Syllabus and Subjects for Distance MBA:

Distance MBA is one of the most highly sought after course by the professions. In the the below table find the distance MBA syllabus and get to know complete insight of the course. 

Sl. No. Distance MBA Core Subjects
1 Management Theory and Practice
2 Accounting and Financial Management
3 Marketing Management
4 Strategic Management
 Plus four from the following restricted electives
1 Human Resource Management
2 Corporate Finance
3 Research Methods
4 Management of Change
5 Leadership and Entrepreneurship
6 Business Economics

Elective subjects for Distance MBA:

Sl. No. Distance Master of Business Administration Elective Subjects
1 Management Accounting for Costs and Control
2 Financial Accounting
3 Current Developments in Accounting Thought
4 Accounting Systems and Processes
5 Financial Accounting 2
6 Auditing
7 Communication in Business
8 Business Economics
9 Corporate Finance
10 Financial Markets and Instruments
11 Investments Analysis
12 Financial Planning
13 Human Resource Management
14 Research Methods
15 International Human Resource Management
16 Advanced Studies in Industrial Relations
17 Strategic Human Resource Development
18 Organizational Behaviour
19 Training and Development Environment
20 ICT Project Management
21 IT Infrastructure Management PG
22 IT Management Issues
23 IT Risk Management
24 ICT Project Management
25 IT Management Issues
26 IT Risk Management
27 Business and Corporations Law
28 Management of Change
29 Managing for Sustainability
30 Customer Behaviour
31 Managing Project and Service Innovation


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