MBA Event Management syllabus and subjects is designed to equip students with business administration and specialization in event management. MBA Event Management course is a two-year post-graduation course with four semesters where students get theoretical and practical knowledge. In the first semester, aspirants learn about the basics of business management principles.

Semester Wise MBA in Event Management Syllabus

The curriculum is divided into four semesters, which trains the basics and core subjects in the first two semesters, electives, labs, and projects in the second two semesters. MBA Event Management subjects core include organization management, accounting, economics, introduction to event management, business policies, legal business management, and business communication. The elective subjects include event management, statistics, staff, team and crew management, advertising, branding and promoting marketing and sales, and much more. Moreover, aspirants are trained in extracurricular activities, which encourages their course skills and career development skills such as soft skills, survey, seminar, research, and projects.
Listed below are Event Management subjects based on the semester:

Semester – I Semester -II
Corporate legal Environment Business Skills Development
Accounting for Managers Organizational Behaviours
Business Communication Skill Development Professional Industry Engagement
Entrepreneurship & Project Management Event Resource Management
Management of Organizations Event Team & Crew Management
Business Policy and Strategic Management Event Management Planning
Introduction to Event Management & PR E-Commerce and Marketing management
Business process modeling Information Communication Technology (ICT)
Semester - III Semester - IV
Legal Aspects of Event Management Experiential Marketing & Technology
Event Safety & Risk Management Event Advertising, Promotion, and Brand Management
Project - 1 Project - 2
Specialization Group A - Human Resource Management Specialization Group A - Human Resource Management
Specialization Group B - Marketing Specialization Group B - Marketing
Specialization Group C - Finance Specialization Group C - Finance
Specialization Group D - Information Technology Specialization Group D - Information Technology
Specialization Group E - Event Management Specialization Group E - Event Management
(elective subjects will be given specialization options)

MBA in Event Management Subjects

MBA in Event Management curriculum teaches aspirants to organize and host the events. Attending workshops, visiting, or assisting events provides students practical knowledge about the course. Students should select their elective subjects as per their area of interests, the scope of higher education, and future career options.
MBA Event Management Core Subjects:

  • Corporate Legal Environment
  • Accounting For Managers
  • Business Communication Skill Development
  • Entrepreneurship And Project Management
  • Management Of Organizations
  • Business Policy And Strategic Management
  • Introduction To Event Management & PR
  • Professional Industry Engagement
  • Event Resource Management
  • Event Team And Crew Management
  • Event Management Planning
  • E-Commerce and Marketing Management

MBA Event Management Elective Subjects:

  • HR Management Organizational Change and Development
  • HR Planning and Development Management of Industrial Relations Compensation
  • Industrial Marketing Consumer Behaviour
  • Retail Marketing Management
  • International Marketing Advertising And Sales Management
  • Event Cost Accounting And Finance Management
  • Management Corporate Taxation And Tax Planning
  • Database Management System Analysis
  • Design Communication Networks For Business E-Commerce
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Strategic Information Systems

MBA in Event Management Lab Subjects:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Database Management System Analysis
  • Networks For Business E-Commerce
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Strategic Information
  • Online Advertising And Promotions
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Professional Industry Engagement

MBA in Event Management Course Structure

MBA Event Management is a two-year course with four semesters, including summer semesters. They are divided into three main parts: core, electives, and projects. Core subjects are the main subjects that are mandatory to complete, and electives are the specialization course selected by students as per their area of interest. The course syllabus is structured to educate students about business administration basics, events planning, organizing, and management.
The course structure includes:

  • Core And elective subjects
  • Seminar
  • Viva
  • Survey
  • Mini project
  • Main project
  • Research paper publications
  • Internship

MBA In Event Management Teaching Methodology And Techniques

Business administration coaching methodology involves good tutoring staff, study materials, technologies, and techniques. In addition to theoretical knowledge. It is essential to have practical training in real-time. Students should have the hands-on experience to work with the help of techniques they learned. Besides marker-based coaching, students are trained with real-time examples in presentation with attractive images and videos to understand better.
Listed below are a few teaching methodology and techniques:

  • Workshop (about types of events and organizing them)
  • Training Session (host event under trainer’s supervision)
  • Practical Sessions (to implement creativity)
  • Case Methodology and thesis writing 
  • Group Survey
  • Group Projects
  • Research
  • Computer Lab
  • Language Lab

MBA Event Management Projects

MBA in Event Management course deals with planning, executing, organizing, hosting, supervising events. Projects in MBA Event Management projects can be implemented based on many concepts such as promoting events, planning events, innovative ideas, branding in events, hosting the clients, stage arrangements, and much more. Project creation includes research, thesis, seminar, and surveys. The projects aim to provide an opportunity to express their creativity and innovation.
Popular MBA Event Management projects are:

  • New Product Launch Service Hosting
  • To Recognize Customers Attitudes
  • To Alter And Improve Events Perception
  • Problems And Issues in Events
  • To Invite Guess And Understand Their Requirements
  • Communicating To A Specific Group Of Audience

MBA in Event Management Reference Books

Listed below are the reference books to enhance students' skill in Event Management:

Event Management MBA Book Name Author Name
The Business Of Event Planning: Behind-the-Scenes Secrets Of Success Special Events Judy Allen
Event Planning: The Ultimate Guide to Successful Meetings, Corporate Events, Fundraising Galas, etc Judy Allen
Sustainable Event Management: A Practical Guide Meegan Jones
Planning And Management Of Meetings, Expositions, Events And Conventions George G. Fenich, Ph.D.
Research Methods For Arts And Event Management A.J. Veal and Christine Burton
The Business of Events Management John Beech, Sebastian Kaiser and Robert Kaspar

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