Bapsi Sidhwa - American Brat, Thomas More - Utopia, HG Wells - The Time Machine, William Golding - The Lord of the Flies 
Social History of England Renaissance, Reformation, The golden age of Queen Elizabeth, The social conditions in the restoration of England, The Civil War, The Agrarian Revolution
Advanced English  Parts of Speech, Sentence Patterns, Kinds of Sentences, Concord, Lexical linkers & Logical linkers, Transformation of Sentences, Phrasal Verbs
History of English Literature Chaucer, Origin & Development of English Drama, Francis Bacon, Shakespeare, The Metaphysical Poets, The Restoration Drama, The Origin & Development of English Novel
Literary Criticism  The contributions of Plato and Aristotle to literary criticism, The contributions of Horace, The contributions of Elizabethan critics, The contributions of Neo-classicist

Bachelor of Arts in English Literature Course Structure

BA in English Literature course structure is designed to include both core and elective subjects. BA English Literature syllabus includes the Study of Poetry, Essay Writing, Drama, Novels, Non-Fiction, Prose, History, and Plays. The BA English Literature course structure is given below:

  • VI Semesters
  • Core Subjects
  • Elective Subjects
  • Projects
  • Dissertation

BA in English Literature Teaching Methodology and Techniques

The BA English Literature curriculum takes into account different teaching methods. Along with lectures and practical training, the learners are trained in elective subjects with specializations. Listed below are some methods of teaching:

  • Lecture method
  • Discussion method
  • Inquiry method
  • Discovery method
  • Problem-solving method
  • Project method of teaching
  • Seminar method

Popular State-Wise BA English Literature Colleges in India

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BA English Literature Colleges in Kerala BA English Literature Colleges in Rajasthan
BA English Literature Colleges in Madhya Pradesh BA English Literature Colleges in Maharashtra
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BA English Literature Projects

BA in English Literature project topics are given to students for interdisciplinary learning. Projects are to be completed by the end of six semesters where the students have to submit a 20,000-word project. Some popular BA English Literature project topics are listed below:

  • Translation and the Canon of Indian Literature: The Case of Satires in Hindi
  • Dissent in Victorian and Edwardian Fantasies by Women
  • Understanding Nation through Globalization: The Case of Post-Liberalization Indian Novel in English
  • Understanding Nation-Building and Local/Global: in the Context Writing and Visual Art

Note: For the detailed list of projects, BA English Literature project PDFs are also available online.

BA English Literature Books

BA English Literature books are meant for a better understanding of concepts. The BA 1st-year English literature books PDF are available online and are also available offline. Some reference books to guide and understand the concepts of research areas are listed below :

Name of the Books


Indian Literary Criticism: Theory and Interpretation

Devy, G. N

Indian English Literature 1980-2000: A Critical Survey

Naik, M.K

Language Testing and Evaluation: An Introductory Course

Allison, Desmond

Second Language Learning and Language Teaching

Cook, Vivian

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BA English Literature Fee Structure


What are the subjects of BA English Literature?

Some key subjects covered in the BA English Literature syllabus are the Study of the English Language, Grammar and Usage, Literary Forms, Twentieth Century Literature, Indian Writing, Poetry, Fiction, etc.

What do you study in BA English literature?

The Bachelor of Arts in English Literature is a thorough and intensive course that covers various literary genres. This three-year degree offers the opportunity to study Poetry, Drama, Novels, Prose, and History.

Which is better BA English or BA English Literature?

BA English focuses on grammar and the use of different parts of speech whereas BA English Literature is a course that explains the origin of the language, epics, plays, etc.

What are the various BA English Literature projects?

Students of BA English can opt for various projects on English literature that includes topics such as Translation and the Canon of Indian Literature, Dissent in Victorian and Edwardian Fantasies, Understanding Nation through Globalization, etc.

Is BA English Literature a tough subject?

No, the BA English Literature is not difficult at all, considering students have an interest in the English Literature.

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