MBA in Industrial Management is a 2-year postgraduate management course designed to provide the knowledge and skills for managerial , operations and other  related positions in the industrial sector. Industrial managament course provides more focus on fundamental business management oerations like finance, human resource, marketing, sales,etc, that are applied to ensure smooth running of the industry. Graduates are entitled to recieve numerous job scopes in the industrial sector namely in manufacturing , assembling plants, production units, logistics, and much more.

MBA inIndustrial Management Course Details

Degree Masters
Full Form Master of Business Administration in Industrial Management
Duration Course Duration of Master of Business Administration [MBA] (Industrial Management) is 2 Years.
Age No age limit
Minimum Percentage A minimum of 50% average marks in graduation
Subjects Required Engineering (preferable)
Average Fees Incurred INR 3.5 LPA to 5.5 LPA
Similar Options of Study MBA Operations Management, MBA
Average Salary Offered INR 4 LPA to 12 LPA (Source: Payscale)
Employment Roles Business Development Manager, Administrative Manager, Chief Operating Manager

About MBA in Industrial Management

According to Wikipedia, "industrial management, as a field of commerce and business administration, studies the structure and organization of industrial companies. It comprises those fields of business administration that are necessary for the success of companies within the manufacturing sector and the encompassing services."

MBA in Industrial Management in India involves the efficient management of several domains such as planning, operations, financial planning, etc. The program focuses on the knowledge and skills required in managing different functions in a factory. The subjects of MBA Industrial Management include supply chain management, production management, and various other objects. The job scope is diverse, and it is best suited for the students who want to get into the core manufacturing sector.

Table of Contents

MBA in Industrial Management Eligibility Criteria

For admissions into MBA in Industrial management ,aspirants should meet the eligibility criteira of the institutions, which are generally laid out by the University of Grants Commission. Accoding to UGC guidelines, aspirants should have completed their undergraduate courses with a minimum of 50% aggregate in the bachelor's degree from a recognized institute in any course. Along with that, graduates should clear the enterance examinations like MAT, GMAT,XMAT,etc, with minimum cutoff score, suggested by the university. Similar to other MBA courses, MBA in Industrial Management doesn't have any age restrictions for pursuing.

How To Get Admission for MBA in Industrial Management?

Admission procedure for MBA in Indsutrial Management majorly depends on the eligibility criteria ,which differ for each institution. The admissions are made, considering either the scores obtained in the relevant entrance exam or can be based on merit. The aspirants should have a bachelor's degree in any specific domain. On clearing the entrance exam, the applicants will be selected for the second round of selection, where a group discussion will be conducted. A personal interview process for the final selection will be held as an admission process for MBA in Industrial Management course. The admission procedure for MBA in Industrial Management in India is similar to that of any MBA course.

Apply For the Course

Aspirants can apply online by filling the application form available on the colleges' websites and by attaching the required documents. They can also visit the college to apply by filling the form and by submitting the proper documents.

Selection Criteria

All the shortlisted applicants who get selected based on the entrance exam score or merit will have to appear for the group discussion, followed by a personal interview. On getting selected, the student can pay the fee and get their admit card.

Entrance exams are conducted for MBA aspirants at three different levels, namely at the national level, state level, and university level. These entrance exams will test the basic knowledge of the students who are aspiring to do an MBA course. Institutions consider the scores obtained in the exams for the admission process. The students who are desiring to take up their postgraduate in MBA Industrial Management should take up the entrance exams and perform well to secure admission. Some of the well-known entrance exams that can be taken are: 

A Quick Glance at the MBA in Industrial Management Entrance Exams

The eligibility criteria of the entrance exams vary depending on the conductors of the examination. A few common patterns that were found among the exams are:

  • The exam patterns consist of different sections like quantitative technique, data interpretation, logical reasoning, language comprehension.
  • The entrance exam duration is approximately three hours.
  • The examination can be conducted either in online or offline mode.
  • The exam pattern changes according to the exam.

Best MBA Industrial Management Colleges in India

MBA Industrial Management is one of the popular courses in India. The best MBA in Industrial Management colleges in India are listed below:

MBA Industrial Management Colleges in India
S.No Colleges
1 National Institute of Industrial Engineering Mumbai
2 Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management Kolkata
3 National Institute of Construction Management and Research Hyderabad
4 IIMT Pune
5 BHU Varanasi
6 Vaishali Institute of Business and Rural Management Bihar
7 Integral University
8 OPJS University Churu
9 Sikkim Manipal University East Sikkim
10 Pacific University Rajasthan

Fee Structure for MBA in Industrial Management

MBA Industrial Management is a postgraduate management course for two years consisting of four semesters. The average fee for the course of MBA in Industrial Management ranges from INR 3.5 LPA to 5.5 LPA.

Some of the colleges are listed below according to their fees structure:

MBA Industrial Management Fee Structure
Colleges  Fees Structure
National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai INR 7.03 LPA
Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management INR 2.55 LPA
National Institute of Construction Management and Research, Hyderabad INR 4.33 LPA

Syllabus and Subjects for MBA in Industrial Management

The course MBA in Industrial Management deals with the industrial topics from managers' perspective on maintaining the supply chain and general functions of the industry. Since this era marks the revolutionary industry 4.0 as it is wholly automated, it requires workers and the managers to know more about the machinery working to operate it, making way for increased job opportunities. Apart from the industrial concepts such as the evolution of industries and the automation prevalent in the real-time sectors, the course also inculcates the financial and analytical aspects. The financial management, analysis of the overall work, economic balance, marketing, and business strategies, including the planning and execution, are concentrated on the MBA Industrial Management course. Some of the subjects that are included in the MBA Industrial Management syllabus are listed below:

  • Production Management
  • Supply Chain and its Management
  • Business Optimization
  • Industrial Project Management
  • Outcome Efficiency

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Why Choose MBA in Industrial Management?

Let's break "Why choose MBA Industrial Management?" into a simpler manner by breaking it down into the following three short questions. 

What is MBA in Industrial Management All About?

MBA in Industrial Management is a post-graduate managament degree of two-years duration that includes the study of various aspects of business along with their application in the management of industrial sector. Industrial Management is primed in management in the manufacturing and distribution industry in which business development and expansion are dealt with. Students are taught how to plan, implement, administer several programs and manage efficiently to enahnce the production rate and branding. The course works includes subjects like finance management, organizational behaviour, marketing management,etc, that equips them to manage day-to-day tasks of supply chain management, scheduling of tasks, human resources and also helps them to implement efficient methods of enhancing the business and branding of the entity. 

What does an Industrial Manager do?

Multitask: Industrial Managers oversee the production of a manufacturing plant or factory and are responsible for strategically planning and organizing the work safely. 

Employee Management: Industrial managers are in a position to recruit and train employees. Also, monitor and evaluate their performance.

Reasons Why MBA in Industrial Management Can Fetch You a Rewarding Career?

Wide Range: MBA Industrial Management is dynamic and fast-growing with industry 4.0. The sector has been developed into rewarding career options

Career growth: Programs offer industry insights that prepare professionals for real-world scenarios. Eventually, they become seasoned to handle critical business. Multiple job opportunities are available in this field. The graduates will have a fruitful future with a pool of opportunities to choose from. The Industrial industry requires qualified researchers or technical people, but it also demands skilled managers who can use their managing skills & ideas for the growth of the sector. After pursuing an MBA in Industrial Management, one can easily find jobs in many reputed colleges or universities as a Professor or Lecturer.

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Preparation Tips for MBA in Industrial Management

Contact students and alumni of MBA: A conversation with the students or alumni of the same course will help make decisions regarding the course.

Prepare for Exams: Understanding the exam pattern and syllabus of the examination that is to be taken is very important. Make sure you prepare a strategy to take up the time-bound exams.

Mock Exams: Taking up Mock exams will help prepare for the exam and help you learn time management. Your strengths and weaknesses can be analyzed and can be concentrated further for securing higher grades.

Exposure: Keep yourself updated on the latest technologies and industry trends. Industrial training will aid in the exposure and better understanding of the sector. Invest time in gaining firm knowledge on the industrial technicalities, different types of industries, the standard practices prevalent, and the overall process in the sectors, such as collecting raw materials, processing the raw materials, storage methods, and transporting the finished goods to the customer.

Scope For Higher Education in MBA Industrial Management

Students who want to pursue higher education can do certification courses in related fields or do their Ph.D. and certification courses. Some of the options are:

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial Management
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial Economics
  • Fellow Programmes in Management from IIMs
  • Ph.D. in Management
  • Diploma in Marketing Management

MBA in Industrial Management Salary

MBA in Industrial Management is one of the key areas in the medicinal and Industrial manufacturing and distribution industry, owing to the significant role they play in decision making and placing financial strategy. This is done with the utmost care, and only graduates of this course are skillful enough to manage a role of high compliance with ease. Hence, the job scopes for the graduates of this course are generally higher owing to a significant boom in the Industrial domains daily. The average MBA Industrial Management salary in India package ranges from INR 4 to 12 LPA.

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Career Options After MBA in Industrial Management

Industrial Management is always important as they play a vital role in human lives. An MBA in Industrial Management possess all the necessary skills for that task and can get MBA in Industrial Management jobs under the following job titles:

  • Organization Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Quality Control Manager
  • Entrepreneur
  • Project Manager
  • Compliance Office
  • Chief Operating Officer

Skills That Make You The Best Industrial Manager

Every Industry requires a specific set of skills. In this chosen field, both hard skills and soft skills play a vital role, and the ability to handle criticism, being unbiased will help you prosper in your desired career. By Master of business administration in Industrial Management, the following skills will be gained:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Time management
  • Communication skills
  • Problem-Solving skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Decision-Making skills
  • Presentation skills

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