MBA Events Management job scope is wide as the course trains students both in business management and event management. After MBA Event Management, the job scope is very high because graduates are in high demand as the task needs to be well planned as per the requirements and organized within a limited time frame. 

Career Prospects and Job Scope for an MBA in Event Management

MBA Events Management scope in India is high, and the average pay scale for graduates ranges from INR 1.5 - 18.5 LPA. MBA Event Management courses have a huge demand since we need more manpower to organize events.
Freshers jobs after MBA in Events Management:

  • Human Resource Manager
  • Events Manager
  • General Events Manager
  • Event Management Trainee
  • Family Functions Manager
  • Trade Manager
  • Client Service Executive
  • Junior Sales Manager
  • Junior Advertising Manager
  • Area Events Manager

Job designation for engineers with experience:

  • Senior Human Resources
  • Senior Events Manager
  • Business Events Manager
  • General Events Organizer
  • Senior Client Service Manager
  • Project Management Director
  • Executive Administrator
  • Accounts Executive
  • Technical Events Manager
  • Senior Project Manager

Areas of Recruitment for MBA in Event Management

MBA graduates have opportunities in diverse sectors. MBA Event Management graduates have massive job opportunities due to the event management sector's immense growth in recent days.
The areas of recruitment are:

  • Hotels
  • Hospitality division
  • Family events
  • Healthcare department
  • IT Companies
  • Banking sector
  • Event Management Companies
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Facility Management Services
  • Product-based companies
  • Government Sectors
  • Educational Institutions

Salary Packages for Event Manager

According to their skills and experience, the average salary for an MBA in Event Management Salary in India ranges from INR 1.5 LPA - 18.5. Freshers with excellent leadership qualities, abilities to handle critical situations, and good communication skills get placed in the best companies, and in the future, they may lead massive projects.
Listed below are few job opportunities and average payscale for MBA in Event Management graduates:

Designation Salary
General Events Organizer INR 2.96 LPA
Client service executive INR 2.84 LPA
Project management director INR 25.47 LPA
Executive administrator INR 2.77 LPA
Accounts executive INR 2.69 LPA
Technical Events Manager INR 6.02 LPA

Source: Payscale

Government Jobs for MBA Event Management Aspirants

MBA Event Management salary range is INR 4.5 - 15 LPA. The standard salary after MBA in Event Management is INR 2 to 25 LPA. MBA in Event Management Scope in the private sector is numerous due to the demand for workforce.
The job designations include:

Top Government Hiring Companies Job Designation Salary
CEIL Technical Manager INR. 3.6 - 16 LPA
CDRI Technical Assistant INR. 6.73 - 21.30 LPA
IRFC Group General Manager INR. 8.88 LPA

Source: Glassdoor

Other MBA Event Management jobs in the government sector are

  • Human Resources
  • Bank Executive
  • Insurance Marketing Officer
  • Tourism Corporation
  • Store Officer

Private Jobs for MBA Event Management Graduates

The standard salary after MBA in Event Management is INR 2 to 25 LPA. MBA in Event Management Scope in the private sector is numerous due to the demand for workforce.
The job designations include:

Top Private Hiring Companies Job Profiles Salary
IDIB Advertising and Promotion Manager INR. 4.75 LPA
Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co. Ltd Insurance Booth Organizer INR. 4.15 LPA
Bajaj Auto, TVS Motors, KTM Promotional Stun Shows Manager INR. 6.78 LPA
Amit University, VIT University, WizCraft Event Management Manager INR. 7.80 LPA
IT Companies Senior Business Analyst INR. 10 LPA

Source: Glassdoor

 Listed below are the top private companies that hire MBA Event Management students:

  • Tata Motors Ltd
  • Maruti Suzuki India Ltd
  • L & T
  • Bajaj Auto Ltd
  • HDFC
  • Ashok Leyland Ltd
  • Redington India Ltd
  • Tech Mahindra Ltd

Job Opportunities Abroad for MBA Event Management Graduates

MBA Event Management has an enormous career opening abroad. The job roles include event planning, event organizing, and event hosting in various industries like information technology, product-based companies, production companies, banking sectors, and much more.

Top Companies

Listed below are the top international companies that hire MBA Event Management aspirants:

  • Bassett Events, Inc
  • MKG
  • Colin Cowie
  • Matter Communications
  • Heron Agency
  • Idea Grove
  • Hilton
  • Over
  • Rome Cavalieri
  • Marriott Amsterdam
  • Seidel Wine
  • Fit 4 Life

Best Countries

List of top abroad countries offering job opportunities for MBA Event Management aspirants: 

  • USA
  • Canada
  • UK
  • UAE
  • Switzerland
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • China

Various Career Designations Abroad for MBA Event Management Students Here is the list of various career roles that influences MBA Event Management students to pursue their career abroad:

  • Intern - Event Management – Ad Agencies and Production Companies
  • Senior Event Manager
  • Head - Event Manager
  • Event Planner
  • Creative Head
  • Operations Executive
  • Client Relationship Manager

Best MBA Event Managers

Indian cultures are so unique, and India is very famous for festivals and events. Indians spend an average of INR 5 Lakhs to 20 Crores for their wedding functions, other religious celebrations, birthday parties, and much more. IT companies, production companies, showrooms. Scope of MBA in Event Management in India gets spotlight due to few people’s achievements.
Here are a few MBA Event Management personalities who shined unique in this sector.

  • Wiz Sabbas Joseph
  • Reenu Mehra
  • Neelam Sunil Soorma 
  • sukrit Singh
  • Dilip Jayaram
  • Martin da Costa

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