MBA in Digital Marketing syllabus and subjects trains aspirants to concentrate on both necessary business administration and specialization in digital marketing. The students are educated both theoretically and practically about branding and promoting products in the digital market.

Semester Wise MBA in Digital Marketing Syllabus

MBA Digital Marketing syllabus includes corporate management, accounting, economics, business management, business communication, human resource and much more. The important elective subjects are finance management, digital Marketing, marketing and sales, business management, statistics, production, logistics and supply chain management and much more. The curriculum is divided into four semesters which trains the basics, core, electives and project. Listed below are semester wise MBA Digital Marketing subjects:

MBA in Digital Marketing First Year Syllabus
Semester- I Semester- II
Communication Skill Development Business Communication
Corporate legal Environment Project Management
Accounting for Managers E-commerce
Demand and Business Forecasting General marketing strategies
Business Skills Development Business-to-business (B2B) e- marketing
Management of Organizations E-business technologies
Business Policy and Strategic Management Business planning
MBA in Digital Marketing First Year Syllabus
Semester - III Semester - IV
Financial Statement Analysis Digital Marketing and Strategy
Interactive Marketing Market Research and Seminar
Project - 1 Project - 2
Specialization Group A - Human Resource Management Specialization Group A - Human Resource Management
Specialization Group B – E-Marketing Specialization Group B – E-Marketing
Specialization Group C - Finance Specialization Group C - Finance
Specialization Group D - Information Technology Specialization Group D - Information Technology
Specialization Group E - Digital Marketing Specialization Group E - Digital Marketing

MBA in Digital Marketing Subjects

MBA in Digital Marketing subjects includes digital marketing, e-marketing, mobile marketing, social media marketing, human resource, finance, online marketing, and much more. Online surveys and research will help aspirants better understand e-marketing. Reading about new technologies research papers, participating in online workshops and lab sections gives students practical knowledge about digital marketing. Aspirants should select the elective subjects according to their area of interests, future career options, and higher education scope.

MBA in Digital Marketing Core Subjects:

  • Communication Skill Development
  • Corporate legal Environment
  • Accounting for Managers
  • Demand and Business Forecasting
  • Business Skills Development
  • Management of Organizations
  • Business Policy and Strategic Management
  • Business Communication
  • Project Management
  • E-commerce
  • General marketing strategies
  • Business-to-business (B2B) e- marketing
  • E-business technologies
  • Business planning
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Interactive marketing
  • Digital Marketing and Strategy
  • Market research and Seminar

MBA Digital Marketing Elective Subjects:

  • HR Planning and Development Management of Industries
  • HR Management Organizational Change and Development
  • Industrial Psychology Performance Management
  • Training and Development of Labour Laws and Guidelines
  • E-Marketing management
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Buyer behaviour (from the consumer and corporate standpoints)
  • Ad effectiveness measurement
  • Advance campaign measurement and experimental evaluation
  • Management of Financial Institution
  • Financial Markets and Services Security Analysis
  • Portfolio management Derivatives and Risk Management
  • Management Control Systems International Financial Management
  • Working Capital Management Corporate Taxation and Tax Planning
  • Advertising communication

MBA in Digital Marketing Lab Subjects:

  • Online advertising
  • Internet marketing strategies
  • Social media marketing
  • Digital advertising
  • Web analytics
  • Online privacy and policy implications
  • Search Behaviour-based inference
  • Database Management System Analysis
  • Design Communication Networks for Business E-Commerce

MBA in Digital Marketing Course Structure

MBA in Digital Marketing course structure is planned into four semesters in two years. Three significant divisions are core subjects, elective subjects and lab subjects. The core subjects are the main subjects that are mandatory to complete. The electives subject is where students can choose their specialization as per their area of interest, and the lab section is for online practicals. The course trains students the basics of business management, branding and promoting, online advertising and poster creations, SEO and marketing, customer relationship management, online ad supervision, e-commerce, web and social media marketing. Students can perform an online survey and analyze reports to learn about e-business and digital marketing.

The course structure for MBA Digital Marketing is:

  • Core and Elective subjects
  • IV Semesters
  • Seminar
  • Research paper publications
  • Survey
  • Internship
  • Mini Project
  • Main Project

MBA in Digital Marketing Teaching Methodology and Techniques

MBA in Digital Marketing is the online business administration and management course to delegate student's slick in electronic marketing. The educational methodology is the blend of qualified staff, organized study materials, learning new technologies, tools, and techniques. Apart from theoretical training, practical knowledge with hands-on experience is what is called a perfect educational scheme. Students must be experienced to work on many tools and know more new technologies. They must develop their skill in digital marketing techniques too.

Listed below are few teaching methodology and techniques:

  • Online survey research
  • Practical sessions
  • Research papers
  • Group projects
  • Poster preparation
  • Thesis writing 
  • Online workshop
  • Lab sessions
  • SEO analysis
  • Social media

MBA Digital Marketing Projects

MBA in Digital Marketing course is all about e-marketing, branding, promoting, advertising, poster preparation, digital marketing, and much more. Projects in MBA Digital Marketing focus on SEO analysis, customer requirements, investment in digital marketing, future of digital marketing, social media marketing and much more. The online survey, research, and projects enhance students' skill development and understanding in real-time about the course.

Popular MBA Digital Marketing projects are:

Team projects help students learn about working together with team spirit and surveys and research paper publications develop students' creative ideas and innovations.

  • Customer Satisfaction in Digital Marketing Agency
  • Digital Marketing Strategies (Return on Investment for Various)
  • Case Study Analysis About Google SEO Marketing
  • Online Shopping and Social Media Strategies
  • Comparison of Traditional Marketing to Online Marketing
  • Facebook Analytics for Targeted Marketing
  • Customer Satisfaction on Coupon Code Based Promotional Activities
  • Report about Tools used to Analyze E-Marketing Competitors
  • Visual Keyword Analysis Tools for Search Engine Digital Marketing

MBA in Digital Marketing Reference Books

Listed below are best digital marketing books suggested by the experts:

Books Authors
Digital Marketing MBA David J Bradley
Web Analytics 2.0 Avinash Kaushik
Getting Digital Marketing Right David Bradley
Social Media Marketing and Branding Ankit Srivastava
This is Marketing Seth Godin

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