MBA syllabus focuses on building entrepreneurship and leadership skills that enhance professional and personal growth. The course laid a strong foundation for business concepts through accounting, finance, and marketing subjects.  

Semester Wise MBA Syllabus

MBA course structure consists of core and elective subjects. The aspirants are introduced to all the essential management and business principles in the first year. The III and IVth semesters lay emphasis on business administration principles based on the chosen specialization. The MBA course focuses on managerial aspects like accounting, finance, human resource, and marketing. Listed below is the General MBA syllabus:

MBA First Year Syllabus

Below are the subjects of the MBA first-year syllabus:

Semester I Semester II
Finance for Non-Finance Costing Products and Services
Joy of Management Synthesizing and Analyzing Data using R
Micro-Economics Managing Operations and Supply Chain
Business Statistics Human Resource Management
Marketing and Consumer Behaviour Indian Banking and Financial Markets
Excel Spreadsheet Modelling Indian Economy in the Global Context
Organizational Behaviour Managing Stakeholders and Legal Processes
Marketing of Products and Services Managing Financial Resources

MBA Second Year Syllabus

Below are the subjects of the MBA second-year syllabus:

Semester III Semester IV
Management of Design Capstone Simulation
Business Model and Intellectual Property Ethics and Indian Ethos
Leveraging IT for Business Integrated Decisions Making
Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility Leadership Development
Analyzing and Mitigating Risk Applied Business Research Project
Applied Business Research Project Management
Problem Solving and Consulting Skills Data Science Using R and Python

MBA Subjects

The MBA subjects focus on central management principles. The course aims to make graduates technically sound to efficiently take care of the organization's work. The course structure does include internship and project-based subjects. The students can select elective subjects based on their interests and job aspirations. MBA subjects list is provided below:

Core Subjects

Given below are the core subjects that are taught to the students in the MBA course:

  • Management Theory and Practice 
  • Strategic Management 
  • Accounting and Financial Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Business Economics

Elective Subjects

Given below are the elective subjects that are taught to the students in the MBA course:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Research Methods
  • Leadership and Entrepreneurship
  • Management of Change
  • Managing for Sustainability

MBA Syllabus and Subject Details

The MBA subject details for the MBA syllabus 2022 have been mentioned here:

MBA Subject Management Topics Covered
Management Process & Organizational Behavior Introduction to Management, Process of Management, Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior, Individual & Group Behavior and Process in Organization
Decision Sciences Descriptive Statistics, Linear Programming, Decision Theory, Transportation Problems
Managerial Economics Introduction, Demand Analysis and Theory of Production, Theory of Cost and Market Structures, Introduction to Macroeconomics
Accounting for Management Nature of Accounting Information, Cost Accounting, Performance Evaluation Techniques, Decision-Making Techniques
Information Technology Management Computer Hardware and Number System, Computer Software, Data Communication and Network, Functional and Enterprise Systems
Business Communication Theory of Communication, Forms of Communication, Important Parameters in Communication, Other Communication Parameters
Management of Technology, Innovation, and Change Technology Management, Change Management, Innovations Management, Creative and Lateral Thinking Management
Financial Management Nature and Scope of Financial Management, Planning for Sources of Finance, Retained Earning Vs. Dividend Decision, Capital Budgeting
Marketing Management Introduction to Marketing, Product and Pricing Decisions, Promotion and Distribution Decisions, Emerging Trends and Issues in Marketing

MBA Elective Subject List

Followed by the core MBA syllabus, there are elective MBA subjects throughout the course curriculum covering topics like Decision Sciences, IT, Economics, and Social Sciences essential in a management career. The Elective courses with their study topics are listed below:

Decision Science Subjects

Below are the Decision Science elective subjects for MBA:

Science and Management of Big Data Analytics for Cross-Functional Excellence
Predictive Analysis for Business Forecasting Competitive Advantage of Speed in Business Operations
Business Analytics and Intelligence Spreadsheet Modeling for Business Decision Problems
Foundations of Market Microstructure Analytics for E-commerce and Retail Operations

Information Systems Subjects

Below are the Information Science elective subjects for MBA:

Big Data analysis with networks Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning
Foundations of Machine Learning Information Systems and Development
Managerial Digital Transformations Management of Information System and Technology
Software Product Management -

Finance and Accounting Subjects

Below are the Finance and Accounting elective subjects of MBA:

Financial Markets Advanced Corporate Finance
Financial Derivatives Banking, Financial Markets, and Systems
Corporate Valuations Project Appraisal and Financing
Investments International Finance
Investment Banking Fixed Income Securities and Derivatives
New Enterprise Financing Global Securities Market
Risk Management Introduction to Capital Market Theory
General Commercial Knowledge Fixed Income Securities and Derivatives
Financial Statement Analysis Management of Commercial Contracts
Active Investment Management -

Economics and Social Sciences Subjects

Below are the Economics and Social Sciences elective subjects of MBA:

Behavioural Economics Business Law
Public Economics International Macroeconomics
Financial Macroeconomics Current Economic Scenario
Global Macroeconomics and Financial Markets East and South East Asian Economics
Imagining Indian Society and Culture through Indian Cinema Global Commons Negotiations and Business in Network Technologies

Entrepreneurship Subjects

Below are the Entrepreneurship elective subjects of MBA:

Venture Capital & Entrepreneurship Corporate Growth in Entrepreneurial Environment
Investing in and leveraging your Social networks for Professional growth -

Marketing Subjects

Below are the Marketing elective subjects of MBA:

Competitive Marketing Strategy Brand Management
International Marketing Strategy, tactics, and economics of pricing
Marketing Communication Services Marketing
E-Commerce Business to Business Marketing
Marketing Management in the World of Hi-tech and Innovation Consumer Behavior
Digital Marketing Research for Marketing Decisions
Multi-Channel Retail Strategy Customer Acquisition and Retention
Customer Relationship Management Product Strategy and Management

Specialisation-wise MBA Syllabus

The syllabus of the first and second semesters of every MBA course focuses on fundamental management principles. The core subjects and the projects differ based on specialization. Listed below are the third and fourth-semester subjects of major MBA specializations:

MBA HR Syllabus

The MBA Human Resource syllabus focuses on the subjects based on recruitment and management and guides the people in this domain. The essential subjects include human resource management, strategic management, entrepreneurship training, human capital management, and HR audits.

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MBA Marketing Syllabus

MBA Marketing syllabus focuses on subjects that are based on marketing and business management. MBA Marketing course is divided into core and elective subjects. The crucial subjects include marketing, total quality management, strategic management and international business.

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MBA Finance Syllabus 

MBA Finance syllabus focuses on subjects based on finance management and business principles. The course is structured as core and elective subjects. The important subjects include corporate management, business law, economics and financial modelling.

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MBA Banking Syllabus

MBA Banking syllabus focuses on subjects based on business management principles and banking. The course is divided into core and elective subjects. The important subjects include economics, business communication, corporate management and banking. 

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MBA Digital Marketing Syllabus

MBA Digital Marketing syllabus blends digital marketing and business management principles to strategize creative and effective marketing strategies. MBA Digital Marketing course is divided into core and elective subjects. The important subjects include digital marketing, interactive marketing and financial statement analysis. 

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Other Important MBA Syllabus and Subjects

MBA Entrance Exam Syllabus

The MBA entrance exam syllabus for MBA admission has a different scheme which depends on the weight of certain sections, the number of MCQs and the scoring scheme. However, each MBA entrance exam includes a common list of MBA subjects that are required each year.

Quantitative Aptitude

Below is the entrance exam syllabus for Quantitative Aptitude:

Number Systems LCM and HCF Percentage Calculation
Profit and Loss Simple And Compound Interest Speed, Time, And Distance
Ratio and Proportion Linear and Quadratic Equations Binomial Theorem
Probability Geometry Trigonometry

Data Interpretation

Below is the entrance exam syllabus for Data Interpretation:

Bar Graphs Line Graphs Pie Chart
Tables Column Graph Venn Diagrams

Logical Reasoning

Below is the entrance exam syllabus for Logical Reasoning:

Arrangements Prepositions Data Arrangement and Puzzles
Logical Sequence, Matching & Connections Number & Letters Series Clocks & Calendars
Blood Relations - -

Verbal Ability

Below is the entrance exam syllabus for Verbal Ability:

Grammar Usage Reasoning Sentence Correction
Fill in the blanks Idioms Paragraph Summary
Facts/Inferences Meaning-Usage Match Synonyms & Antonyms

Current Affairs and GK

Below is the entrance exam syllabus for Current Affairs and GK:

Constitution Government Laws History/Geography/Economics
World Leaders Science Trade
States & Capitals World Summits Famous People & Achievements

MBA Course Structure

In general, MBA courses are structured as core and elective subjects. The course is divided into four subjects; the I and II semesters focus on introducing the first year's management basics. The course mainly focuses on finance, economics, management, marketing, and human resource subjects. The aspirants can choose their electives based on their interests and career goals. In the final semester, the graduates need to submit a research-based project. The course structure of the MBA course includes:

  • IV Semesters
  • Core and elective subjects
  • Project submission
  • Internship 

MBA Teaching Methodology and Techniques

MBA course is all about entrepreneurship and learning the management principles and doing efficient lead conversions. The students are trained to develop an analytical sense of the market trends and evolve and strategize new plans. The teaching methodology includes traditional teaching methods and action-based learning methods, and micro-projects. The final year's research project motivates the students to be more robust with their analyzing skills and evolves with creativity to meet the business world's needs. In short, the teaching methodology and techniques include:

  • Case study
  • Workshops
  • Group projects
  • Micro projects
  • Practical sessions 

Distance MBA Syllabus Details

Distance MBA syllabus covers MBA subjects such as Business Principles, Business Communication, Operations Management, Marketing Research, etc. The entire distance MBA course duration is the same as a regular MBA with 2 years. Distance MBA is available to both students and working professionals. 

IGNOU Distance MBA Syllabus

Below is the IGNOU Distance MBA syllabus:

Semester I Semester II
Organizational Behavior Management Accounting
Business Communication Marketing Research
Managerial Economics Operation Management
Quantitative Methods Management of Information System
Financial Accounting Management Science
Semester III Semester VI
Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility Strategic Management
Strategic Analysis International Business Environment
Legal Environment of Business Project Study

Amity Distance MBA Syllabus

Below is the Amity Distance MBA syllabus:

Semester I Semester II
Management Function & Behavior Quantitative Techniques in Mgmt.
Marketing Management Human Resource Management
Accounting for Managers Marketing Research
Managerial Economics Business Laws
Information Management & Computers Financial Management
Semester III Semester IV
Corporate Governance Total Quality Management
Elective (Major) – I & II Elective (Major) III & IV
Strategic Management Elective (Minor) – II
- Project Work

SCDL Distance MBA Syllabus

Below is the SCDL Distance MBA syllabus:

Semester I Semester II
Principles & Practices of Management Production/Operations Management
Organizational Behavior Financial Management
Management Accounting Human Resource Management
Managerial Economics Marketing Management
Business Law Management Information Systems
Semester III Semester IV
Required Specialization 1 Required Specialization 4
Required Specialization 2 Required Specialization 5
Required Specialization 3 Project
Elective 1 Elective 4
Elective 2 Elective 5
Elective 3 Elective 6

NMIMS MBA Syllabus 

Below is the NMIMS Distance MBA syllabus:

Semester I Semester II
Financial Accounting Business Statistics
Managerial Economics Operations Management
Information Systems Strategic Management
Organizational Behaviour Business Management
Marketing Management Corporate Finance

MBA Projects

MBA course aims to bring a revolution in society by improving market trends. The project aims to motivate the students to have vital research and analytical skills to build new strategic plans to face modern world marketing problems. The projects give the graduates a chance to develop solutions to the challenging working environment in terms of marketing or business challenges. 

Popular MBA projects are listed below:

  • Effectiveness of training and development with special reference to Voltas Limited
  • A study to identify the retail penetration level of Airtel prepaid cards (MBA Marketing)
  • A comparative study on consumer behaviour about Colgate and Pepsodent paste (MBA 
  • A study on the customer perception of mobile phone service providers in A study on factors influencing the disconnection of landline of BSNL

MBA Books

Books are an important investment for students pursuing MBA courses. Books are a great means for students to learn about topics in great detail and depth. They help the students learn about concepts and topics in detail. Listed below are some of the MBA books that the students can invest in:

Books Authors
The Lean Startup Eric Ries 
Bankable Business Plans  Edward Rogoff
The Psychology of Selling  Brian Tracy
Value-Based Fees Allan Weiss
Spin Selling Neil Rackham 

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