BLIS Syllabus and Subjects:

BLIS syllabus and subjects cover a lot regarding the history of libraries, its importance, its values. BLIS course has enough syllabus to know everything about the libraries. Present BLISc course syllabus includes the way to store library data or even other things such as newsletters, books and ebooks. As the course is of only 1 year, there are enough topics to educate about the BLISc course.

BLIS Syllabus:

BLIS course syllabus consists of all the necessary topics related to the library. 1st year BLIS course syllabus is mentioned below:

BLIS Syllabus - Year I
Sl.No Subject of Study
1 Society and Library: Kinds of Libraries, Five Laws of Library Science
2 Theory of Classification: Growth and Structure of Knowledge – Need and Purpose of Library Classification
3 Library Catalogue – Nature and Functions
4 Bibliographies and Bibliographic Control
5 Information Technology in Daily Life
6 Classification of Documents by DDC
7 Classification of Documents by CC
8 Documentation Techniques & Services

BLIS Subjects:

BLIS course subjects consist of the theory as well as practicals. It is necessary for the student to learn the library management, which is the part of BLISc course subjects. Main subjects of BLIS course is mentioned below:

  • Foundations of Library and Library Management
  • Library Classification Theory
  • Library Cataloguing Theory
  • Information Sources and Services
  • Basics of Information Technology
  • Library Classification Practicals
  • Library Cataloguing Practicals

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