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Hafsha Qureshi
Hafsha Qureshi

Updated on - Dec 29, 2023

MAT mock test 2023 will be released by the conducting authority, AIMA, and various coaching institutes to help strengthen the preparation of aspirants. MAT 2023 exam is conducted in several modes. Candidates need to answer 200 questions, divided equally among Data Analysis and Sufficiency, Indian and Global Environment, Mathematics, English Language and Comprehension, and Critical Reasoning.

The time allotted to candidates to attempt the entire question paper is 150 minutes. To give their best during this exam, candidates are advised to attempt MAT exam mock test series, designed to give them ample practice and enhance their performance. This page discusses all the significant details related to MAT practice tests.

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MAT Mock Test 2023

Planning and having a plan of attack is essential for those who want to ace the MAT (Management Aptitude Test). To achieve a high percentile score on the MAT, one of the finest tips given by experts and previous years' top scorers is to take a lot of practice MAT exams. The applicants can analyze their weak and strong areas by taking the MAT mock test online.

The questions on MAT practice exams are a mix of questions from past years and anticipated questions. If you intend to sit for the MAT 2023 exam in the December cycle, you must take a MAT mock test and hope to achieve a high score. Free online MAT mock exams can allow you to evaluate your preparation and concentrate on the areas that require more work.

How to Take the Official MAT Mock Test 2023?

How to take Official MAT Mock Tests 2023

Only registered applicants get access to the official MAT mock exam. After completing their registration for MAT 2023 and paying their fees, applicants can take the official mock exam. The steps to take are listed below:

  • Step 1: Candidates must visit the AIMA-MAT website to learn more.
  • Step 2: Type in their registered email address and password.
  • Step 3: To access the dashboard, click "Login."
  • Step 4: Choose the mock test option and answer the questions.

After they finish the mock test, the results will be shown for reference. They may evaluate how well they prepared for the MAT by knowing the results. By completing the MAT sample test, they may determine which areas have a firm grasp on and which ones require additional study.

MAT 2023 Unofficial Sample Test Papers

Apart from the official test released by AIMA, Candidates can also practice by solving the unofficial MAT exam test papers, which can be found in a good number on the internet, in coaching centers, and in preparation books. Find some of the important tips on free MAT mock tests given below:

  • After the end of each chapter/lesson, the publishers put some revision questions that Candidates can solve. These questions also act as a mock test of one individual or group of co-related topics. Candidates must make it a point to solve all such questions. 
  • Start with an easy mock test and raise the difficulty level gradually. Aim to ace the tests of the highest level of difficulty. 
  • Candidates must maintain their pace and try to complete the test in 150 minutes or less.
  • Candidates should only attempt the test if their syllabus is complete. It may shake their confidence and demotivate them.

MAT Exam Sample Papers

Some of the online test papers for MAT exam are given in the table below. Candidates can download the PDF files and attempt to understand the exam pattern better. 

MAT Exam Sample Papers
MAT 2020 Sample Paper MAT 2018 Sample Paper
MAT 2014 Sample Paper MAT 2012 Sample Paper

Important Instructions for taking Mock Test Online

  • Multiple-Choice questions are included in the objective-type MAT test (MCQs).
  • There are 200 total questions in the MAT Sep 2023 Exam Paper.
  • The Paper is divided into a total of 5 sections, each with 40 questions. The test's parts are language comprehension, math aptitude, data analysis and sufficiency, intelligence and critical reasoning, and Indian and global environments.
  • The exam should be completed in 150 minutes in total. Although candidates can switch between sections within the allotted time for the MAT exam, AIMA has suggested a separate time limit for each section.
MAT Sectional Weightage Pattern 

Section Name

Number of Questions

Suggested Time to solve (In Minutes)

Language Comprehension



Intelligence and Critical Reasoning



Data Analysis and Sufficiency



Mathematical Skills



Indian and Global Environment






Things to keep in mind when taking the MAT 2023 Mock Test

  • Make a plan and see if it works when administering the practice test.
  • Make a plan for the section that you wish to tackle first.
  • While completing the mock test, practice several strategies and see which works best.
  • After taking practice MAT exams, evaluate your results.
  • Determine the area to which you should devote greater focus.

MAT Mock Test 2023: Key Tips

Candidates must practice unauthorized mock exams and MAT sample papers available on the market in addition to the official MAT mock test 2023 for thorough MAT preparation. Here are some pointers for studying for the MAT mock test:

  • Start with simple MAT practice exams. You might not perform well at first, but don't worry—these practice exams aim to help you better apply theories and concepts to real-world situations.
  • Increase the level of difficulty with each new MAT mock test by choosing mock tests that are more challenging. This will enable you to determine whether your performance has improved. If not, you can adjust your preparation method and review the subjects you struggled with in the practice exams.
  • After each MAT practice test, evaluate your performance. This will assist you in understanding your issue so that you can devote more time to solving it.
  • Keep to the MAT mock test's time limit. To not run out of time on the actual MAT exam, the major goal of taking practice tests is to get faster at answering the questions.
  • Only after finishing the MAT course should you begin practising MAT mock exams. If you don't get the subject, mock questions won't be useful to you.
  • In the last round of your MAT preparation, take at least one practice test every other day.
  • Avoid getting discouraged by poor performance; it will improve as you complete more practice exams.


How can I increase speed and accuracy in solving questions?

The best way students can improve speed and accuracy in solving questions is by practicing enough number of MAT sample papers and mock tests. This more you practice the faster you get to know the paper pattern.

Can I reappear for MAT to improve my score?

Yes, candidates can reappear for MAT to improve their scores anytime. However, for every new attempt, students will have to fill a fresh application form.

What can I expect in MAT 2023 mock test?

MAT2023 Mock Test is a replica of the actual MAT 2023 exam for candidates to have an experience of the test beforehand. It carries 200 MCQs with solutions to be solved within 2.5 hours of time-frame.


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