Syllabus & Subjects offered in Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Computer Science and Engineering):

BE CSE Syllabus - Semester I

BE CSE Syllabus - Semester II

Engineering Physics

Digital Principles and System Design

Engineering Chemistry

Physics of Information Science

Engineering Graphics

Principles of Computer Engineering

Computing Techniques

Programming using C++

Technical English I

Technical English II

Mathematics I

Mathematics II

BE CSE Syllabus - Semester III

BE CSE Syllabus - Semester IV

Database Management Systems

Java and Internet Programming

Electronic Devices and Circuits for Computer Engineers

Operating Systems

Data Structures

Software Engineering

Environmental Science and Engineering

Electrical Engineering and Control Systems

Computer Architecture

Probability and Queueing Theory

Algebra and Number Theory

Design and Analysis of Algorithms

BE CSE Syllabus - Semester V

BE CSE Syllabus - Semester VI

Theory of Computation

Programming Paradigms

Object-Oriented Analysis and Design

Computer Graphics and Multimedia

Data Communication and Computer Networks

Compiler Design

Microprocessors and Microcontrollers

Artificial Intelligence

System Software Internals

Digital Signal Processing – Algorithms and Applications

BE CSE Syllabus - Semester VII

BE CSE Syllabus - Semester VIII

Parallel Programming

Elective IV

Security in Computing

Elective V

Mobile and Pervasive Computing

Project Work

Principles of Management


Elective II


Elective III