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About London American City College, [LAAC] Koramangala

Vision and Mission of London American City College:

The Vision of LACC is to become a world class and the best known higher educational institution of superior quality in India by offering a wide range of internationally accredited top ranking American and European Bachelors’ and Masters’ degree programmes at the most affordable costs to the students and to create star managers and future business leaders for meeting the challenging needs of the local and the global industries.

The Mission of LACC Bangalore is to offer world-class American and European Higher education in a unique and excellent international learning environment to the students of India and the international student community with diverse backgrounds, interests and abilities to become more competent, purposeful, critical and creative thinkers and to create future business leaders and star managers with multiple skills and scholastic achievements and intellectual enquiry to succeed in the ever changing crises- ridden global economy with humanistic values and their life-long devotion to the common good and the welfare and the dignity of all.

To achieve our mission , we are committed to maintaining international academic standards by providing the best quality US and European Higher education and excellent professional support to the students


By offering fully accredited world class BS, BBA and MBA degree programmes from one of the best American Universities in a learning environment, (that is, from Madonna University, Michigan, USA)and a very reputed Swiss University (UBIS University, Geneva), the London American City College, Bangalore wants to achieve several specific aims and objectives that will set it apart from other existing institutions in Bangalore.

LACC Major Aims and Institutional Objectives are:

  • To provide world class American and reputed European Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs to suit the challenging needs of the day and to build a highly reputed global college of higher learning in the city of Bangalore.
  • To offer innovative Certificate, Diploma and Advanced in Business Administration and Post Graduate Diploma in Management Studies from the reputed University Sector College of London which is exciting, stimulating and challenging for the young professionals working in National and Global Corporations in India.
  • To produce professionally trained star managers and global CEOs in the Indian Economy through excellent education and research in the State of Karnataka.
  • To develop the students’ abilities to think, write and speak effectively, efficiently and creatively and to work as an effective leader of a team in the State of Karnataka.
  • To prepare and train the students of India to understand and apply modern innovative techniques and tools of key business and management disciplines.
  • To offer the most innovative and unique learning experience in Bangalore City through superb teaching by renowned Professors of International repute at the London American City College, Bangalore.
  • To enable the low income students of the India in general and Karnataka in particular to achieve a brilliant career & to lead their life with confidence.
  • To enhance the career of deserving students with low financial means by providing them continuous education at 50% of the actual fees.
  • To create a student-centered higher educational environment in Karnataka, accessible to people of diverse age-groups, cultures & socio-economic backgrounds and to provide all the students with free career counseling sessions and seminars.
  • To help the students of India to conceptualize, formulate & consider complex problems in an uncertain business environment during a period of recession & economic slowdown & to find & implement appropriate solutions.
  • To help the students of the India to benefit from case studies, teaching materials & courses that are fresh, practical & relevant to the fast moving, global business world.
  • To promote international perspectives in the curriculum developments among students & faculty of the London American City College, Bangalore.
  • To foster lifelong desire to learn & a commitment to contribute actively to the development of our Indian communities & to the world.
  • To strengthen the communities we serve by supporting civic, cultural, co-operative and educational organizations through exceptional training at the LACC, Bangalore.
  • To determine the educational needs of the meritorious students and to provide them financial means for pursuing their education successfully.
  • To provide the students of India, the best quality American and European education at the most affordable fees.
  • To conduct seminars and business discussions in order to promote onsite and online learning environment in the City of Bangalore.
  • To offer a personal, relevant, flexible, contemporary & challenging onsite and online higher educational degree programmes to the students of India.
  • To help students of India to conceptualize, formulate & consider complex problems in an uncertain business environment during a period of deep recession & economic slowdown & to find & implement appropriate solutions.
  • To teach the students of India innovative management techniques for managing people, money, material and customers effectively and efficiently and for enhancing their knowledge and ability to think, influence and act strategically.
  • To help students of India understand the principles and practices of modern business management through a critical understanding of the various concepts, components and theories with real-life examples and industry case studies.

Affiliates of LACC:

  • Madonna University, Michigan, USA.
  • UBIS University, Geneva, Switzerland.
  • City of London College, London, England.
  • Periyar University, Salem, Tamil Nadu.
  • Euro College, South East Europe

Key companies coming for Placements:

  • Philips
  • Hilton
  • Toyota
  • Sony
  • Accenture
  • Pepsi
  • Nestle
  • Kia Motors
  • Hyundai
  • Citi Bank
  • Srilankan Airlines
  • Air India
  • Dry Docks World
  • Nissan
  • Siemens
  • Johnson Johnson
  • RAK Bank
  • RAK Free Trade Zone
  • RAK


  • LACC in association with Madonna University and UBIS University provides scholarships to its most outstanding students who achieve excellent results in the University and Competitive exams.
  •  LACC has awarded merit scholarships with fee concessions to several meritorious students for their outstanding academic achievements in the University examinations.

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