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Lisha Gupta

Updated on Oct 3, 2022 by Lisha Gupta

Lisha Gupta

Updated on Oct 3, 2022 by Lisha Gupta

The MBA Retail Management syllabus and subjects is designed in a specific pattern to train aspirants in both basic business administration and specialization in retail management. The course includes classroom lectures, industrial visits, thesis writing, projects, workshops, research paper publication, and other activities. The subjects include material management, project management basics, branding in a retail business, stock management, store audit, retail franchising, visual merchandising, hotel & cauterize management, international retailing & benchmark, and multi-brand retailing.

Semester Wise MBA in Retail Management Syllabus

MBA in Retail Management course is a two years post-graduation course with four semesters. The academic syllabus is divided into introductions to the basics, core subjects, electives subjects, labs practical, and projects. Students are educated in the basic introduction to business management and its principles in the first two semesters, and students will be completing core subjects. In the final semester, students can pursue internships or do individual projects. Semester wise subjects are listed below:

MBA in Retail Management First Year Syllabus
Business Environment Financial Management
Managerial Communication Human Resource Management
Organizational Behaviour  Research Methodology for Management 
Quantitative Techniques for Management Corporate Communication
Managerial Economics  Operations Management
Stock Management Store Credit Management
MBA in Retail Management Second Year Syllabus
Fundamentals of Retail Management Supply Chain Management
Merchandise Management Retail Banking
Entrepreneurships in Retail Business E-Retailing
Strategic Management Logistics and Sales Promotion
Direct & Network Marketing  Buyer Behavior
Seminar Project

MBA in Retail Management Subjects

MBA Retail Management subjects are classified into basics, core, electives, and lab. The basics is the study of fundamentals and introduction of the course, core subjects are obligatory to get graduation, electives can be picked by students based on their area of interest, lab subjects are the practicals to understand about the course in real-time. Below mentioned are MBA Retail Management course core, electives, and lab subjects.
Core Subjects:

  • Business Environment
  • Organization Communication
  • Economic Optimization
  • Concept of Probability
  • Marketing Information System
  • Pricing Strategies and Programs
  • Managing Industrial Relations
  • Material Management
  • Basics of Project Management
  • Services Product Management
  •  Service Distribution Strategies
  • Branding in Retail Business
  • Stock Management
  • Store Audit

Elective Subjects:

  • Operations Management
  • Corporate Legal Framework
  • Digital Governance
  • Project Management
  • Retail Franchising
  • Store Operations
  • Human Factor in Retail Business
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Hotel & Cauterize Management
  • International Retailing & BenchMark
  • Multi Brand Retailing 

Lab Subjects:

  1. Tally
  2. Database Management System
  3. Communicational English
  4. Digital Marketing
  5. Online Advertising
  6. E-Commerce 

MBA in Retail Management Course Structure

MBA in Retail Management course is structured into four semesters comprising an introduction of all management basics in the first year such as finance, accounting, human resource, organizational behaviors, etc. The core subjects concentrate on administration and retail management, such as stock management, store credits, material management, and much more. Elective subjects can be selected by students considering the course's future scope. The course structure is:

  • IV Semesters
  • Core Subjects
  • Elective Subjects
  • Internship
  • Project Submission

MBA in Retail Management Teaching Methodology and Techniques

The MBA in Retail Management teaching approach must be such that students understand and encounter business challenges and find innovative and workable solutions. They should also be able to use technology-aided methods whenever possible.MBA in Retail Management curriculum comprises core subjects along with practical exposure to fieldwork. Seminars for students are conducted to make them familiar with practical life experiences and much more. The main teaching methodologies are as follows:

  • Lectures
  • Seminars
  • Extracurricular individual work
  • Practical exposure
  • Internships
  • Site visits

MBA in Retail Management Projects

MBA in Retail Management projects mainly aims to develop student work skills and provide industry knowledge and perspective. Applying their management skills to a real-time environment is the most realistic way for MBA graduates. It also helps them know how their work will be as soon as they complete their curriculum. At the end of the MBA project, students learn to be team players, coordinate with stakeholders, follow and enforce the supervisors' orders, understand and comply with the project and its social values. Some of the important MBA in Retail Management projects are:

  • A Study on Indian Organized Retail Sector
  • Study of Retail Store Operations
  • A Study on Changing Consumer Preferences Towards Organized Retailing from Unorganized Retailing
  • Retail Outlet Mapping of Retail Stores & Shopping Mall
  • A Study on Effective Supply Chain Practices in Organized Retail Sector
  • A Study on Effective Retail Project Management
  • A Study on Pricing Strategies Followed By Successful Retailers.
  • Effectiveness of Promotional Schemes in Retail Stores

MBA in Retail Management Reference Books

By reading an MBA textbook, students can consume a large amount of research quickly, which is one of the best ways to develop management skills. Listed below are MBA Retail Management textbooks:

MBA in Retail Marketing books
Book  Author 
Management Accounting  I. M. Pandey
Financial Accounting Needles Cengage
Business Environment Francis Cherunilamn 
Professional Communication K Bhardwaj
Business Communication for Managers Penrose
Retail management Michael lacy, Barton A Weitz and Ajay Pandit
Consumer Behaviour ; Building Marketing Strategy Hawkins, Best and Coney
Retail Merchandising Swapna Pradhan

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