M.Ch Course Details

Degree Masters
Full Form Master of Chirurgiae
Duration Course Duration of Master of Chirurgiae [M.Ch] is 3 Years.
Age No age limit
Minimum Percentage 50%
Subjects Required Subjects corresponding to Post-graduate studies
Average Fees Incurred INR 45,000 - 36 L per annum
Similar Options of Study MD, MS
Average Salary Offered INR 12 L per annum
Employment Roles General Surgeon, Cardiac Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon, Orthopaedic Surgeon etc.
Placement Opportunities Health Centres, Hospitals, Laboratories, Medical Colleges, Medical Foundation / Trust, Non-Profit Organizations, Nursing Homes, Polyclinics, Private Practice, Research Institutes etc.

About Master of Chirurgiae [M.Ch]:

  • Master Chirurgiae or Master of Chirurgiae is an Advanced Post Graduate Academic Degree awarded for a course or program in the field of Surgery.

  • It is also known as M.Ch which is an abbreviated form of the Master Chirurgiae degree.

  • 'Magister Chirurgiae' is a Latin term which stands for 'Master of Surgery' in English.

  • The duration of the M.Ch the degree is 3 years including the examination period.

  • The following are some of the top M.Ch colleges in India which provide the course:
    • Vardhaman Mahavir Medical College, Delhi

    • Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi

    • Madras Medical College, Chennai

    • Madurai Medical College, Madurai

  • The course curriculum of Master Chirurgiae is mostly based on practical and clinical skills which will come in use in real life surgical procedures.

  • M.Ch Candidates also participate in surgical operations. Master Chirurgiae provides a Doctor advanced qualification in surgery

  • All candidates joining the M.Ch. training program works as full-time residents during the period of training, attending not less than 80% of the training during each calendar year, and given full-time responsibility, assignments and participation in all facets of the educational process.

  • The examination for M.Ch is held at the end of 3 academic years which include 6 academic terms and the admission procedure for the courses is exactly from the mentioned exams.
  • Master Chirurgiae is equivalent to Doctor of Medicine (D.M.) when compared to MS (Master of Surgery) and MD (Doctor of Medicine), in terms of an advanced course.

What is Master of Chirurgiae [M.Ch]?

What is Master of Chirurgiae [M.Ch]?

  • It is a two-year course which deals with the concepts and Understanding of Structure of organisms and its vital elements.

  • Below are some of the structural components of the subject:-

    Basic Elements of Study

    Regional Anatomy

    General and Systemic Embryology


    Comparative Embryology


    Principles of Genetics


    General Histology


    Histology of Organs & Structure


    Staining Techniques


    Applied and Clinical Anatomy


  • The course will allow an Individual to grasp the quantitative and qualitative knowledge regarding the systematic and vital characteristics of the algae and its identical and non-identical prototype.

  • The following are some of the subjects which are included in the M.Ch syllabus:
    • Immunology

    • Developmental Anatomy

    • Histology and Hito chemistry

    • Gross Anatomy

  • The eligibility criteria for the course is to complete one's MBBS degree with a minimum of 50% in the corresponding subjects.

Why Choose Master of Chirurgiae [M.Ch]?

Why Choose Master of Chirurgiae [M.Ch]?

  • Master Chirurgiae enables a doctor to become more efficient in planning and advising measures for the prevention and rehabilitation of patients suffering from disease and disability related to the speciality.

  • M.Ch helps a candidate in developing skills in using educational methods and techniques which are applicable to the teaching of medical/nursing students, general physicians and paramedical health workers.

  • The following are some of the M.Ch job opportunities for the course:
    • Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgeon

    • Urology Surgeon

    • Dissection of Entire Body

    • Anatomical Techniques

  • This gives a significant importance to a candidates reputation and skill.

  • The course can allow an individual to work in several sectors. Below mentioned are some of the sectors in which an individual can work with:
    • Health Centres

    • Hospitals

    • Laboratories

    • Medical Colleges

    • Non-profit organisations

Top Colleges for Master of Chirurgiae [M.Ch]:

Sl. No.

Name of the College


Vardhaman Mahavir Medical College, Delhi


Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi


Madras Medical College, Chennai


Madurai Medical College, Madurai


Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore


Armed Forces Medical College, Pune


Jawaharlal Institute of P.G. Medical Education & Research, Pondicherry


Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Aligarh


Christian Medical College, Vellore

Eligibility Criteria for Master of Chirurgiae [M.Ch]:

Eligibility Criteria for Master of Chirurgiae [M.Ch]

  • The applicant should have an MS degree or equivalent recognized qualification in the required subject.

  • The applicants should have passed out from the (10+2) Secondary and Higher Secondary with a minimum of 50% in the corresponding subjects.

Admission Procedure for Master of Chirurgiae [M.Ch]:

Admission Procedure for Master of Chirurgiae [M.Ch]

  • The admissions are only based on merit and the entrance examinations are conducted by medical colleges and universities.

  • Every year there are different universities and medical colleges conducting entrance exams for M.Ch courses.

  • Candidates who are eligible will be selected for interview and counselling.

  • The admission procedure varies from institute to institute, may apply through online or offline mode respectively.

  • They should fill in all the details and submit the form before the deadlines.

Exam Pattern for Master of Chirurgiae [M.Ch]:

  • The pattern of entrance examination for the Master of Chirurgiae will be different according to the admission test.

  • Usually, the examination questions will be consisting of MCQ with duration of three hours or three and half hours with 250-300 questions and the syllabus will be of the MBBS program.

  • The admission test also covers the syllabus of MS program and also evaluates the practical paper for evaluating the candidates’ understanding of the application part.

  • Master Chirurgiae examination consists of Theory and Clinical/Practical and Oral.

    (a)   Theory - There are 4 Theory papers, 1 paper out of these is on Basic Medical Sciences, and another paper on Recent Advances. The theory examination is held sufficiently earlier than the Clinical and Practical examination so that the answer books can be assessed and evaluated before the start of the clinical/Practical and Oral examination.

    (b) Clinical / Practical and Oral - Practical examination consists of carrying out special investigative techniques for Diagnosis and Therapy.  M.Ch. candidates are examined in surgical procedures. The oral examination is comprehensive to test the candidate’s overall knowledge of the subject.

    A candidate shall secure not less than 50% marks in each head of passing which shall include:

    (1) Theory
    (2) Practical including clinical and viva voce examination.

Entrance Exams for Master of Chirurgiae [M.Ch]:

  • Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research (PGIMER) Entrance Examination

  • L.L.R.M.M.C. D.M. & M.Ch. Entrance Examination

  • KLE Academy of higher education and research Post-Doctoral Super-Specialty Entrance Examination

  • Jawaharlal Institute of Post-Graduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER) M.Ch Entrance Examination

  • Delhi University M.Ch Cardiothoracic Super speciality Entrance Examination

  • CSM Medical University DM/M Ch Entrance examination

  • Banaras Hindu University (BHU) DM M.Ch Entrance Examination

  • All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) M.Ch Entrance Examination

  • All India D.M/M.Ch. Entrance Examination

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Fee Structure of Master of Chirurgiae [M.Ch] in India

(In Lakhs)

Fee Structure by State for Master of Chirurgiae [M.Ch]

All Over India

Interested cta gif
Public Colleges
₹ 6,055 (Minimum Fee) (Maximum Fee) ₹ 82,500
₹ 45,000 (Average Fee)
Private Colleges
₹ 25,500 (Minimum Fee) (Maximum Fee) ₹ 2.40 Cr
₹ 18 Lakh (Average Fee)


interested cta gif
Public Colleges
₹ 1.04 Lakh ₹ 37.70 Lakh
₹ 37.70 Lakh
Private Colleges
₹ 59,070 ₹ 63 Lakh
₹ 38.30 Lakh


interested cta gif
Public Colleges
₹ 27,030 ₹ 20.12 Lakh
₹ 1.93 Lakh
Private Colleges
₹ 88,800 ₹ 18 Lakh
₹ 1.50 Lakh

Tamil Nadu

interested cta gif
Public Colleges
₹ 36,000 ₹ 3.51 Lakh
₹ 1.05 Lakh
Private Colleges
₹ 60,000 ₹ 45 Lakh
₹ 36 Lakh

Uttar Pradesh

interested cta gif
Public Colleges
₹ 42,320 ₹ 4.10 Lakh
₹ 1.17 Lakh

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