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CMAT Preparation Tips

Updated on - Nov 12th, 2020 | 05:42 PM by Sathish

CMAT Exam Preparation Tips

Common Management Admission Test known as CMAT is a National Level Entrance Examination for entry into management programs in different B-schools. CMAT is conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA) now. It was conducted by AICTE- All India Council for Technical Education every year as per the directions of the Ministry of Human Resource and Development, Government of India until 2018.

This CMAT test facilitates participating institutions to select suitable graduate candidates for admission for management programs. The CMAT Exam score will be accepted by all recognized and approved Institutions, Constituent Colleges, University Departments and Affiliated Colleges. To score well in CMAT, aspirants can implement these preparation tips and be well-versed with the exam pattern as well.

CMAT Preparation Tips

Given below are the preparation tips students can follow to clear the CMAT Exam. All days before the CMAT Exam must be organized according to the syllabus.

  • Plan Your Study: This is the first step of preparation. Every candidate must plan and allocate their time to study and stick to the plan. Allot time according to the difficulty level of the sections. Candidates must make sure that every section in the syllabus is covered. All days before the CMAT Exam must be organized according to the syllabus.
  • Solve Mock Tests: Usually, an official trial test is released on the official website of CMAT. These tests will make them familiar with their weak points as well as strong points. One must start with weekly or bi-weekly CMAT Mock tests and then go ahead with daily tests and manage the time accordingly with each section.
  • Distributive Learning: The candidates must try to learn and cover more than one subject in one day. Studying only one subject for a long period will make one’s mind too tiresome and redundant. Learning two subjects turn by turn will keep the mind absorbed and also will bring a variety from studying one topic.
  • Revise Regularly: Gradual and regular revision of the covered topics in the syllabus makes the candidates familiar with the types of questions and CMAT Exam pattern. Regular revision for CMAT will make them perfect in the syllabus and more confident.
  • Make basics your Strength: There are always some basic questions from all the sections which are present in the question paper for almost all the years. The nature of these questions is the same. Candidates must practice these questions as much as possible. It helps in solving the predicted questions in the minimum time possible during the CMAT Examination.
  • Practice last year question papers: To have an exact idea about the CMAT exam and get familiar with the exam pattern, candidates must practice the previous year’s question papers. This will avoid last-minute anxiety during the exam.
  • Take Regular Breaks: The candidates must go for shorter studying sessions rather than longer study marathons. During the preparation for CMAT Exam, candidates must keep in mind that studying for long intervals will make their brain tiresome. Candidates must take short but regular breaks so that the mind stays fresh for grasping concepts.
  • Set Finishing Date: Candidate must set a date to finish learning the whole syllabus of CMAT and plan the whole preparation process accordingly so that they could finish learning new topics and concentrate on revising them. More importantly, this date must be set as per your own convenience. After this, one can start giving mocks and solve CMAT test papers.

Section-wise CMAT Preparation Tips:

The sections covered in CMAT Exam are:

Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation

1. The main objective of this section is to test your mathematical skills in various areas such as arithmetic, algebra, and geometry.
2. Select the topics which you are weak on and spend a lot of time. Just keep practicing to increase your speed and accuracy while solving the problems.
3. Try to concentrate and depend on shortcut tricks to solve the problems quickly and save your valuable time during the examination.
4. If you got stuck while solving the problem just skip and move on to the next question.
5. The objective of the data interpretation section is the ability to interpret data which is represented in tables, graphs, and charts. It involves analysis or decision-making based on the numerical data provided.

Logical Reasoning

1. The main objective of this section is to test the aspirant’s logical way of thinking to answer the question. If you think and answer the question in a smart way you can score well.
2. While practicing this kind of problem, candidates have to solve sums of different difficulty level to increase speed and accuracy.
3. The logical reasoning of CMAT Exam covers statements and arguments, blood relation, and deductions, coding and decoding and assumptions, analogies, and number series. Have a quick revision of all topics to score well in this section.

Language Comprehension

The language comprehension of CMAT Exam covers various types of questions such as para jumbled, sentence completion, reading comprehension, idioms and phrases, one-word substitution, antonym and synonym.
So, to cover all these types of questions regularly one has to read different articles, books, novels which are of your own interest and choice.

General Awareness

Have a quick look at understanding the latest government schemes in the areas of the economy, news related to finance, politics, environmental issues, social issues, sports, major corporate events, world records, famous awards, and international news. Just focus on the famous and trending topics because most of the questions are asked from the latest news and updates. So, spend some more time in the newspaper, watching news or videos on youtube which would be remembered for a long period.

Learn more about CMAT Syllabus.

CMAT Exam Pattern

CMAT Exam pattern has remained without any changes, even though NTA has taken over the CMAT Exam from AICTE. However, a key change in the test is that it is now conducted in two shifts on the same day. With a well-established exam pattern, the CMAT Exam preparation requires a well-devised plan which has to be followed strictly.

Candidates appearing in CMAT Exam will find 25 questions to attempt in each of the 4 sections with equal weightage. The maximum score for all the four sections in the exam taken together is 400 marks.

CMAT Exam Pattern




Three hours/180 minutes.

Mode of test

Computer-Based Examination

Sectional Time Limit


Number of Sections Four (4)

Names of Sections

Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation

Logical Reasoning

Language Comprehension

General Awareness

Number of Questions

100 - 25 questions in each section

Maximum Score that can be obtained 400
Score allotted to each question 4

Marking Scheme

  • +4 for correct answers
  • -1 for incorrect answers

Options Per Question


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