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Roumik Roy

Updated on Feb 8, 2023 by Roumik Roy

Roumik Roy

Updated on Feb 8, 2023 by Roumik Roy

B.Voc course scope is expanded in many sectors and the demand for Vocational graduates is constantly increasing with ongoing development. B.Voc course provides extensive training and knowledge to graduates to pursue careers in various roles such as college counsellor, facility manager, food processing officer, etc. B.Voc syllabus is designed in such a manner that trains the candidates through an internship, training, projects, etc for the required profession.

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B.Voc Jobs in India

B.Voc graduates have a wide range of job prospects in India. There are many students who are curious about B.Voc jobs, salary, and other methods that they can work in the field of vocational studies both in India.

Graduates working for private companies possess valuable practical skills and experience for their career development abroad. B.Voc graduates abroad can earn a variety of salaries depending on their skills and experience. 

Entry-Level B.Voc Jobs for freshers

There are several openings for B.Voc freshers on the market. For B.Voc freshers, there are numerous government jobs accessible. After graduating, candidates must begin as "freshmen" with entry-level jobs due to the continuously growing number of job openings for B.Voc freshers. With the help of these occupations, they can attain their professional goals. The salary for B.Voc new graduates is between INR 2 and 3 LPA. The following are the entry-level B.Voc positions:

Job Profiles



Conduct phone calls to both current and potential customers in order to increase sales

Field Sales Executive

visit areas to promote product supply to the targeted clients 

Survey Executive

Carrying out extensive market research, which may involve conducting desktop research and surveys

Government Jobs for B.Voc Aspirants

B.Voc course offers a wide range of career opportunities for students to choose from. B.Voc government job, including Project Manager, Design Engineer, Manager, Trainee Production Engineer, Medical Representative, and other officer-level posts. 

In most cases, hiring is based on an entrance exam followed by an interview with the graduates. B.Voc course jobs salary in India is about INR 2-10 LPA (Source: AmbitionBox). Many organizations and departments offer government jobs, including State, Central Education Institutions, Research and Development Units, and many Public Sector Undertakings. 

This is some information about b.voc government job with salaries:

Job Profiles



analyses financial statements does audits and performs other accounting-related duties.

Food Technologist

Develop strategies for appropriately preparing, preserving, and packaging food by studying its physical, chemical, and biological composition.

Product Development Engineer

Creates brand-new goods for businesses, taking part in all stages of product creation, including research, design, manufacture, and marketing.

Design Engineer

responsible for conducting research and designing new products and systems for a company

Private Jobs for B.Voc Graduates

The graduates have several jobs B.Voc job opportunities in the private sector. There are private jobs available in industries such as manufacturing, MNCs, retail stores, automobile companies, laboratories, parlours, etc. 

Compared to other countries and regions, India offers more career options after earning a B.Voc degree. After completing the course, students can go directly to work or pursue higher education based on their skills and interests.B.Voc jobs salary in India is around INR 2-7 LPA (Source: PayScale). The following job designations and salaries are available:

Job Profiles 


Research Scientist

responsible for planning, carrying out, and analysing information from laboratory-based studies, tests, and trials.


responsible for utilising their biochemistry skills to conduct chemical experiments

Vocational Teacher

responsible for developing teaching materials, activities, and tests to assist students in developing a particular set of competencies.

Skills Required for B.Voc Jobs

The B.Voc degree's scope is decided by a person's skills throughout time. To succeed in their career, B.Voc programme graduates need to possess both soft and hard skills. such skills are:

  • Understanding of Industry practice
  • Knowledge of the Core Subject
  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork
  • Problem-Solving
  • Analytical Skills
  • Domain Knowledge
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Decision-Making skills
  • Research Abilities

Areas of Recruitment for B.Voc Graduates

There is a wide range of scopes and employment opportunities for graduates with a B.Voc in India in various areas of public and private sectors. Some of the areas are:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Chemical Firms
  • Actuaries
  • Research Centers
  • Public Relations
  • Academic Institutions

Salary Offered To B.Voc Graduates In India

According to PayScale, the B.Voc salary in India is around INR 2-5 LPA (Source: PayScale). The B.Voc course salary for the graduating class is based on the knowledge and experience they gain during their education. As compared to other graduates with experience, the B.Voc salary is moderate.

B.Voc Salary in India

The average salary for a graduate of B.Voc is around INR 2.5 LPA (Source Payscale). Given below is the salary breakdown for the students.

B.Voc Salary In India

Amount (INR)

Highest Salary


Lowest Salary


Average Salary


B.Voc Salary Based on Job Designations

Graduates in the private and public sectors receive varying salaries depending on their position. The vocational studies graduates have many job options after B.Voc, including educational institutes, manufacturing firms, IT companies, and construction industries. Here are some jobs offered with salaries:

Job Role

Salary (INR)

Electric Maintenance Engineer

INR 3.10 LPA

Computer Operator

INR 1.84 LPA

Executive-Food Processing

INR 5.76 LPA

Business Development Manager

INR 5.98 LPA

Home Economist

INR 3.90 LPA

B.Voc Salary Based on Specializations

B.Voc offers some specializations that students can choose from. B.Voc is a multidisciplinary program. Given below are some of the top specializations of B.Voc:


Average Annual Salary (INR)

B.Voc in Logistics Management


B.Voc in Software Development


B.Voc in Banking and Finance

INR 9.93 LPA

B.Voc Salary Based on Sectors

Management, Banking, and IT are some of the career paths to get the best jobs for B.Voc graduates. Leadership, experience, and expertise are some of the factors that help graduates to get lucrative salaries in their jobs. Students can acquire employment in reputed companies in the public and private sectors. Sector-wise salaries for graduates are detailed below: 

Private Sector

A wide range of B.Voc positions in the private sector is accessible in India after acquiring the degree. The B.Voc salary per month in the private sector is comparatively higher than that in the public sector. The candidate's history, education, and skills are among the factors that influence the B.Voc pay in India. Details regarding B.Voc job listings and salaries for private jobs for B.Voc students are provided in the table below.

Top Recruiters 

Average Annual Salary (INR)

Fabriclore Retail Pvt. Ltd


Success Career Solutions

INR 3.60 LPA

Fabien Charuau Photography


Professional Grooming Atelier

INR 2.40 LPA

Nishigandha Lawns and Convention Center


Government Sector 

For B.Voc graduates looking for employment, a number of government positions are available in several organisations. For B.Voc newcomers, the prospects for govt jobs are favorable. Graduates who want to work in the government after receiving their B.Voc have a variety of job positions, depending on their interests, skill set, and area of expertise. B.Voc Government employment entails a range of occupational duties. For further information regarding govt jobs after B.Voc, various government job positions for graduates are detailed below.

Top Recruiters

Average Annual Salary (INR)

UPSC/Group 1

4-8 LPA

UPSC/Group 2

3-7 LPA

Group 4

5-7 LPA

B.Voc Placement

After B.Voc, graduates seek to find work as Electric Maintenance Engineer, Computer Operator, Executive-Food Processing, Business Development Manager, etc. The average B.Voc salary is between Rs. 5 - 10 LPA (including incentives). As an aspirant gains experience and expertise, the B.Voc job scope for B.Voc salary in India rise exponentially.

College Name

Top Recruiters

Average Salary Package (INR)

Mata Sundri College for Women, Delhi University

KPMG, Genpact, Zomato, Bajaj Capital, E&Y, Decathlon, Wipro,

6 - 8 LPA

Hindustan Institute of Management and Computer Studies 

TC Ltd., MAQ Software, IDFC First Bank, ANZ Bank,

5 - 8.5 LPA

HR College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai

PWC, MSCI, Mahindra Logistics, ICICI Bank, 

6 - 8 LPA

Jain University, Bangalore

Google, EY, Hashed In, JKT, Verzeo, Practo, White Panda

6 - 9 LPA

Jai Hind College, Mumbai

ENY , Edelweiss , OYO Rooms

6 - 8 LPA   

Career Scope of B.Voc

B.Voc course scope is a very unique course in terms of employment across several roles. Students who want to pursue higher education can opt for it right after graduation. The scope of B.Voc graduates is vast in case they want to study also.

Career Options after B.Voc

Students will get various employment opportunities in different domains that candidates can apply for right after graduation. Listed below are the career opportunities available for graduates:

  • Food Processing Officer: In this profession, employees need to look into various food processing methodologies available in the food industry in order to promote the production of healthy food.

  • Computer Operator: In this profession, employees need to solve the problem occurring in computer software and hardware.
  • Accountant: In this profession, employees need to look into cash-related transactions including debits and credits. They are also responsible for the balance sheets and financial statements of the organization.

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Courses after B.Voc

Students can opt for higher education after completing their graduation. There are several options for higher education that students can opt for. Listed below are some of the course names that B.Voc students can do.

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Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Job

There are certain crucial things to be noted before choosing a job. Below is a list of factors that needs to be considered before choosing a job: 

  • Salary, entitlements, and conditions
  • Company profile
  • Cultural fit
  • Career progression
  • Purpose, CSR, and volunteer days
  • Employee benefits

Top B.Voc Recruiters

Several multinational enterprises, like Cargill, Bayer, Syngenta, John Deere, CNH Industrial, and DuPont, are among the top employers of aspiring B.Voc graduates. These businesses provide access to several job options. The top companies for B.Voc grads are shown below:

Top Recruiters

Average Annual Salary (INR)


6 - 8 LPA

Godrej Industrial Ltd

5 - 8 LPA

PepsiCo India Holdings

6 - 9 LPA

Britannia Industries Ltd

5 - 7 LPA


5 -  8 LPA

Dabur India Ltd

6 - 7 LPA

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