BBA LLB Subjects and Syllabus

Duration: 5 Years
Avg Fees: INR 35,000 - 4,00,000 Per Year
Thasleen Mohideen
Thasleen Mohideen

Updated on - Mar 13, 2024

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BBA LLB subjects consist of core and elective subjects focusing on equipping the students with the knowledge and understanding of Law and Business Administration concepts preparing students for diverse roles at the intersection of law and business.. 

The 5 year BBA LLB syllabus is divided into ten semesters with internships, projects, and research work. The core BBA LLB subjects include Principles of Management, Organizational Behavior, Constitutional Law, Family Law, Corporate Law, Financial Management, Business Mathematics, Economics, Principles of Legislation, etc.

The BBA LLB course aims to give students the knowledge and skills required to work in various industries such as Judiciary, Legal sector, Information Technology, Banking and Finance, etc. 

Table of Contents

BBA LLB Subjects - Core & Electives

BBA LLB subjects are classified into core and elective subjects focusing extensively on business management, banking, and law subjects. Students can choose elective subjects based on their personal interests, career scopes, or future education goals.  Given below are the BBA LLB subject details:

Core BBA LLB Subjects

Listed below are the BBA LLB core subjects and the topics covered:

Core BBA LLB Subjects Topics Covered
Managerial Economics Fundamental concepts of Managerial Economics, Demand Analysis and Demand Forecasting, Production and Cost Analysis
Financial Accounting Accounting Concepts and Conventions, Preparation of Journal, Preparation of Final Accounts, Bills of Exchange
Constitutional Law Salient Features of the Indian Constitution, Directive Principles of State Policy, Judicial Process under the Constitution, Freedom of Inter-State Trade
Business Statistics Measures of Central Tendency, Measures of Dispersion, Karl Pearson’s coefficient of correlation, Regression and Estimation
Contract Law Contract of Indemnity, Contract of pledge, Creation of Agency, Indian Partnership Act, Sale of Goods Act
Criminal Law General Principles of Crime, Principles of Criminal Liability, Indian Penal Code, GeneralExplanation
Public International Law States as subjects of International Law, State Jurisdiction, Succession to rights and obligations, Asylum and Nationality

BBA LLB Elective Subjects

Listed below are the elective BBA LLB subjects and the topics covered:

Elective BBA LLB Subjects Topics Covered
Human Rights Law and Practice Right to information and obligations of public authorities, Central Information Commission, The Official Secrets Act, Freedom of Information Act
Banking Law Indian Banking Structure, Evolution of Banking, Employment of funds, Loans and Advances, Law relating to Negotiable Instruments
Insurance Law History of Insurance, Contract of Insurance, Life Insurance, Fire Insurance, Marine Insurance
Intellectual Property Rights Introductory Aspects, Patents, Trade Marks, Cyber Intellectual Property, Geographic Interventions
Penology and Victimology The notion of punishment in law, Kinds of punishment, Prison Reforms, Victimology- European Experience and Indian Experience
Competition Law Constitutional provisions regulating trade, The Competition Act, 2002, Competition Commission of India, Competition Advocacy

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5 year BBA LLB Syllabus Semester-Wise

BBA LLB 5 year syllabus is designed to train the students to specialize in different fields of law and management. At the end of the BBA LLB course, the students will be trained in persuading and motivated to deal with various processes related to the aid of the syllabus. 

Given below is the semester-wise BBA LLB syllabus:

BBA LLB First-Year Syllabus

The first-year BBA LLB syllabus deals with subjects such as Principles of Management, Law of Torts, Costs & Management Accounts, Law of Contract, etc. Listed below are the BBA LLB first year subjects:

Semester-I Semester-II
Principles of Management Costs & Management Accounts
English Business Mathematics
Principles of Basic Accountancy  Clinical Legal Education-I
Law of Contract & Specific Relief Act  Business Communication Skills
Statistical Analysis  Principles of Economics
Law of Torts Special Contract

BBA LLB Second-Year Syllabus

The second-year BBA LLB syllabus covers subjects such as Marketing Management, Constitutional Law, Management Theory and Practices, etc. Listed below is the BBA LLB syllabus for 3rd and 4th semester:

Semester-III Semester-IV
Business Environment Organizational Behaviour
Financial Management Constitutional Law-II
Constitutional Law-I Clinical Legal Education-II
Marketing Management International Business Environment 
Jurisprudence  Management Theory and Practices 
Law of Crimes-I Law of Crimes-II

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BBA LLB Third-Year Syllabus

The third-year BBA LLB syllabus covers subjects such as Managerial Economics, Family Law, Industrial Law, etc. Listed below is the BBA LLB syllabus for 5th and 6th semester:

Semester-V Semester-VI
Managerial Economics  Consumer Behaviour
Family Law-I Family Law II
Environmental Law Labour and Industrial Law II
Human Resource Management Business Research Methodology
Code of Civil Procedure & Limitation Act Interpretation of Statutes
Labour and Industrial Law-I Clinical Legal Education III

BBA LLB Fourth Year Syllabus

The 4th year BBA LLB syllabus focuses on subjects such as Law of Evidence, Property Law, Trade Law, etc. Listed below is the BBA LLB syllabus for 7th and 8th semester:

Semester-VII Semester-VIII
Law of Evidence  Strategic Management
Taxation Law International Trade Law
Property Law Clinical Legal Education IV
Operational Management  Human Rights Law
Administrative Law Intellectual Property Laws
Elective-I Elective-III
Elective-II Elective-IV

BBA LLB Fifth Year Syllabus

The BBA LLB 5th year syllabus covers topics such as Media and Law, Competition Law, Banking Law, etc. Listed below is the BBA LLB 9th and 10th-semester syllabus:

Semester-IX Semester-X
Media and Law Public International Law
Competition Law Private International Law
Moot Court Exercise Company Law
Internship Banking Law
Elective-V Elective-VII
Elective-VI Elective-VIII

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College-Wise BBA LLB Syllabus

BBA LLB 5 year syllabus structure varies based on the institution or university but the subjects and the concepts remain the same. Students can download a particular college or university BBA LLB syllabus PDF from the college's official website to get a clear understanding of the structure. 

Given below is the 5 year BBA LLB syllabus from top colleges in India:

Indian Institute of Legal Studies BBA LLB Syllabus 

Listed below is the semester wise BBA LLB syllabus at Indian institute of Legal Studies:

Semester-I Semester-II
English-I English-II
Economics-I Economics-II
Law of Tort Contract-I
Business Statistics Principles of Management
Financial Accounting Operations Research
Semester-III Semester-IV
Economics-III English-III
Contract-II Family Law-II
Family Law-I Constitutional Law-I
Business Mathematics Human Resource Management
Management Accounting Cost Accounting
Semester-V Semester-VI
Law of Crime-I Law of Crime-II
Administrative Law Labour and Industrial Law-I
Jurisprudence Interpretation of Statues
Constitutional Law-II Environmental Law
Marketing Management-II -
Semester-VII Semester-VIII
Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act Law of Evidence
Labour and Industrial Law-II Property Law
Land Laws including Tenure and Tenancy System Company Law
Professional Accounting System Drafting and Pleading Conveyance
Semester-IX Semester-X
Insurance Law Principle of Taxation Law
Intellectual Property Law Banking Law
Public International Law Human Rights Law
Alternative Dispute Resolution Moot Court Exercise and Internship

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Calicut University BBA LLB Syllabus

Listed below is the BBA LLB semester-wise syllabus at Calicut University:

Semester-I Semester-II
Listening and speaking skills Writing and Presentation skills
Environmental Studies Organisational Behaviour
Principles of Management Business Statistics
Legal Method, Legal Language and Legal Writing Law of Crimes-I
Law of Torts Law of Contract
Semester-III Semester-IV
Marketing Management Managerial Economics
Financial Accounting Financial Management
Operations Research Entrepreneurship Development
Jurisprudence  Constitutional Law-I
Special Contracts Family Law-I
Semester-V Semester-VI
Human Resource Management Management Accounting
Family Law-II Research Methodology
Law of Crimes-II Interpretation of Statutes and Principles of Legislation
Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act Administrative Law
Constitutional Law-II Law of Evidence
Semester-VII Semester-VIII
Operations Management  Strategic Management
Information Technology Law Banking Law
Property Law Labour and Industrial Law-I
Principles of Taxation Law Company Law
Drafting Pleading and Conveyance Professional Ethics and ProfessionalAccounting System
- Business Environment 
- Project Work and Viva Voce
Semester-IX Semester-X
Private International Law Trade in Intellectual Property
Environmental Law Criminology and Penology
Labour and Industrial Law II Public International Law
Alternate Dispute Resolution Moot court exercise, Observance trial, Interviewing techniques, and Pretrial preparations
- Internship
- Viva Voce

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BBA LLB Course Structure

The BBA LLB course structure is a mix of management, business administration, and law subjects which includes projects, group discussions, Moot court exercises, Observance of Trial, interviewing techniques, and also internships. The BBA LLB course structure includes:

  • Core and Elective Subjects
  • Ten Semesters
  • Projects
  • Research Papers
  • Seminars
  • Viva Voce
  • Moot Court Exercise
  • Interview Techniques
  • Pre Trail Preparation

BBA LLB Teaching Methodology and Techniques

The subjects for BBA LLB are taught in various methodologies and techniques relevant to the professionals of this field that enable the teacher and the students to create collaborative learning. Some of the teaching methodologies and techniques employed in BBA LLB are:

  • Lecture-Based
  • Group Projects
  • Research Projects
  • Workshops
  • Internships
  • Case Study Based
  • Experiential Learning
  • Industrial Training 
  • Court Exercises

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BBA LLB Projects

BBA LLB students are assigned projects and research work during the final semester as a part of the curriculum and also to enhance their practical skills. Listed below are some of the popular BBA LLB project topics:

  • Mercy Fairness and Death Penalty in India - An Analysis
  • Role of Technology Transfer about Climate Change
  • The Impact of Globalization
  • Impact of GST
  • Role of Ethics in Business Laws
  • Tax System in India and the Role of Income Tax in India
  • Black Money and Tax Evasion

BBA LLB Reference Books

BBA LLB books by famous experts and authors in the legal sector will help them understand the concepts of law and management better. Listed below are some of the best BBA LLB books:

Books Topics Covered Authors
Jurisprudence Jurisprudence as the Science of Law, English and Foreign Jurisprudence, Administration of Justice, law, and Equity John William Salmond
Principles of Management Managing and the Manager Role, Type of Organisation, Human Resources, Financial Resources, Basic Purpose of Management James A F Stoner
Managerial Economics Introduction to Managerial Economics, Key Measures and Relationships, Demand and Pricing, Cost and Management Accounting Atmanand
The Law of Torts Intentional Torts, Fundamental Protections, The Tort of Battery, Doctrine of alternative danger and contributory negligence Ratanlal and Dhirajlal
Financial Management Comparative Statement, Trend Analysis, Ratio Analysis, Cash Flow, Fund Flow Statement Pandey L M


Is there maths in BBA LLB?

Yes, the BBA LLB syllabus consists of statistics and Business Mathematics as one of the major subjects.

Is BBA LLB hard or easy?

The BBA LLB course is considered hard among students and graduates as the syllabus is very extensive and focuses on all the aspects to prepare the students to be industry-ready.

Do we get 2 degrees in BBA LLB?

Yes, BBA LLB is a dual degree course which allows the students various benefits such as a wide array of career prospects, the option to choose higher education in the field of their choice, career opportunities in diverse fields, etc

What are the books for BBA LLB?

Some of the famous BBA LLB books are Introduction to the Constitution of India by DD Basu, H.M. Seervai's Constitutional Law of India by HM Seervai, The Constitution of India by the Government of India and The Indian Penal Code by the Government of India.

How many subjects are there in BBA LLB 1st year?

BBA LLB 1st year syllabus is divided into two semesters with each semester consisting of 5-7 subjects based on the institution or university.

What are the key topics covered in Company Law?

The key topics covered in company law are the types of Companies and their incorporation, Financial Structure, Investment, loans and Deposits, Accounts and Audits, etc.

Why is legal research and writing emphasized in BBA LLB programs?

Legal writing is a part of the BBA LLB syllabus because it enables the students to analyse legal issues, navigate data bases and record keeping.