NEET PG 2019 Application Form Details

Exam Date : 6th January 2019
Result Date : 31st January 2019

Steps to submit NEET PG 2019 Application Form

Visit the official website of the NEET PG Exam and apply for online registration.
Fill all your Personal details, Mailing Address and Contact number.
Upload color photo with white background and signature.
Enter all the required details.
Upload specified documents and choose the preferred location,date and time for exam.

NEET PG Application Form 2019

  • Fill the basic information: The online registration process and submission of NEET PG 2019 Application Form, admission for MD/MS/PG Diploma courses for 2019 is available at NEET PG Official Website. 

  • Name and E-mail: Candidates must enter their name exactly as it appears on their MBBS Degree/Provisional Pass Certificate of MBBS. Candidates need to Check the Gender. Enter the Father’s and Mother’s name and Fill their email address. (This is where the Application E-mail and Admit Card will be sent.)

Login Details of NEET PG 2019

Create a login: Candidates can create their login enables to log back in later if they need to make changes or request a resend of their NEET PG 2019 Admit Card.

  • Username: Username must be a combination of alphanumeric characters (letters and numbers) but should not contain spaces or special characters. The maximum length allowed is 50 characters.

  • Password: The Password must be 7-20 characters long and contain at least one alpha and one numerical character.

  • Secret reminder question: If the candidate forgets their username and password, this question will help verify their identity.

  • Privacy Policy: Read the Data Privacy Policy and indicate the agreement to the policy. The agreement is required to register for NEET PG 2019.

  • Contact details: Correct contact details have to upload as notifications related to NEET PG 2019 will be notified to the candidates via SMS.

  • Note: Once the profile has been created and saved, no changes can be made to the name or username. Username and password will be used to login to the profile.

Image and Digital Signature Upload for NEET PG 2019

  • Upload the Digital Image & sign: The candidates will have to upload their color photo (it must be clear picture against a white background and not more than 6 months old) and the digital signature on their profile page. Click on "Browse" to search for the image and upload them from the system.
  • Edit the images: The instructions on the image specifications will be provided on the screen itself. Follow the instructions carefully to upload the images. 

 The Application process of NEET PG 2019

  • Registration of NEET PG 2019: To register for NEET PG 2019, select "National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test Post Graduate (NEET-PG)" from the drop-down menu. Once the exam is selected, click on "Save & Continue".

  • Enter the important information: The next screen will be the exam information screen which provides important information related to NEET PG 2019 such as the important dates, fees, and program information. Candidates will be required to enter their Nationality and Date of Birth. Candidates need to select the Category for All India 50% Quota Seats from the available options.

  • State Quota seats:  The candidate has to enter the Category for State Quota Seats. Candidates must ensure that he/she fulfil the applicable rules & criteria of the concerned state/UT, the category for which they will be entering in the application form.

  • Choose the category: Please select the category carefully as no changes can be made once the application is submitted. Then, candidates will be asked to choose their Residential Domicile State.

  • Domicile Criteria: Candidate should make sure that he/she fulfil the domicile criteria for the domicile state/UT he/she chooses. Candidates will also be required to enter the state/UT besides the domicile/MBBS state for which they consider themselves eligible for state quota seats by virtue of service, parents service etc.

  • DNB- CET Counselling: Candidates will have to confirm while filling the application form whether they are willing to opt for DNB Broad Specialty courses of January 2019 session. Candidates should not engage in Centralized counselling for DNB - CET those who do not select the same will not be able to pick for it after the registration window is closed.

NEET PG 2019 Application Fee




Rs. 3750/-

SC/ST/PWD (Physically Handicapped)

Rs. 2750/-


The Declaration of NEET PG 2019 

  • Statement of Declaration: Candidates will be required to choose “I Agree” or “I Disagree” with the declaration statement.

  • This declaration affirms that candidates are eligible to take the NEET PG 2019 and all the information that is entered is correct. After reading this section, candidates need to choose “I agree,” in order to click “Save & Continue” to proceed to the next section.

  • Incomplete work leads to"Error": If you select “I disagree,” you will not be allowed to proceed. If one chooses “Save & Continue” and have not completed any mandatory fields (marked by “*”), an error message will appear on the screen beside that particular field which is either incomplete or entered incorrectly. The fields that are missing will be highlighted in red.

Scheduling the Exam and Selecting the Location for the Exam

  • Preferred Location: The upcoming step will be the candidates can choose the preferred location where they would like to write the NEET PG 2019 examination. NEET PG will be conducted in 41 cities across India. Candidates may choose any one of the preferred locations to schedule the exam. Once the candidate has selected a location for the exam, all available testing venues in that particular location will show up

  • Seats according to location: Availability is on a first come, first serve basis and one will be only shown options that are available at the point of scheduling the exam. In case all seats in a particular location are filled, candidates will see a message indicating all seats in that location are filled and they will be asked to select a new location. 

  • Sessions: There will be two sessions each day at 10:00 AM and 3:45 PM. Each candidate is only required to appear in any one session during this testing window.

  • Test Venue: The Candidate may choose any available test venue. The exact address and location can also be viewed by clicking on the link “Directions”. Candidates are advised to familiarise themselves with the location of examination centre and plan travel time accordingly. In order to proceed with the scheduling, click on “Schedule Appointment” button under the venue of their choice.

  • Note: The selection of test centre, date and time will be shown to the right of the screen under the header “Your Selection”. In order to change the selection, the candidate may click on the Back button to make appropriate changes.

  • Save and Submit: Click “Save & Finish” to move towards the payment screen.

Forgot Username or Password

  • Lost Username /Password: If candidates need to login back into the system but have forgotten their username or password, they can retrieve the same through the following steps. Click on Forgot your username or password link on the home page. Candidates will be redirected to a screen where they will be asked to select which option they would like to retrieve.
  • Retrieval of User Name/Email Address: Please enter the email id provided at the time of filling up the application form and CAPTCHA. Click on the Email Username button. Candidates will be taken to a screen where they will be asked to provide the answer to their secret reminder question. This is an added security step to ensure that a valid user is entering the system to make appropriate changes. Click on Email Username button again, the username will be emailed to the registered email address.

  •  Retrieval of Password: Enter the username created while filling up the application form and CAPTCHA. Click on Email Password button. Candidates will be taken to a screen where they will be asked to provide the answer to their secret reminder question. This is an added security step to ensure that a valid user is entering the system to make appropriate changes. Click on Email Password button again, the password will be emailed to the registered email address.

  • NOTE: The candidates those who failed to register for NEET PG 2019 before the last date can only apply for the next session. The registration link will be completely disabled on the official website after the last date of registration.any requests by the candidates will not be considered by NBA.

NEET PG 2019 Application Form

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