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Updated on Aug 7, 2023 by Roumik Roy

Roumik Roy

Updated on Aug 7, 2023 by Roumik Roy

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MBA syllabus aims to offer practical and theoretical knowledge to students in the various fields of the management sector including Marketing, Finance, Project Management, Supply Chain Management, etc. It also focuses on detailing the significance of each field in the business world.

MBA subjects provide a strong foundation in management and contemporary practices under business administration. Some of the subjects covered in MBA course are Managerial Economics, Accounting, Business Communication, Information Technology Management, and more. The primary focus of the MBA syllabus is to instill managerial and entrepreneurial skills in the students.

The subjects offered under MBA follow an industry-relevant curriculum and help students to develop managerial, leadership, and analytical aptitudes. Hence, the scope of the MBA course has an extensive range of career options from Operations Manager, HR Manager, Marketing Executive to Logistics Coordinator, etc.

Table of Contents

MBA Subjects

Subjects in MBA are centered around the foundation of essential business functions, such as finance, accounting, operations, marketing, and economics. MBA subjects in 1st year cover the core subjects based on elementary and fundamental knowledge of management, while the second year includes specialization and elective subjects. MBA subjects list is provided below:

Core Subjects

Given below are the core subjects in MBA that are taught to the students throughout the course:

  • Management Theory and Practice 
  • Strategic Management 
  • Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Business Economics
  • Research Methodology

Elective Subjects

The elective subjects in MBA are given below:

  • Leadership and Change Management
  • Performance Evaluation and Compensation Management
  • Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
  • Managing Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Retail Management
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Business Analytics
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Service Operations Management
  • Supply Chain Analytics

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MBA Core Subjects in Detail

A detailed view of the few core subjects under MBA course syllabus has been mentioned below:

MBA Subjects

Management Topics Covered

Management Process & Organizational Behavior

Introduction to Management, Process of Management, Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior, Individual & Group Behavior and Process in Organization

Decision Sciences

Descriptive Statistics, Linear Programming, Decision Theory, Transportation Problems

Managerial Economics

Introduction, Demand Analysis and Theory of Production, Theory of Cost and Market Structures, Introduction to Macroeconomics

Accounting for Management

Nature of Accounting Information, Cost Accounting, Performance Evaluation Techniques, Decision-Making Techniques

Information Technology Management

Computer Hardware and Number Systems, Computer Software, Data Communication

Business Communication

Theory of Communication, Forms of Communication, Important Parameters in Communication, Other Communication Parameters

Management of Technology, Innovation, and Change

Technology Management, Change Management, Innovations Management, Creative and Lateral Thinking Management

Financial Management

Nature and Scope of Financial Management, Planning for Sources of Finance, Retained Earning Vs. Dividend Decisions, Capital Budgeting

Marketing Management

Introduction to Marketing, Product and Pricing Decisions, Promotion and Distribution Decisions, Emerging Trends and Issues in Marketing

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MBA Elective Subjects in Detail

Along with the core MBA syllabus, there are elective subjects throughout the course covering topics, such as Decision Sciences, IT, Economics, and Social Sciences which are essential in a management career. The MBA subjects as per the chosen electives are listed below:

MBA Subjects

Topics Covered


Competitive Marketing Strategy, Brand Management, Marketing Communication, E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Customer Relationship Management


Venture Capital & Entrepreneurship, Corporate Growth in the Entrepreneurial Environment, Investing in and leveraging your Social networks for Professional growth

Economics and Social Sciences

Behavioral Economics, Business Law, Public Economics, International Macroeconomics, Current Economic Scenario, Global Commons Negotiations

Finance and Accounting

Financial Markets, Advanced Corporate Finance, Banking, Financial Markets, and Systems, International Finance, Investment Banking, Global Securities Market

Information Systems

Big Data analysis with networks, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, Foundations of Machine Learning, Information Systems and Development, Managerial Digital Transformations, Software Product Management

Decision Science

Science and Management of Big Data, Analytics for Cross-Functional Excellence, Business Analytics and Intelligence, Predictive Analysis for Business Forecasting, Foundations of Market Microstructure

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Extracurricular Activities for MBA

Semester-Wise MBA Course Syllabus 2023

MBA semester-wise subjects comprise concepts based on the core functionalities of management and business administration along with skill-based electives on various domains. The following are the MBA subjects semester wise 

First-Year MBA Syllabus

MBA 1st sem subjects are mostly based on essential aspects of management and business principles. MBA 2nd sem subjects are covers certain aspects related to management, accounting and research methods. MBA 1st-year subjects are given below:

MBA 1st Semester Subjects

MBA 2nd Semester Subjects

Organizational Behavior

Project Management

Managerial Economics 

Management Control Information System

Accounting for Managers 

Operations Management

Business Statistics

Human Resource Management

Marketing Management

Business Research Methods

Business Communication  

Management Accounting

Financial Management

Legal and Business Environment

Practical Topics in the First-Year MBA Course Syllabus

MCIS and research methods under MBA 2nd sem syllabus 2023 include computer lab work. Some of the practical topics in the first-year MBA subjects are given below:

  • Creating, saving editing in MS Word
  • Presentations using MS PowerPoint
  • Statistical Applications in MS Excel
  • Analysis of database using MS Access
  • Business Research with SPSS

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Second-Year MBA Syllabus

MBA 3rd sem subjects focus on business administration principles based on the chosen specialization, while the MBA 4th Sem subjects include project work and electives. Listed below are the MBA 2nd year subjects: 

MBA 3rd Semester Subjects

MBA 4th Semester Subjects

Business Ethics and Global Business Environment

Total Quality Management

Legal Aspects of Business

International Business Environment

Strategic Management

Entrepreneurial Development 

Elective - 1

Elective - 5

Elective - 2

Elective - 6

Elective - 3

Elective - 7

Elective - 4

Project/Report Work

Practical Topics in Second Year MBA Syllabus:

Some of the practical topics in the MBA final year subjects are given below:

  • Statistical Applications –Measures of central tendency in MS Excel
  • Developing applications with database software
  • Web Designing with HTML, PHP, and other web applications
  • R & Python for Business Analytics

MBA Scholarships

Top Skills Required for MBA

Specialisation-Wise MBA Syllabus

MBA 1st sem subjects 2023 focus on fundamental management principles. The core subjects differ based on specialization from the MBA 3rd sem syllabus onwards. Listed below is the syllabus of MBA for different specializations:

MBA HR Syllabus

The MBA Human Resource syllabus focuses on the subjects based on recruitment and management and guides the people in this domain. Some of the subjects in the MBA HR syllabus are given below:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Managerial Economics
  • Management Principles
  • Concepts of Personnel Management
  • HR Planning and Development
  • Financial Analysis and Reporting
  • Business Communication

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MBA Marketing Syllabus

The MBA Marketing syllabus focuses on subjects that are based on marketing principles and business management. Some of the subjects in the MBA Marketing syllabus are given below:

  • Business Environment and Law
  • Advance Marketing Management
  • Operations Research and Management
  • Marketing Communication
  • Brand Management

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MBA Finance Syllabus 

The MBA Finance course curriculum aims to give students a thorough grasp of financial management, including accounting, financial analysis, investment, and risk management principles. Some of the subjects in the MBA Finance syllabus are given below:

  • Managerial Economics
  • Management Accounting
  • Human Resources Management
  • Operation Management
  • Project Management
  • International Trade and Finance

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MBA Banking Syllabus

The MBA Banking syllabus aims to provide students with the abilities and information needed to succeed in the banking sector. Students gain knowledge of financial analysis, portfolio management, and financial planning through a combination of academic and practical learning. Some of the subjects in the MBA Banking syllabus are given below:

  • Banking Operations
  • Financial Management
  • Banking Management
  • Economics Analysis for Business Decisions
  • Accounting for Business Decisions
  • Financial Management

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MBA Digital Marketing Syllabus

The MBA Digital Marketing syllabus blends digital marketing and business management principles to strategize creative and effective marketing strategies for online businesses including E-Commerce. Some of the subjects in the MBA Digital Marketing syllabus are given below:

  • Business Communication
  • E-commerce
  • Corporate legal Environment
  • Business Skills Development
  • Interactive Marketing
  • B2B Marketing
  • Management of Organizations

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Other Important MBA Syllabus and Subjects

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MBA Airline Management Syllabus
MBA Airport Management Syllabus
MBA Interior Design Syllabus
MBA Aviation Management Syllabus
MBA Banking and Finance Syllabus
MBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management Syllabus
MBA Logistics Management Syllabus
MBA Materials Management Syllabus

College-Wise MBA Syllabus

MBA semester-wise subjects can differ due to the different academic structures. However, it is advised that students access the MBA syllabus PDF 2023 version from the chosen college website to know more about the curriculum. The subjects in MBA for top colleges are provided below:

IIM Ahmedabad MBA Syllabus

Indian Institute of Management is one among the top institutes in offering management courses. The Following is the semester-wise MBA subjects list for IIM:

MBA 1st Sem Subjects

MBA 2nd Sem Subjects

Quantitative Techniques

Operations Research

Managerial Economics 

Human Resources Management

Organizational Behavior

Operations Management

Financial Accounting

Business Computing

Managerial Communications

Financial Management 

Marketing Management

Marketing Research

Economic Environment

Cost & Management Accounting

MBA 3rd Sem Subjects

MBA 4th Sem Subjects

Strategic Management

Quality Management

Digital Business Models

Environmental Governance & Sustainability

Leadership and Corporate Accountability

International Business

Capstone Simulation

Business Plan Project 



Anna University MBA Syllabus

Anna University is one of the best in offering MBA courses through TANCET examination. Below mentioned is the semester-wise MBA subjects list for Anna University:

MBA 1st Sem Subjects

MBA 2nd Sem Subjects

Statistics for Management

Quantitative Techniques for Decision Making

Management Concepts and Organizational Behavior

Human Resources Management

Accounting for Decision Making

Financial Management 

Managerial Economics 

Business Research Methods

Information Management

Marketing Management 

Legal Aspects of Business

Business Analytics

Business Communication

Business Ethics 

MBA 3rd Sem Subjects

MBA 4th Sem Subjects

International Business 

Market Research

Strategic Management




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AKTU MBA Syllabus

Here is the semester-wise MBA subjects list for AKTU:

MBA 1st Sem Subjects

MBA 2nd Sem Subjects

Management Concepts & Organisational Behaviour

Business Environment & Legal Aspect Of Business

Managerial Economics 

Human Resources Management

Business Statistics & Analytics 

Operations Management

Financial Accounting

Business Research Methods

Managerial Communications

Financial Management 

Marketing Management

Quantitative Techniques For Managers

Management Information Systems

Cost & Management Accounting

MBA 3rd Sem Subjects

MBA 4th Sem Subjects

Marketing Research

Emerging Technologies in Global Business Environment

Innovation And Entrepreneurship 

Human Values And Ethics 



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Distance MBA Syllabus Details

Distance MBA course is designed for both students and working professionals. Students have options to opt for elective subjects, project submissions, and other skill development opportunities. Some of the subjects in the MBA course syllabus for distance education are given below:

  • Accounting for Managers
  • Managerial Economics
  • Financial Management
  • Business Research Methods
  • Digital Marketing
  • Conflict Resolution and Management
  • Professional Ethics
  • Management in Action - Social Economic and Ethical Issues

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MBA Projects

The project work under the MBA syllabus is required to be completed at the end of the fourth semester. The project aims to motivate the students to build the necessary skills and learn the applications of concepts pragmatically. The popular project topics under the MBA syllabus are given below:

  • Effectiveness of Training and Development with Special Reference to Voltas Limited
  • A Study to Identify the Retail Penetration Level of Airtel Prepaid Cards (MBA Marketing)
  • A Comparative Study on Consumer Behavior about Colgate and Pepsodent Paste (MBA)
  • A Study on the Customer Perception of Mobile Phone Service Providers
  • A Study on Factors Influencing the Disconnection of Landline of BSNL

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MBA Course Structure

The course structure of the Master of Business Administration is well-designed and includes a range of internal evaluations through theoretical study, practical training, and industry exposure. The curriculum also includes skill-development programs along with certification courses. The general components of the MBA course structure are given below:

  • IV Semesters
  • Core and Elective subjects
  • Project Submission
  • Summer Internship Program

Master of Business Administration Teaching Methodology and Techniques

MBA courses take into account an effective learning approach that involves case-based learning, team activity, seminars, guest lectures, and interactive classroom sessions. Listed below are a few teaching methodologies used in the Master of Business Administration courses:

  • Case study
  • Workshops
  • Group projects
  • Class participation
  • Micro projects
  • Practical sessions

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Reference Books for MBA Syllabus

The reference books help students to enhance their understanding of the course outcomes and provide additional knowledge for better performance in the exams. Below are some reference books for the Master of Business Administration.





MBA Finance

Financial Institutions and Markets (FIM)

Financial Services TMH

M.Y. Khan 

MBA Strategic Management

Strategic Management

Business Policy and Strategic Management 


MBA Retail Management

Retail Management

The Psychology of Selling 

Brian Tracy


International Human Resource Management

Essentials of IHRM & IR

P. Subba Rao

MBA Marketing

Sales and Advertisement Management

Advertising and Sales Promotion

S.A Chunawalla

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MBA Fee Structure


How Many subjects are in MBA?

A total of 7-8 subjects are added under the semester-wise MBA syllabus based on the core concepts of management and its various inter-disciplinaries.

What are the key subjects in MBA?

MBA subjects include Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Finance Management, Project Management, Supply Chain Management, etc.

Does MBA syllabus include Math?

Yes, some of the MBA subjects based on Finance, Accounting, Statistics, Analytics, etc, require knowledge of elemental mathematics and numerical skills.

What is taught in MBA first-year syllabus?

The fundamental concepts of management are mainly covered in MBA first-year subjects.

Is it good to do MBA after M.Com?

Yes, MBA is one of the most preferred higher education courses after M.Com

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