MBA in Healthcare Management Syllabus and Subjects 2024

Duration: 2 Years
Avg Fees: ₹2.5 - 7 LPA

The MBA in Healthcare Management syllabus is meticulously crafted to provide in-depth insights into India's healthcare industry. Spanning four semesters over two years, MBA in Healthcare Management program empowers students with essential skills to master health economics and efficient management principles in healthcare. 

MBA in Healthcare Management subjects like Healthcare Services Management, Health Insurance, and Financing, and Healthcare Laws equip students to become industry-ready professionals. Due to the vast structure, the program widens the job scope and provides career opportunities, including roles like Healthcare Product Manager, Healthcare Consultant, Research Analyst, and more upon graduation.

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Semester-Wise MBA in Healthcare Management Syllabus

The semester-wise MBA in Healthcare Management syllabus provides a structured overview of the curriculum. The first year emphasizes foundational business principles, covering finance, marketing, and organizational behavior. In the second year, the focus shifts to specialized healthcare subjects, including advanced topics like operations, administration, ethics, and leadership.

Given below is the semester-wise syllabus for MBA in Healthcare Management course:

First-Year MBA in Healthcare Management Syllabus

During the initial year of an MBA in Healthcare Management, students undertake two semesters covering foundational courses. A selection of typical MBA in Healthcare Management subjects covered during this period is presented in the table below:

Semester I Semester II
Principles of Economics & Markets Macroeconomic Aspects of Health Sector
Statistical Analysis Marketing Management & Research
Accounting & Finance Cost & Managerial Accounting
Fundamentals of Health Economics Healthcare Quality
Organizational Behavior  Patient Care Management
Healthcare Services Management Medico Legal Environment in Healthcare
Quantitative Techniques & Analytics Facility Management

Second-Year MBA in Healthcare Management Syllabus

The final year delves into advanced MBA in Healthcare Management subjects and specialized areas through elective choices and project undertakings, spanning two semesters. Listed in the table below is the syllabus for the second year of MBA Healthcare Management:

Semester III Semester IV
Retail Management in Healthcare Performance Management Systems & Compensation
Business Environment & Strategy Healthcare Information Technology
Business Development in HealthCare Sustainable Healthcare (WHO)
Supply Chain and Material Management in Healthcare CRM
Operations Management Healthcare Laws
Health Insurance & Financing Medical Tourism
Internship/ Summer Training Presentation/Project/Dissertation

MBA in Healthcare Management Subjects

MBA in Healthcare Management subjects encompass general MBA themes like Organizational Behavior, Marketing, alongside specialized courses such as Epidemiology and Medical Record Management. These subjects are categorized into core and elective options.

Core MBA in Healthcare Management Subjects

Core MBA Healthcare Management subjects in the curriculum form the bedrock, providing foundational knowledge essential for healthcare management. Outlined below are some of the core subjects common across most MBA colleges in India:

  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Quantitative Methods in Healthcare
  • Health Economics
  • Accounting and Financial Management for Healthcare Sector
  • Marketing Management in Healthcare
  • Human Resource Management in Healthcare 
  • Operations and Project Management in Healthcare
  • Health Research System
  • Healthcare, Ethics Governance and Society
  • Management in Healthcare

Elective MBA in Healthcare Management Subjects

Elective MBA Healthcare Management subjects allow students to tailor their studies to their preferences. MBA in Healthcare Management students can select from a range of options provided by their institution. Listed below are some elective options offered in the MBA Healthcare Management program:

  • IT in Healthcare
  • Medical Report Writing
  • Public Health Systems
  • Healthcare Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Analytics for Healthcare Management

MBA in Healthcare Management Subjects in Detail

The MBA in Healthcare Management syllabus explores concepts such as Accounting, HR, Healthcare Services, and Patient Care. Below are the subjects in MBA Healthcare Management in detail:

MBA in Healthcare Management Subjects Topics Covered
Management and Organizational Behavior Organisational Functions, Management Functions, Skills and Roles.
Quantitative Methods in Healthcare Data and Statistical Methods in Healthcare, Probability, Linear Programming, Correlation.
Health Economics Decision Making in Health-Care Organizations, Health Capital, Demand and Supply.
Accounting and Finance Accounting Theory, Cost-Volume-Profit analysis, Presentation and Disclosure of Accounting Information, Financial Management, Decision Making, Dividend Decisions, Working Capital Management.
Marketing The Healthcare Industry and Marketing Environment, Strategic Marketing Management in Hospitals, Pricing Strategies and Decisions in Health Care, Designing and Managing Health Care Marketing Channels.
Human Resource Foundations and Principles of Managing People in Organizations, Job Analysis, Performance Management: Industrial (Employee) Relations in health care settings, Industrial (Employee) Relations in health care settings.
Healthcare, Ethics and Governance Global Burden of Disease and Globalization, Ethical practices in medicine and health care delivery, Ethical issues like surrogacy, transgender, privatization of health care, clinical trials, euthanasia, etc. 
Healthcare  Hospital Planning, Health Systems Research, Healthcare Communication: Skills and Processes, Analytics For Healthcare Management, IT in Healthcare, Operations Management in Healthcare, Project Management in Healthcare

College Wise MBA Healthcare Management Syllabus

The syllabus for MBA in Healthcare Management may exhibit variations across different colleges, aligning with their distinctive curricula and program objectives.The curriculum of top-tier institutions typically encompasses an array of subjects, some of which are outlined below:

Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University MBA in Healthcare Management Syllabus

DPSRU's MBA in Healthcare Management program cultivates adept administrators for hospitals and healthcare. The program focuses on planning, implementation, problem-solving, and entrepreneurship. Graduates effectively manage healthcare globally, meeting quality demands in both sectors.

The table below entails the semester-wise MBA in Healthcare Management syllabus of DPSRU:

Semester Ⅰ Semester Ⅱ
Principles of Management Biostatistics
Healthcare Delivery System and Policies Epidemiology
Fundamentals of Health Economics and Financing Organizational Behaviour
Human Resource Management Laws and Ethics in Healthcare
Research Methodology Quality Management & Patient Safety
Demography Material Management in Healthcare
  Financial Management and Accounting
Semester Ⅲ Semester Ⅳ
Women, Child and Adolescent Health Open Elective Subjects
  • KPO Management
  • Hospital Accreditation
  • Entrepreneurship Management
  • NGO Management
  • Public Health Nutrition
  • International Health
( Students can choose two out of the six elective subjects)
National Health Programs
Public Health Planning and Management
Health Promotion Approaches and Management 
Operations Research 
Environmental and Occupational Health
Health Information System Project Work Evaluation
Summer Project Report on Health Practices -

Jain University MBA in Healthcare Management Syllabus 

The MBA Healthcare Management Syllabus covers risk management and incorporates innovative healthcare technologies like telemedicine and AI. Essential topics such as healthcare laws, ethics, and medical tourism are explored. Real-world problem-solving is developed through practical project work.

The semester-wise MBA in Healthcare Management syllabus of Jain University is listed in the table below:

Semester Ⅰ Semester Ⅱ
Principles of Economics & Markets Entrepreneurship
Managerial Effectiveness & Ethics Marketing Management & Research
Accounting & Finance  Healthcare Quality
Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources Management Risk and Disaster Management
Quantitative Techniques & Analytics Patient Care Management 
Semester Ⅲ Semester Ⅳ
Business Environment & Strategy Healthcare Information Technology
Operations Management Healthcare Insurance 
Supply Chain and Material Management in Healthcare  Healthcare Laws
Medical Record Management Medical Tourism
Planning of Healthcare Services Cross-functional Elective
Open Elective Master Thesis / Project  

Manipal Academy of Higher Learning (MAHE) MBA in Healthcare Management syllabus

The MAHE offers MBA in Healthcare Management equips students with essential skills for thriving in the ever-evolving healthcare field. Listed below in the table is the semester-wise MBA in Healthcare Management syllabus offered at MAHE:

Semester Ⅰ Semester Ⅱ
Managing People & Organizations Financial Management
Financial Reporting & Statement Analysis Marketing Management
Managerial Economics Strategic Management
Business Statistics IT for Business
Business Communication Business Leadership
- Research Methodology
Semester Ⅲ Semester Ⅳ
Management Accounting Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Legal Aspects of Business Sustainability
Health Informatics Health Education and Communication
Healthcare Management  Hospital Planning & Infrastructure Management
Quality Management in Healthcare Healthcare Operations Management
Health Insurance Open Elective
  Project and Viva Voice

MBA in Healthcare Management Course Structure

The MBA in Healthcare Management mirrors standard MBA programs with a two-year duration. The initial year comprises core subjects, followed by the second year offering electives, internships, projects, and hospital tours. The course structure entails the following format

  • Two-year program
    • Year 1: Foundational Courses
    • Year 2: Advanced Courses
  • Four semesters
  • Projects
  • Internships
  • Hospital Setting Experience

MBA Healthcare Management Teaching Methodology and Techniques

The MBA in Healthcare Management curriculum encompasses essential healthcare quality concepts. Employing effective pedagogical methodologies, students adeptly internalize these principles through a strategic fusion of instructional techniques, including:

  •  Lectures
  •  Group Projects
  •  Research Projects
  •  Workshops
  •  Internships
  •  Case Study 

MBA Healthcare Management Project Topics

The MBA Healthcare Management syllabus seamlessly merges healthcare and management principles, culminating in practical projects that elevate industry insight. Here are some project topics that offer opportunities for in-depth exploration of various aspects within the field of healthcare management: 

  • Analyze the Effectiveness of Quality Improvement Initiatives in a Healthcare Facility
  • Explore Strategies for Managing Healthcare Costs and Enhancing Financial Sustainability
  • Study Patient Satisfaction and Experience to Enhance Service Delivery
  • Examine the Role of Leadership Styles in Healthcare Organizations
  • Evaluate the Adoption and Impact of Electronic Health Records (EHRs)
  • Formulate Strategies for Enhancing Healthcare Access in Underserved Communities

MBA Healthcare Management Reference Books

The MBA Healthcare Management syllabus includes a variety of reference books for students to refer to. Listed below are some important books:

MBA Healthcare Management Subjects  Books Authors
Marketing Management in Healthcare Strategic Marketing for Health Care Organisations P. Kotler, J. Shalowitz, and R.J. Stevens
Health Economics Economics of Health and Health Care S. Folland, A.C. Goodman, and M.Stano
Quantitative Methods in Health Care Calculating and reporting healthcare statistics L.A. Horton
Health Communication Risk, Communication and Health Psychology.  C. Dianne Berry
Hospital Planning Principles of Hospital Administration and Planning B.M. Sakharkar

MBA in Healthcare Management Fee Structure


What is the structure of the MBA in Healthcare Management syllabus?

The MBA in Healthcare Management syllabus typically spans two years and is divided into four semesters. The initial year focuses on core subjects, while the second year introduces elective courses, projects, internships, and practical experiences.

Is MBA in healthcare management good?

Yes, the MBA in Healthcare Management is one of the most popular courses in the country, which offers candidates placements in some of the big companies in the healthcare sector like Apollo Hospitals, GE Healthcare, etc.

What are some best books to refer in MBA Healthcare Management syllabus?

Some of the best books for MBA Healthcare Management syllabus is Preventive and Social Medicine by Dr. K. Park, Management Information System by Srivatsava, etc.

What is the syllabus of MBA in Healthcare Management?

The MBA Healthcare Management syllabus includes general MBA topics like Organizational Behavior and Marketing and specialized courses in Epidemiology, Medical Record Management, and more.

Are practical experiences included in the syllabus of the MBA in Healthcare Management?

Yes, practical experiences are an integral part of the MBA Healthcare Management syllabus. The program often includes internships, projects, and hospital visits, allowing students to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world healthcare scenarios.

What are the core subjects covered in the MBA Healthcare Management syllabus?

Core subjects in the MBA Healthcare Management syllabus often include areas such as Healthcare Services Management, Health Economics, Managerial Effectiveness, and Ethics, Healthcare Information Systems, and more.