Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science course is a study of theoretical, technical concepts and converting these theories into reality. BE Computer Science is a 4 years duration program consists of 8 semesters. In today's era, this is the most demanding course across all the sectors and there is a wide range for opportunities in various industries. Coming from developer to lastest trends machine learning, there is a huge subdivision in BE Computer Science. 

BE Computer Science Fees in India:

The average fee for BE Computer Science ranges from 25k to 2 LPA. Which may vary according to the universities/colleges. And also the entrance exam which you want to take will also be a factor for the course fee.

BE Computer Science Salary in India: 

The average salary given for BE Computer Science is around 7.41 LPA. Which may differ according to specialisations one is working. Skills and experience will also come into consideration for a decent salary.

BE Computer Science Course Details

Degree Bachelors
Full Form Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science
Duration Course Duration of Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Computer Science) is 4 Years.
Age 17 - 23 years
Minimum Percentage 50% - 60% in 10+2 from recognised board
Subjects Required Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics
Average Fees Incurred The average B.E Computer Science fees ranges from INR 25K - 2L per annum
Similar Options of Study BE (Computer Science and Engineering), B.Tech(Computer Science and Engineering), BSc(Computer Science)
Average Salary Offered The average B.E Computer Science salary is INR 5.78 per annum
Employment Roles Software Engineer, Software Developer, Programmer, Systems Engineer, Product Engineer, Consulting Engineer, IT Support as Associate/Fully Fledged
Placement Opportunities Tata Consultancy Services Limited, InfoSys Limited, HCL Technologies Ltd , Accenture, Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp, Techmahindra Ltd, Inc, IBM India Private Limited etc

BE Computer Science Course:

Bachelor of Engineering Computer Science is an undergraduate degree offered in the field of engineering. Candidates can complete the degree within 3 (via lateral entry after diploma) to 4 years. The BE Computer Science syllabus covers much of the essential concepts and skills needed to develop oneself into a Computer Engineer which include the tasks such as dealing with the theory and implementing it for design and development of computers. Computer Science is a discipline that integrates several fields of electrical engineering & computer science required to design, develop & troubleshoot computer hardware, software & networks. 

Many institutions which are among the top engineering colleges in India that offer Computer Science course are:

  • Sha-Shib College of Technology, Bhopal
  • Sri Visvesvaraya College of Engineering, Bangalore
  • Chandigarh University, Chandigarh

The BE Computer Science jobs and scope is well versed from the software and hardware aspects of both computer applications & design. 

BE Computer Science Quick Links:

What is BE Computer Science?

In Computer Science, Engineers usually have training in software design and hardware-software integration, that is responsible for developing, testing evaluating the software that makes our computers work. Also, involved major topics like digital electronics, operating system, analysis design of algorithm, programming languages, microprocessor, computer software, system software, database management system, mobile communications, etc. 

A computer engineer may also be responsible for constructing and managing an organization's computer system and supplying technical support in their jobs. This gives students a career involving to deal with the technicalities and issues with authorized knowledge of computer applications and system.

Why Choose BE Computer Science?

The course explores the development of modern computing systems & their interaction with related technologies, which are based on concepts of computing and mathematics. The technology sector is booming. Thus, the demand is more than ever and this helps students become professional Computer Science Engineers.  New areas of computer science, emerging to the next step for technology revolution such as:

  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Expert
  • VR/AR Developer, are few of the trending domains.

The candidates can expand their knowledge and open up opportunities for a career in the above fields, which gives flexibility and power in their hands to explore and develop newer technologies and evolve the current skill set.

BE Computer Science Entrance Exams:

Some of the Bachelor of Engineering Computer Science Entrance Exams are listed below:

  • KCET - Karnataka Common Entrance Test
  • CUSAT - Chandigarh University Scholarship Admission Test
  • COMEDK - Consortium of Medical, Engineering and Dental Colleges of Karnataka Entrance Exam

BE Computer Science Course Preparation Tips:

BE Computer Science is one of the trending course plus it has a huge demand in the market. Since it is trending, the competition for this course is also tougher. So, to get into this course one must start preparing from the very first level. Some of the useful tips is given below:

  • Problem-solving: One of the major skill needed to join this course is problem-solving. So, practice as many problems you can. Set timings for various kinds of problems. Apply your theoretical knowledge to problems. Refer updated books so that you can tackle entrance exam easily.
  • Thinking capability: To enhance creativity and understand the question in the right manner and come up with unique solutions, one must have thinking capability. By regular practice and focusing on the questions, you can empower this quality. 
  • Coding: In bachelor level entrance exam you may not have the coding section, but this will really help you out in your future level of degree studies in computer science. Strong foundation in coding will help you to understand different programming languages and concepts easily. Coding will also help you to solve in a creative way. 

BE Computer Science Subjects:

There are various subjects in BE Computer Science. Most of the universities/colleges give open electives plus mainstream electives subjects for students to select based on their interest and skills. Some of the subjects come under BE Computer Science stream are listed below:

  • Programming in C
  • Data structures
  • Object-oriented programming with C++
  • Design and analysis of algorithm
  • Unix and shell programming
  • Microprocessors and microcontrollers
  • Computer networks
  • Computer operations
  • Automated theory of computation
  • Database management system
  • User interface design
  • Programming with python
  • Advanced java
  • .NET and framework
  • Discrete mathematics
  • Computer architecture
  • Software engineering
  • Cloud computing
  • Natural language processing
  • Data mining and warehousing
  • Internet if things
  • Machine learning
  • Cryptography and cybersecurity
  • Big data analytics
  • Web development
  • Compiler design
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Network programming
  • Operating system
  • Image pattern recognition and processing
  • Computer graphics
  • Mobile application development

BE Computer Science Course Fees:

Average course fees for BE Computer Science various from 25k to 2 LPA. Which vary according to the universities/colleges standards. Entrance exam which the candidate took for admission is also taken into consideration.

BE Computer Science Course Syllabus:

B.E 1st-year syllabus is same for all the branches of Engineering. Core courses start in the second year. Syllabus for Computer Science Engineering is listed below:

Sl. No. Data Structures Digital System Design
1 Introduction to Data Structure Introduction to Boolean Algebra
2 Arrays and List Minimalization Techniques
3 Stack and Queues Design of Combinational Logic Circuits
4 Trees Synchronous Sequential Circuits
5 Graphs and Hash Tables Hardware Description Language


Sl. No. Computer System Architecture Algorithm Design and Analysis
1 Basic Structure of Computers Introduction to Algorithms
2 Arithmetic Unit Divide and Conquer
3 Basic Processing Unit Greedy and Dynamic Programming
4 Memory Unit Backtracking
5 Input-Output Organisation Branch Bound and Randomized Algorithms


Sl. No. Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Operating Systems
1 Introduction to Microprocessor & Microcontrollers Introduction to OS
2 8086 Family Assembly Language and Structure Processes and Threads
3 Programming in Assembly Language Concurrency and Scheduling
4 I/O Interface Memory Management
5 Architecture and Programming 8051 Input/Output and File Systems


Sl. No. Compiler Design Artificial Intelligence
1 Introduction to Compiler and Automata Theory Introduction to AI
2 Syntax Analysis- Parsing Heuristic Search Techniques and Algorithms
3 Intermediate Code Generation Knowledge and Reasoning
4 Code Generation Planning
5 Code Optimisation Game Playing Techniques

BE Computer Science Course Eligibility:

For BE Computer Science course the minimum eligibility for which is an intermediate (10+2) with a minimum cutoff for most of the colleges is 50-60% for subjects such as Physics, Maths, and Chemistry.

Candidates should have a look at the list of entrance exams applicable for BE Computer Science offered by the various universities, to find out more about the different additional criteria for eligibility.

BE Computer Science Course Admission:

Admission to BE Computer Science course is based on merit or entrance-based, certain universities offer both direct admission and merit-based to this program. Applications for admissions can be availed either from the university website or by visiting the admissions office of the same, which is followed by selecting students through a merit-list prepared by a university for the admission. 

Entrance exams may vary from one institute to another like the most prominent are JEE Mains, KCET & COMEDK. Having beforehand the results from the respective entrance exams is essential for admission.

BE Computer Science Specialisations:

BE Computer Science itself a specialisation course. These are the domain subjects comes under BE Computer Science stream:

  • Software Engineering
  • Network Security
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science
  • Information Science
  • Computer Architecture
  • Cloud Computing
  • UI/UX Design
  • Computer Graphics

BE Computer Science Job Opportunities:

There is a huge scope for jobs in various specialisation after completion of BE Computer Science course. Some of the jobs one can work are listed below:

  • Software engineer
  • Full-stack developer
  • User interface designer
  • Graphical designer
  • Mobile application developer
  • Network engineer
  • Computer architect
  • Ethical hacker
  • Internet architect
  • Cloud manager
  • Data engineer
  • Data scientist
  • Machine algorithm developer
  • Software tester
  • Software architect

BE Computer Science Salary:

The average salary of a Computer Engineer is 7.41 LPA. Which may vary according to the domain one is working and skills they have grown in a particular field. Experience towards a particular domain in computer science is also taken into consideration.

List of BE Computer Science Colleges:

Some of the popular colleges which gives BE Computer Science are listed below:

Sl. No. Name of the College
1 Sha-Sahib College of Technology, Bhopal
2 Sri Venkateshwara College of Engineering, Bangalore
3 Chandigarh University, Chandigarh
4 Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu
5 Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani
6 NMIT, Bangalore
7 Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore
8 Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Ranchi
9 R.V. College of Engineering, Bangalore
10 PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore

Difference between B.Tech CSE and BE CSE:

B.E stands for Bachelor of Engineering and is more knowledge-oriented concepts and study of highly on the technical and theoretical knowledge of machines or phenomena.

B.Tech refers to Bachelor of Technology and is more skill-based concepts, relying on the development of machines or applications based on the applications of the same.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Thus coding plays a major role in Computer Science Engineering course?

Coding is one of the major factors for this course. Not all the subjects in this course need coding. But being excellent in coding is a major advantage.


Which has more scope B.Tech or B.E?

Both of the courses are the majority of the portions are similar. B.E gives more weightage for theoretical concepts whereas B.Tech practical way. Both have a huge demand in the market.


Can a diploma in Information Science join BE Computer Science?

Yes, it's possible to join for BE Computer Science if you have done Information Science or Information Technology. But not the other branches.

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