MAT Preparation 2024: Section Wise Strategy, Tips & Tricks

Hafsha Qureshi
Hafsha Qureshi

Updated on - Dec 29, 2023

MAT preparation 2024 involves lots of effort, as it is a timed test in which applicants have to answer 200 multiple-choice questions in 150 minutes. As the exam is of easy to moderate complexity, all you need to focus on during MAT exam preparation is speed and accuracy in answering questions.

Although the MAT 2024 is easier than other MBA entrance tests, candidates should achieve a minimum score of 95 percentile to be admitted to a Tier-I MBA college that accepts the MAT. So, prepare well in order to perform well.

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MAT Preparation 2024 Tips

Aspirants would benefit from ideas and tactics for MAT preparation 2024. In the  MAT exam preparation plan, section-wise preparation and exam day advice are important for MAT preparation 2024.

How to Prepare for MAT Exam?

MAT Preparation 2024 for every section can be started with one section at a time. Working on the basics, polishing your reading abilities, and practising reading comprehension are all important parts of MAT Language Comprehension Preparation. The same principles apply to the preparation for Data Analysis & Sufficiency as they do for the MAT Mathematical Skills section: practise often and emphasize the basics. Candidates should prepare for the MAT's Indian and Global Environment sections with a quality GK book. Popular authors like Arun Sharma and Nishit K. Sinha are the ones whose books are most frequently suggested during MAT preparation time.

MAT English Preparation 2024 

  • Make reading a habit and do it when you have free time. Try reading the newspaper every day.
  • Learn the fundamentals of grammar, including tenses, articles, prepositions, etc., and how to use them correctly. Use Wren and Martin Grammar as a guide.
  • Improve your vocabulary by downloading free apps and using flashcards. You may also subscribe to a number of YouTube channels that post excellent stuff about enhancing your speaking and vocabulary.
  • Candidates should select the appropriate topic in the reading comprehension portion and grasp the passage's primary theme if they want to succeed in the Language Comprehension section. Answering questions on the passage becomes simple if the candidate grasps its main idea.

MAT Preparation 2024 for Mathematical Skills 

  • Completely understand the fundamentals. if necessary, consult your high school books.
  • Work on your accuracy and speed.
  • Put a list of all the important formulas wherever you'll see them every day, like the wall above your desk or the wallpaper. All the formulas will be passively consumed by you.
  • Start by answering the simpler questions on sample tests before moving on to the more difficult ones.
  • It takes a lot of work to master this level, so be sure to consistently solve sums.
  • To solve problems rapidly, learn Vedic math and shortcuts.

MAT Preparation 2024 for Data Analysis & Sufficiency

  • Before answering the questions, carefully read the instructions.
  • Candidates should solve in the following order: Easy>Medium>Hard
  • If you are unable to finish solving the puzzle in the allotted time, do not attempt it.
  • Always use the information provided in the question; take caution not to make assumptions or fill in the blanks on your own.

MAT Preparation 2024 for Intelligence and Critical Reasoning

  • Read the questions completely. Before you answer a question, make sure you know what kind of question it is.
  • Due to the possibility of becoming stuck on a single question, speed and time management are essential.
  • The solution is always one of the possibilities provided, so do not think about it too much.
  • To boost your confidence, take lots of practice tests and other sample papers.
  • Although trying this area can be challenging, keep your cool and try not to overthink it.

MAT Preparation 2024 for Indian and Global Environment

  • Make notes and arrange them according to importance and relevance.
  • While learning factual knowledge, use flash cards.
  • Observe publications, articles, and news stories on the Indian government, world events, business, and sports.
  • Watch news that has been prepared specifically for entrance tests.
  • Get applications for current affairs and read them frequently.
  • Learn about the banking and business industries if you are unfamiliar with them.

MAT Preparation 2024 Toppers Tips 

MAT Preparation Tips 2024 by Toppers is listed below.

Name of MAT Topper  Tips by MAT Toppers
Abhishek Jha Candidates for MAT should prioritise quality practice over quantity practice. What matters most is how much students learn during each study session.
Jay Sonar Practice on more challenging examinations to make MAT less challenging. Of course, practising with mock tests (NMAT, SNAP, MAH-CET) is the most crucial aspect of preparing for speed-based exams, or basically any exam.
Ayush Saxena I will simply advise you to concentrate on your goal, emphasising that the exam day is of utmost importance.
Vidhan Agrawal The initial step in answering a question is to find a solution, but after that, one should always aim for the quickest response.
V Varun Sincerity, in my opinion, is the most important quality for passing any exam. I'd advise candidates to maintain their focus throughout the preparation phase and never give up on their ambitions.
Sumit Bhattacharyya Mock tests help you get ready for exams. Most importantly, it helps you get used to the time limit. clarifies the types of questions you are likely to receive and the degree of complexity you should prepare for.
Shubham Khule Take as many mock tests as you can. In later mocks, try to avoid making the same errors. The keys to passing these exams are dedication and constant practice.
Shubham Kanwar Rajawat I began studying around two months before the test. My approach was to continually practise in order to clarify concepts and maximise attempts at correctness.

MAT Preparation Strategy 2024

The following points are listed below for MAT Preparation 2024 in the last week of exam preparation.

  • Revisit all of the sections' main concepts, formulas, and theorems.
  • Take a practice MAT exam and evaluate your speed and accuracy.
  • Go through already prepared quick tips and notes.
  • Based on your strengths and weaknesses, come up with an exam day strategy.
  • Don’t start with new topics in the Last week MAT Preparation 2024.

MAT 2024 Preparation Last-Minute Tips

  • Prioritize Important Formulas: Candidates for the mathematical skills portion must review all the crucial formulas. To avoid any last-minute exam misunderstanding, this is crucial.
  • Avoid Studying New Topics: It is advised that candidates avoid selecting any new topics the day before the exam as this would cause unneeded confusion. Focus on the crucial subjects you have already studied and are sure about.
  • Focus on Improving Speed and Accuracy: Since 200 questions must be answered in 150 minutes, it is crucial to concentrate on increasing speed and accuracy. To improve your speed and accuracy, try to finish a few practice exams two to three days before the exam.
  • Don't study on the day of the exam: Studying on the day of the exam increases the workload and stress. Keep your cool and try not to worry about the MAT exam. Have faith in your MAT preparation, and you will succeed with ease.
  • Revision of general knowledge notes is essential for memory retention. Therefore, it is advised to start reviewing the crucial notes for general knowledge (GK) and current affairs in order to do well on the MAT Indian & Global Environment.
  • The night before the exam, candidates are advised to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep. This is necessary to calm your thoughts and improve concentration.
  • Focus on Improving Your Speed and Accuracy: Since there are 200 questions to answer in 150 minutes, it is crucial to work on increasing your speed and accuracy. To improve your speed and accuracy, try to complete a few practice exams two to three days before the exam.

MAT 2024 Exam Day Preparation Tips 

MAT Preparation 2024 Tips are given below for the exam day.

  • Spend no time reading over the entire question paper. begin attempting the paper as soon as the test begins.
  • Start with the easiest questions on your first try, and finish all of the manageable questions in the first four sections in 60-70 minutes.
  • In your second and third tries, try to answer as many questions as you can in another 60 to 70 minutes while maintaining 100% correctness.
  • Try your best to answer the questions that you find a bit challenging but manageable with the 20 to 30 minutes that are left. If there is still time, attempt to answer more questions, but don't dwell on any in particular. Skip questions that take up the most time and are challenging for you.
  • Spend no more than 10-15 minutes on the Indian and global environment GK portion since this will not be used to calculate the composite and percentile scores.

MAT Preparation 2024 Best Books 

Today's markets offer a wide variety of MAT Preparation 2024 books, as well as a wide selection of e-books. MAT reference books will enable applicants to receive the best guidance. It will enable them to thoroughly review and practise each subject. Following is a list of the top MAT book recommendations.

Book Title Published By Author
10 Challengers MAT Arihant Publications Dharmendra Mittal
MAT (Management Aptitude Test) Entrance Exam Guide Ramesh Publishing House R. Gupta
Verbal Ability & Comprehension for CAT Disha Publication Aditya Choudhary, Bharat Patodi
Complete Guide for MAT and Other MBA Entrance Exams Disha Experts Deepak Agarwal, Mahima Agarwal
Mission MBA MAT Guide Arihant Books B.S. Sijwali and Tarun Goyal
A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning S. Chand R.S. Aggarwal
Barron’s Guide to GMAT Galgotias Publication D. Jaffe, Stephen Hilbert
The Pearson Guide to Quantitative Aptitude for MBA Entrance Examinations Pearson Education Dinesh Khattar
Study Package for MAT Tata McGraw Hill Arun Sharma
MAT Score Accelerator Disha Publication -


How can I prepare for MAT exam without joining a coaching institute?

The best way to prepare for MAT is to study from MAT text books and solve sample questions. Give yourself and practice sample questions.

Is there negative marking in MAT exam?

Yes. There is negative marking in MAT exam. For every wrong answer 0.25 marks is deducted.The candidates must choose their option carefully.

What are the benefits of MAT Mock Test?

Practicing MAT Mock Tests prepares the students for the actual exam by helping them in learning time management skills, tricks and short-cuts of solving the questions faster with higher accuracy.


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