MBBS Scholarships

Key Information

Conducted By The central/state government and other private organisations
Eligibility Students pursuing MBBS or other professional degrees
Region India
Rewards Upto INR 1,00,000 and 100% tuition fee reimbursement
Last Date of Application December 31, 2022

The central/state government and other private organizations conducts MBBS scholarships and provides funds to the underprivileged students having a weak economic background. The top rank holders will be recognised with an MBBS scholarship amount of up to INR 1,00,000 with other allowances.

Note: MBBS scholarships application for 2023 still needs to be updated. However, the expected date for 2023 will be declared soon.

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List of MBBS Scholarships

Here, some of the scholarships provided by the government of India are mentioned, which are presented to qualified applicants on merit. The scholarships aim to reduce the number of dropouts of the academic session by encouraging and providing them financial assistance for their educational career. The list of MBBS scholarships 2023 are as follows:

  • Central Sector Scholarship Scheme
  • Nirankari Rajmata Scholarship Scheme
  • Swami Vivekananda Merit-Cum-Means Scholarship
  • CCB Scholarship
  • Nationwide Education and Scholarship Test
  • IOCL Scholarship
  • STS Scholarship
  • Tata Trust Scholarships- Cornell University Tata Scholarship, NY
  • Tata Trust Scholarships- Tata Trust Medical and Healthcare Scholarship
  • HDFC Educational Crisis Scholarship
  • Swami Dayanand Education Foundation Merit-Cum-Means Scholarship
  • Sahu Jain Trust Loan Scholarship

Central Sector Scholarship Scheme

The Department of Higher Education under the MHRD, GOI has initiated the central sector scholarship scheme for the underprivileged students who have cleared their class 12. It provides financial assistance to the deserving candidates who are pursuing a regular course in Medical and Engineering in an institution sanctioned by AICTE, Medical Council on India (MCI), etc. The candidates must have acquired at least 80% marks in the last qualifying exam and have an annual family income of not surpassing INR 8,00,000 to satisfy the MBBS scholarship's eligibility criteria. The deserving candidates will be rewarded with an MBBS scholarship amount of INR 20,000. However, the amount may vary from their class levels.

Last Date

The last date of applying for the central sector scholarship scheme is January 17, 2023.

Read more: Central Sector Scholarship Scheme. 

Nirankari Rajmata Scholarship Scheme 

The Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation invites applications for the Nirankari Rajmata scholarship scheme to provide economic support to the applicants pursuing technical/professional courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The different MBBS scholarships hope to uplift the educational possibilities and inspire the students to pursue higher education. Interested students applying for this scholarship scheme must have a minimum score of 90% in their 12 examinations. The selected candidates will get a 100% reimbursement of their tuition fees. In addition, the family's annual pay should not go beyond INR 3,50,000 to get qualified for the scholarships for MBBS students.

Last date

The last date to apply for the Nirankari Rajmata scholarship scheme will be announced soon.

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Swami Vivekananda Merit-Cum-Means Scholarship

The Minorities Development and Finance Corporation of West Bengal provides the Swami Vivekananda scholarship to the academically extraordinary students intending to pursue higher education and provides financial assistance to the students in class 11 and above. The selected students will be given an MBBS scholarship amount of INR 8,000. The annual family remuneration should not surpass INR 2,50,000 per annum from all sources for fulfilling the MBBS scholarship's eligibility criteria. 

Last Date

The deadline to apply for the Swami Vivekananda scholarship is March 31, 2023.

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CCB Scholarship

The Combined Counselling Board, India, has offered the CCB scholarship scheme. The scholarship incorporates the MBBS scholarships while supporting the students for pursuing diploma to postgraduate level courses. The scholarship offers inclusive funds to the students pursuing MBBS and other courses. Almost 80% of the amount paid for tuition fees will be reimbursed to the selected candidates and the candidates having a weak economic background will be favoured with additional benefits. 

Last Date

The last date of applying for the CCB scholarship is March 1, 2023 (tentatively).

Read more: CCB Scholarship.

Nationwide Education and Scholarship Test

The Nationwide education and scholarship test (NEST) is promoted by the Shrimanji's Events Management Centre International to help the candidates studying in 9th standard to postgraduate degree gain educational independence by providing them with the required financial resources to continue their education. Applicants must fulfill the required criteria to be qualified for this scholarship scheme to avail several benefits. Maximum reward of INR 1,00,000 can be claimed upon selection.

Last date

The last date for submitting the application form for the Nationwide education and scholarship is August 31, 2023 (tentatively).

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IOCL Scholarships

The Indian Oil Merit scholarships are presented to the students in 11th/ ITI, Engineering, MBBS, and MBA courses. Under this scholarship scheme, around 2600 scholarships are presented to the financially deprived applicants and encourage them to continue their education irrespective of their financial status. The deserving candidates can avail the scholarship amount of INR 10,000. Addidtionally, for the deserving students to qualify, their annual family remuneration should not be more than INR 1,00,000.

Last date

The deadline for the IOCL scholarships will be updated soon.

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STS Scholarships

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) conducts the scholarship program of Short Term Studentship (STS). This scholarship scheme invites applications from students in the 4th year of their MBBS/BDS degree. This scholarship strategizes to empower students to take up independent research projects and helps them with several other opportunities to help them achieve their educational degrees. The value of this scholarship scheme is INR 25,000 for 2 months and will be given to the candidates on a merit basis.

Last date

The last date of submitting the applications for the STS scholarships has not been announced yet.

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Tata Trust Scholarships- Cornell University Tata Scholarship, NY

The Tata Education and Development Trusts puts forth the Cornell University Tata scholarships for the students who lack financial resources to complete their education. Under this scheme, the Tata trust provides scholarships for Indian students to study MBBS abroad and aims to fund around 20 academically competent scholars during their undergraduate studies at Cornell. To avail the benefits of this scholarship, the applicants must be a citizen of India and should complete the required eligibility criteria.

Last date

The deadline to apply for the Cornell University Tata scholarship is January 31, 2024.

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Tata Trust Scholarships- Tata Trust Medical and Healthcare Scholarship

The Tata Trust medical and healthcare scholarship is a social welfare initiative put forward by the Tata Trusts. It focuses on supporting graduate and undergraduate students in the field of medical and healthcare sciences. The Tata Trusts provides MBBS scholarships in India to the candidates who face financial hardship while pursuing their academics and students who are academically excellent. Upon completing the MBBS scholarship eligibility criteria, the meritorious applicants are presented with various MBBS scholarship amounts and partial coverage of academic expenses.

Last Date

The last date to submit the Tata Trust medical and healthcare scholarship applications will resume shortly.

Read more: Tata Trust Medical and Healthcare Scholarship.

HDFC Educational Crisis Scholarship

The HDFC Bank has come up with a scholarship scheme of the HDFC educational crisis scholarship, which aims to aid students by giving them monetary help by covering their schooling and academic requirements. The scholarship focuses on candidates in their UG or PG level courses and encourages them to aim higher. This scholarship scheme also consolidates applications from candidates in medical and healthcare fields and intends to provide scholarships to MBBS students in India. The eligible contenders who have lost one or both of their parents(s) during the Covid-19 pandemic can apply and make sure that the household's annual earnings should not be more than INR 6,00,000. The deserving aspirants would get one-time financial assistance of INR 25,000 to INR 75,000.

Last date 

The deadline to register for the HDFC educational crisis scholarship is March 15, 2023.

Swami Dayanand Education Foundation Merit-Cum-Means Scholarship

The SDEF scholarships are given to academically commendable students pursuing professional degrees in engineering, medical, architecture, and other undergraduate courses. It focuses on supporting candidates and empowers them to aspire higher and achieve educational independence without financial constraints. Candidates who are academically competent and scored at least 6.5 CGPA in their 12th board exams are qualified for the scholarship scheme. The SDEF scholarship also invites MBBS scholarships 2023 and funds the educational cost by giving rewards up to INR 1,00,000 per student. While applying, the applicants must make sure that their family earnings should not surpass INR 6,00,000.

Last Date

The deadline for registration for the SDEF scholarship has not been updated yet.

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Sahu Jain Trust Loan Scholarship

The Sahu Jain Trust furnishes the Sahu Jain Trust scholarship program to the students studying professional courses in management, technical and medical fields. It aims to support students who lack financial resources to complete their education and encourages them to aspire higher. It gives a scholarship amount of INR 2,500 - INR 25,000 to the deserving applicants. The Sahu Jain Trust also includes scholarships for MBBS students in India and covers the expenses incurred for medical and healthcare courses. 

Last date

The final date to apply for the Sahu Jain trust loan scholarship has not been declared yet.

Read more: Sahu Jain Trust Loan Scholarship

Application Process for the MBBS Scholarships

The interested candidates can apply for the MBBS scholarships by visiting the official portals. The applicants should qualify for the MBBS scholarship scheme to move forward with the application process. They can follow the steps furnished below:

Step 1: The applicant should visit the official website of the selected scholarship.

Step 2: If the candidate is applying for the first time, they should register their required details into the portal. 

Step 3: Upon completing the registration process, the candidate should log in with provided credentials.

Step 4: Then, they should furnish the necessary information in the MBBS scholarship application form.

Step 5: Lastly, after taking an extended preview and cross-verifying the details provided, they can go ahead and register themselves for the specific scholarship.

Note: The application process might differ for various scholarships.

Essential Documents

A list of required documents should be kept handy and in the prescribed format while applying online to the MBBS scholarship portal. A list of essential documents are given below:

  • ID card
  • Aadhaar card
  • Passport size photo
  • Birth certificate
  • Disability certificate
  • Income certificate
  • Fee receipt
  • Marksheets
  • Bank details

For more details, visit our Scholarships 2023 Directory.

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