BA English Literature Syllabus

The BA English Literature Syllabus is being designed in such a manner that it includes all basic areas of study in the English literature having a brief orientation about the English Language.

BA English Literature - Semester 1
SL.No. Subjects
1 Elective Language
2 English for Enrichment-I
3 Prose
4 Poetry
5 Social History of England
6 Environmental Studies



BA English Literature - Semester 2
SL.No. Subjects
1 Elective Language II
2 English for Enrichment-II
3 Elizabethan Age
4 History of English Literature
5 Basics of Phonetics
6 Basics of English Grammar


BA English Literature - Semester 3
SL.No. Subjects
1 Elective Language 3
2 English for Enrichment- III
3 Puritan Age
4 History of English Language and Literary Forms
5 Mass Communication and Journalism
6 Extensive Reading
7 Basic English For Competetive Examinations


BA English Literature - Semester 4
SL.No. Subjects
1 Elective Language 4
2 English for Enrichment- IV
3 Augustan Age
4 Literary Criticism
5 Professional Communication
6 Translation in Practice
7 Basic English for Competitive Examinations- II



BA English Literature - Semester 5
SL.No. Subjects
1 Shakespeare
2 American Literature
3 Indian Writing in English
4 Romantic Age
5 The art of Public Speaking
6 Fundamentals of Information Security
7 Mathematics for Competetive Examinations


BA English Literature - Semester 6
SL.No. Subjects
1 Victorian Age
2 Modern Age
3 New Literature
4 Fiction
5 Drama
6 Functional Writing in English and Enriching Vocabulary


BA English Literature Electives
1 English
2 Tamil
3 Hindi
4 Malayalam
5 French



Area of Study Topics
English English Prose, English Poetry, Essay Writing, Letter Writing, English Idioms, and Phrases, English Grammar
History Rise and growth of the British Empire in India, Rising of 1857, Social and Religious Reform Movements, Indian National Congress, National Independence Movement, Muslim League
Sociology Nature and Scope of Sociology, Basic Concepts of Sociology, Social Groups, Social Processes, Religion, Social Stratification, Social Control, Social Change
Public Administration Indian Administration – Institutional Framework of Indian Administration, Central Government, Executive Agencies, Planning Commission, National Development Council, Advisory Committees, Administration of Public Undertakings, Central Public Services; State Secretariat, Board of Revenue, Regional Administration, District Administration, State Public Services, Administrative Reforms
Philosophy Ethics is a branch of Philosophy, Indian and Western Normative Ethics, Human Values, Value Crises of today, Value of Indian Constitution within the framework of Democracy, Secularism, and Socialism, Indian and Western Philosophy, Education in Human Values
Political Science Nationalism, Democracy, Marxism, Fascism, Local Self-Government in India, Panchayat Raj Institutions in India, Election commission and Electoral process
Geography Physical Geography – Lithosphere, Atmosphere, and Oceanography
Psychology Nature and definition of Psychology, Branches of Psychology, Consciousness, Human Abilities, Personality, and Perception, Memory
Education Meaning of Education and Educational Processes, Relation of Education and Philosophy, Aims of Education, Individual and Social Aims of Education, Sociology and Education, Pre-primary and Primary Education, Education and Mass Media, School as a Social Institution
Home Science Home Management, Resource Management, Money Management, Work Simplification, Elements of Design, Introduction to Family Dynamics
Economics Indian Economy at the time of independence, National Income, Planning in India, Foreign Trade, Poverty, and Unemployment, Rural Economy
Social Work Social Reform Movements in India – Social reform movements in India by various Social reform groups, Reform Movements by Mahatma Gandhi, Other Reform Movements, Social Welfare, and Social Services – Introduction, History of Social Services, Specific Social Services for Deprived and Weaker Sections, Post-independence reform movements for Social Justice.



Sl. No. BA English Literature Subjects of Study
1 American Literature
2 Elizabethan Age
3 History of English Literature
4 Indian Writing in English
5 Introduction to Various Literary Forms
6 Milton and Neo-Classical Age
7 Poetry and Fiction
8 Post Colonial Literatures in English
9 Prose & Drama
10 Romantic Age
11 Shakespeare
12 Victorian Age

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