BBA Airport Management Subjects and Syllabus 2024

Duration: 3 Years
Avg Fees: ₹4 - 10 LPA

BBA in Airport Management subjects cover themes including airline organisation, aircraft safety, rules and regulations, aviation laws, and legal statutes. Core, elective, and lab papers are studied during six semesters spread over three years.

BBA Airport Management is a professional, industry-oriented course. Hence, the course graduates has a wide range of job opportunities, including Airport Manager, Cabin Crew Executive, Catering Manager, In-Flight Service Executive, CME, etc.

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BBA in Airport Management Subjects

BBA in Airport Management subjects covers many topics such as Aviation, Airport and Airline Management, Air Tickets, Cargo Management, In-Flight Services, etc. The subjects in BBA Airport Management are categorised into three parts: core, electives and lab, which are listed below:

BBA Airport Management Core Subjects:

In the list given below are the core BBA Airport Management subjects:

  • Aviation
  • Airport Management
  • Airline Maintainence Management
  • Finance and Insurance in Aviation
  • Air Tickets and Air Fare Construction
  • Principles of Travel, Tourism & Aviation Safety
  • Airport Strategic Planning
  • Logistics and Air cargo Management
  • Aviation law
  • Aircraft Rules and Regulations
  • Personal Management 

BBA Airport Management Elective Subjects:

The electives available for BBA Airport Management subjects are listed below:

  • Spanish Language
  • French Language
  • Retail Environment
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • CRM
  • Personality Development

BBA Airport Management Subjects In Detail

The table below highlights some of the areas that are covered in depth in the BBA in Airport Management subjects:

BBA in Airport Management Subjects Topics
Management Process Business - meaning -business and profession, Nature and Scope of Management process, Organising, Directing.
Airline and Airport Organisations History of Aviation, Development of Air transportation in India, Major players in Airline Industry, Handling of
Passengers, Handling of Baggage.
Principles of Airline and Airport Management International Civil Aviation Organisation, International Air Transportation Association, Airport planning, Operational area and Terminal planning, design, and operation.
Airline and Travel Management Air Transportation Industry, Multi-modal Transportation, Airlines Ticket or Authorization, Referring the TIM. 
Aircraft Maintenance & Crew Management Maintenance: Role of the Engineer & Mechanic, Reliability Redesign, Failure Rate Patterns, Production Planning and Control.
Airline Marketing and Aviation Safety Management Marketing Strategy, PESTE analysis, Fundamentals of relationship marketing, Labour cost reduction.

Semester Wise BBA Airport Management Syllabus

The BBA Airport Management syllabus thoroughly approaches airport administration, airline organisation, maintenance, and marketing. The syllabus is divided into six semesters and they are detailed below.

BBA in Airport Management First Year Syllabus

The following table contains BBA Airport Management syllabus for 1st year:

Semester I

Semester II

Professional Communication

Basics of Aviation

Management Process

Travel management

Accounting For Managers

Air Traffic Management

Front Office Operation

Fire management

Basic Computer Skills

Airport Operations

Soft Skill

Economics For Executives

First Year Practicals

The first year of the BBA Airport Management offers the following practicals:

  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Computer Reservation and Galileo Lab
  • Airline Operations Lab

BBA in Airport Management Second Year Syllabus

The following table contains BBA in Airport Management syllabus for 2nd year:

Semester III

Semester IV

Airport Security Management

Airline and Airport Housekeeping Operation

Aviation Law

Customer Care for for Global Clientele

Cargo Logistics and Management

Air Fares & Ticketing

Travel Geography

Airport Ground Handling Operations

Airline and Airport Organisation

Personal Management

Inflight Food and Beverage Service

Customer Care Services

Second Year Practicals

The second year of the BBA Airport Management offers the following practicals:

  • Airline and Airport Housekeeping Operation Lab
  • Airport Ground Handling Operations Lab
  • Inflight Food and Beverage Service Lab

BBA in Airport Management Third Year Syllabus

The following table contains BBA in Airport Management syllabus for 3rd year:

Semester V

Semester VI

Organisational Behaviour

Aircraft Maintenance Management

Aircraft Maintenance & Crew Management

Aviation Resource Management

Cargo Operations and Management

The Airport Milieu

Airline Marketing & Aviation Safety Management

IT in the Airline Environment

Load Planning & DGR

Industrial Training

Mini Project

Dissertation/ Major Project

BBA Airport Management Course Structure

In general, the BBA in Airport Management course structure includes mini projects, dissertations, fieldwork, and internships that detail the essential elements students must work on during the semesters. Following is the course breakdown for the BBA in Airport Management:

  • VI Semesters
  • Core and Elective subjects
  • Lab and Workshops
  • Mini Projects
  • Dissertation
  • Mandatory Internship

BBA Airport Management Teaching Methodology and Techniques

BBA Airport Management uses a range of instructional strategies in addition to the traditional lecture-based method to conceptualise learning. The following are a brief summary of the teaching methods and techniques:

  • Action Based Learning
  • Project Based Learning
  • Workshops
  • Internship
  • Case Methodology
  • Lectures
  • Site Visit

BBA Airport Management Projects

Projects and dissertations for the BBA in airport management may focus on various subjects, including organisational behaviour, airport management, catering, passenger management, etc. The following are some examples of BBA Airport Management project topics:

  • Airport Management Tier II Cities
  • Low-Cost Carrier in Flight
  • Flight Damage Tickets- A Case Study
  • Cabin Attendants and Cabin Control
  • Data Strategic Application of Airlines 

BBA Airport Management Reference Books

A collection of helpful publications for BBA Airport Management is provided below:



Principles of Management

Meenakshi Gupta

 Essentials of Management

Koontz and Heinz

IATA Manual on Diploma in Travel & Tourism Management


Airline Finance

Peter S Morrel

BBA Airport Management Fee Structure


What are the subjects in BBA Airport Management?

BBA in Airport Management Subjects include Management process, Airline Operations, Travel management.

What is BBA airline and airport management?

The BBA Airline and airport management is a three-year comprehensive course on airport management, tourism, and aviation.

Is BBA airline and airport management a good course?

Yes, it is an excellent course for candidates who wish to pursue a career in the airline industry and aviation.

What is the difference between BBA in aviation and BBA in Airport Management?

BBA in Aviation focus on the management and operation whereas BBA in Airport Management places special emphasis on managerial and administrative positions in the airport and aviation industries.