Syllabus and Subjects for Distance MBA:

Sl. No. Distance MBA Core Subjects
1 Management Theory and Practice
2 Accounting and Financial Management
3 Marketing Management
4 Strategic Management
 Plus four from the following restricted electives
1 Human Resource Management
2 Corporate Finance
3 Research Methods
4 Management of Change
5 Leadership and Entrepreneurship
6 Business Economics

Elective subjects for Distance MBA:

Sl. No. Distance Master of Business Administration Elective Subjects
1 Management Accounting for Costs and Control
2 Financial Accounting
3 Current Developments in Accounting Thought
4 Accounting Systems and Processes
5 Financial Accounting 2
6 Auditing
7 Communication in Business
8 Business Economics
9 Corporate Finance
10 Financial Markets and Instruments
11 Investments Analysis
12 Financial Planning
13 Human Resource Management
14 Research Methods
15 International Human Resource Management
16 Advanced Studies in Industrial Relations
17 Strategic Human Resource Development
18 Organizational Behaviour
19 Training and Development Environment
20 ICT Project Management
21 IT Infrastructure Management PG
22 IT Management Issues
23 IT Risk Management
24 ICT Project Management
25 IT Management Issues
26 IT Risk Management
27 Business and Corporations Law
28 Management of Change
29 Managing for Sustainability
30 Customer Behaviour
31 Managing Project and Service Innovation

Distance MBA specializations:

Various electives and subjects for different specializations are mentioned below:


Information Technology

Human Resource Management


Managing Product and Service innovation

Systems Development Project Management

Human Resource Development

Corporate Finance

Consumer Behaviour

IT Risk Management

International Human Resource Management

Investment Analysis

Marketing Strategy


Advanced Studies in Industrial Relations

Financial Planning

Global Marketing

IT Management Issues

Information Technology

Money and capital markets

Different kinds of Distance MBA:

Distance learning MBA:

This program holds classes off-campus.

These programs can be offered in a number of different formats:

  • Correspondence courses by postal mail or email
  • Non-interactive broadcast video
  • Pre-recorded video
  • Live teleconference or video conference
  • Offline or online computer courses

Two-year (Distance) MBA:

  • This program normally takes place over two academic years (i.e. approximately 18 months of term time).
  • Students enter with a reasonable amount of prior real-world work experience so that they could cope up with their advanced syllabus.
  • The program provides an intensive, stimulating and challenging learning experience in the management discipline.

One-year(Distance) MBA:

This program focuses on experiential learning through real business cases, experience sharing, role plays etc.

Blended learning:

  • This program combines distance learning with face-to-face instruction.
  • These programs typically target working professionals who are unable to attend traditional part-time programs.
  • Earlier, in the correspondence system, the materials (including books and other extra materials) would be printed and delivered via post.
  • But now, due to the rapid development of technology, the materials are delivered online.
  • Based on the materials, the distance MBA is further classified into hybrid and online.

Online Distance MBA:

  • This program uses the internet as the major key to learning.
  • Audio and video aids are provided to learners to ease the process.

Hybrid Distance MBA:

  • This program differs from online MBA programs as it involves some on-campus elements in addition to the online content.