BBA Hons course syllabus is designed to help students build a sharper edge in the field of business management. The curriculum is structured to enable students to become career-ready and prepare them for competitive exams of business and banking domains. Students are introduced to essential streams of Business Administration in the first semester of their education through modules such as Essentials of Management, Fundamentals of Accounting, Economic Concepts & Practices, and more.

Additionally, modules such as Human Values and Professional Ethics, Remedial English, etc., help students prepare for the real world and build their soft skills.

Semester Wise BBA Hons Syllabus

The main subjects in the BBA Hons course differ for each college. Since there exists the option for students to specialize in a specific stream in BBA, the curriculum is divided into three parts, Core Modules, Discipline Specific Electives, and Skills Enhancement Course. Below are some important subjects taught in the BBA course.

BBA Hons First Year Syllabus
Essentials of Management Organisation and Administration for Business
Economic Concepts and Practices Managing Equality & Diversity
Quantitative Aspects of Business Accounting for Managers
BBA Hons Second Year Syllabus
Marketing Management Hospitality Management
Human Resource Management International Business Management
Financial Management of Business Event Management
Entrepreneurship & Management of Family Business Mass Communication 
Business Research Company Laws
BBA Hons Third Year Syllabus
Business Analytics Business Policy and Strategic Management
Specialization Elective (1) Specialization Elective (3)
Specialization Elective (2) Specialization Elective (4)

BBA Hons Course Subjects

The BBA Hons course subjects are divided into three parts, Core Modules, Discipline Specific Electives, and Skills Enhancement Course. Core modules are compulsory for every student to undertake as it provides them with crucial information to succeed in the course. Students can choose elective subjects based on their interests, career scopes, or future education goals. 

BBA Hons Core Subjects:

  • Accounting Business
  •  Financial Management
  •  Marketing
  •  Human Resource Management
  •  Organizational Behaviour 
  • Operations Management
  •  Quantitative Techniques
  • Strategic Management
  • Cost and Management 
  • Accounting Management of Information System 
  • Business Policy

Apart from core subjects, there are some elective subjects each semester. Students choose these subjects based on what they find beneficial and help them succeed in their specialization. Some of the elective subjects are:

  • Business Analytics
  •  Managerial Aptitude 
  • Internet and E-commerce Company Law
  •  Developing Competitive Edge 
  • Managing Small to Medium Size Business 
  • Negotiation & Counseling

BBA Hons Course Structure

BBA Hons course is a three-year-long course, and it consists of six semesters. The course is structured such that there are core modules and electives, where the core modules are designed to help students understand the critical information that they might need to succeed in their future careers. Students are expected to choose elective modules keeping in mind the specialization they would want to pursue in the future. At the end of their education, the candidates will have to submit a final project. The course structure is as follows:

  • VI Semesters
  • Core and Elective Subjects
  • (Optional) Internship
  • Project Submission

BBA Hons Teaching Methodology and Techniques

BBA Teaching Methodology predominantly encompasses traditional lecture-based training. In the final year of their education, students would have to work on group research projects where they would have to research on a specific topic according to their specialization. The primary aim of the research project is to introduce the students to different research methods, generate a deeper understanding of their specialization and understand the different methodologies and techniques.

  • VI Subjects
  • Core and Elective subjects
  • Project Submission and Viva 

BBA Hons Course Projects

The projects that students choose to undertake are meant to help them understand their specialization modules at a deeper level. The primary aim of this project is to help students develop important skills in research methods. 

Below are examples of some popular research projects:

  • Global evidence on the relationship between Employee Satisfaction and abnormal Equity Returns
  • How do big European Companies present themselves to attract the most talented people
  • Brand Origin: How Does it Impact Brand Awareness and Brand Image

BBA Hons Course Reference Books

Listed below are the best reference books for BBA Hons course:

BBA Hons Reference Books
Books Authors
Business Mathematics.  Sharma, J. K. (2010).
Business Statistics Bajpai, N. (2001)
Financial Accounting Gupta, P. C. F
How to prepare for Quantitative aptitude test for CAT Arun Sharma
Verbal Ability & Comprehension for CAT/ XAT/ IIFT/ CMAT/ MAT/ Bank PO/ SSC Patodi, B, Choudhary, A
Ethics in Management and Indian Ethos Ghosh, B.
Professional Ethics & Human Values Govindarajan M.

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