MAT Score vs Percentile 2023: Difference & Steps to Calculate

Hafsha Qureshi
Hafsha Qureshi

Updated on - Mar 18, 2024

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MAT score vs percentile is an important factor and needs understanding to prepare for the MAT exam. AIMA announces the MAT scores and percentiles, and many candidates are usually confused by these two terms. MAT scores are the marks obtained by the candidates, whereas MAT percentile are the scores compared to the rest of the candidates. 

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MAT Score vs Percentile

MAT Score vs percentile is different from each other. Many B-schools may also refer to the scores and percentile for providing admissions to candidates. In the list below, we have tried to explain the difference. 

  • The raw scores of candidates are scaled and reported in the form of sectional scores and a composite score on the MAT scorecard.
  • The composite score is calculated from the sum of the first four sections on a scale of 199 - 801. 
  • The score and percentile for the Indian & Global Environment section are reported separately on the scorecard.
  • It is uncommon that a candidate may score below 200 or above 800. Therefore all scores below 200 are reported as 199 and all scores above 800 are reported as 801.
  • The percentile is then calculated from this score. Percentile shows the number of candidates scoring less than a particular candidate in the MAT exam. 
  • Therefore the percentile vs score keeps changing year on year with the decrease or increase in the number of test-takers.
  • The B-schools that accept MAT scores provide seats on basis of the percentile and a few other B-Schools provide seats on basis of the composite score. Adding to this the scores of the Group Discussion (GD), Personal Interview (PI) and Written Ability Test (WAT) may be included as part of selection criteria apart from the MAT scores.

What is MAT Score?

MAT score is divided into three tables: scaled score, composite score and percentile score. The composite score is calculated considering the four sections of the exam and is based on the performance of the candidate. The details are listed below:

  • The MAT composite score is calculated on the basis of the performance of the candidate in the first four sections of the exam. 
  • The marks secured in the Indian & Global Environment section are excluded in calculating the composite score and are portrayed separately in the MAT scorecard.
  • The composite score is a scaled score. As each MAT exam is held within an interval of 3 months, their difficulty level may increase or decrease. 
  • Hence these differences are adjusted in the scaling process. Therefore the score represents a similar ability of the test taker, irrespective of when the test was taken. 

How to Calculate MAT Score?

The composite score is calculated considering the candidate's total raw score; follow the table below to get an idea. 

  • First, a Raw score for each section out of 40 is awarded to the candidates. For this, the maximum marks are 200. 
  • The sectional scores are then scaled in a range of 0-100.
  • Then the sum of the first four sections is added (Total of 400) and converted and scaled to give the Composite score and is awarded in a range of 200-800. 
  • All scores below 200 to any level are stated as 199.
  • All scores above 800 are reported as 801. This means even if your score is more than 801 it will be reported as 801 only.
MAT Calculation of Composite Score
MAT Sections Marks Allotted Composite Score Scale Allotted Time
Language Comprehension 40 0 to 100 30
Mathematical Skills 40 0 to 100 40
Data Analysis & Sufficiency 40 0 to 100 35
Intelligence & Critical Reasoning 40 0 to 100 30
Indian and Global Environment* 40* 0 to 100* 15
Total Score (First four sections only) 200 400 converted to a Maximum composite score of 800 150

*Not included in composite score calculation & percentile calculation

What is MAT Percentile?

The MAT percentile is the relative marks obtained by a candidate in comparison to the other candidates that have taken the test. The list below explains it in an elaborate way:

  • It displays all the number of candidates who scored less than a particle candidate with the highest percentile in the entire MAT 2021 Exam.
  • This means it is the percentage of the candidates that have scored below a candidate. 
  • For example: if 1000 people appear for the MAT exam, the candidate’s percentile will be calculated on the basis of the performance of the remaining 999 that are appearing for the exam.

How to Calculate MAT Percentile?

The composite score of the first four sections is used to calculate the MAT Percentile. Once you get to know the percentile score, it will be easy to prepare. 

  • The four sections namely Mathematical Skills, Data Analysis and Sufficiency, Intelligence and Critical Reasoning, and Language Comprehension.
  • The fifth section i.e. Indian & Global Environment is excluded in the calculation of percentile.
  • The maximum raw score used for this will be out of 160 (Sum of the raw score of the first four sections).
  • AIMA uses the formulae given below and calculates the MAT percentile of the candidate. The percentile displays 
  • Hence the percentile indicates the percentage of candidates who scored below the candidate based on the total number of candidates who have taken the exam.
  • Sectional percentile of the Indian & Global Environment is also reported separately. 

Calculating MAT Percentile

The MAT score vs percentile is obtained on the basis of the formula mentioned below:

MAT Percentile Score = (Composite scores obtained by a candidate/ Total number of candidates) x 100

Details Mentioned in MAT Score Card

MAT score card reflects the total marks scored by the candidate, the following are mentioned in the scorecard:

  • Sectional scores of 
    • Language Comprehension 
    • Mathematical Skills
    • Data Analysis & Sufficiency,
    • Intelligence & Critical Reasoning 
    • Indian & Global Environment*
  • Sectional Percentiles (of all sections)
  • Composite score (Calculated from the first four sections)
  • Percentile 

*The composite score and Percentile of the Indian & Global Environment section are given separately.

How to Check your MAT Score Card?

The process to check MAT score card is mentioned step-by-step as follows:

  • Visite the AIMA website.
  • Click on the ‘Download/View’ tab
  • In the drop-down menu that appears select ‘MAT results’ and then select the particular session of the test.
  • Enter your registration details, i.e. form number and registration number
  • Click 'Submit' to view your MAT 2021 Scorecard
  • You may take a printout or download your score for future reference.

What is Considered a Good MAT Score?

Let us understand what is considered to be a good score in the MAT exam. This is subjective to the different colleges, as each college has a cut-off score for admission. But it is essential that the candidates aim to get a composite score of at least 400. The cut off for colleges will be changing each year as they depend on the difficulty level of the MAT exam.

Apart from this each of the B-Schools consider different criteria for their admissions. B-schools may also conduct a Personal Interview (PI), Group Discussion (GD) and a Written Ability Test (WAT) as part of their selection procedures.

What After the MAT Result?

Candidates who qualify MAT exam can proceed to the admission process after AIMA publishes the MAT results. The admission process for MBA will differ across MAT-accepting colleges. In addition, some B-schools offer direct admission based on the MAT score.

Yet, some would conduct PI, GD, or WAT. Candidates will be shortlisted based on their performances in all rounds. A candidate's academic performance is also considered for admission to PGP/ MBA courses. Candidates should check the admission process of the respective college to they want to apply.


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