LLB Hons: Course Details, Eligibility, Admission, Fees


3 Years

Average Fees

INR 10,000 PA to 2.60 LPA


Updated on Nov 20, 2023 by GMU


Updated on Nov 20, 2023 by GMU

LLB Hons is a three year undergraduate course covering all four categories of laws in an independent study over six semesters. Students who pursue LLB Hons course get introduced to the world of business, corporate, legislative, and other types of laws. After course completion, legal advisor, attorney, and public prosecutor are the various job positions available in this industry.

LLB Hons Course Details

Degree Bachelors
Full Form Bachelor of Laws Honours
Duration 3 Years
Age There is no minimum age limit.
Entrance Exam CLAT, LSAT, AILET
Subjects Required 10+2 with any subject
Minimum Percentage 50%
Average Fees INR 10,000 PA to 2.60 LPA
Average Salary INR 4 to 6 LPA
Employment Roles Legal Advisor, Lawyer, Public Prosecutor, Notary, etc

About LLB Hons

LLB Hons full form stands for Bachelor of Law Honours. LLB Hons duration is for three years. The LLB Hons syllabus and subjects are developed to equip students with the elaborate and extensive knowledge essential in the field of law. The LLB Hons job scope provides vast employment opportunities in the private and public sectors. 

Table of Contents

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Eligibility Criteria for LLB Hons

The criteria for LLB Hons eligibility vary depending on the college and other academic institutions. The following are the basic eligibility requirements for LLB Hons:

  • Candidates need to successfully complete the 10+2 exam from any relevant stream from a recognised Board, with English as a required subject.
  • The minimum overall score required for candidates is 45% or an equivalent grade in Intermediate.
  • Admission will be based on the Entrance exam and Interview rounds.
  • Some colleges can consider merit-based exams under consideration. 

Who Should Pursue a LLB Hons Course?

After completing the 10+2 course, students who want to study law and gain relevant knowledge on legal aspects should enrol in the LLB Honours programme. Students interested in knowing about Indian constitutional law, arbitration, and criminal law can pursue this course. Candidates for the course should be able to recall and discuss all pertinent information for their professional journey. 

When To Do LLB Hons Course?

A LLB Hons course requires students to obtain a 45% or higher on their 10+2 exam. Students after completing any certification course can pursue this course upon completion. 

How To Get Admission for LLB Hons?

Candidates for LLB Hons admission should be required to meet the standard eligibility requirements. Admission to a regular LLB Honours programme is typically accomplished through a common entrance exam administered by the relevant colleges and universities. Interview round and group discussion round can be included in the admission process by some colleges followed by entrance examinations and merit-based performance. 

How to Apply?

Students can apply for the LLB Hons admission process by visiting the college website or directly contacting the admissions office of the specific institution. Before taking the entrance exam, applicants should have all necessary documentation, including high school scorecards and government identification documents, etc. 

Selection Process

The candidate's high school performance may play a significant role in the selection process. Candidates must have completed at least 45% of their higher school studies in order to be considered for merit-based selection.

Many colleges conduct entrance exams as part of the admissions process, which assists colleges in selecting the best applicant with the knowledge and abilities required for the LLB Hons course. Students can access the admissions results via email or the college portal.

After taking entrance exams, Interview rounds or group discussion sessions can be arranged by the college to select potential candidates.

Why Choose LLB Hons Course? Compare LLB Hons with other courses

Types of LLB Hons Courses

Candidates have the option of taking the course full or part-time. Candidates can opt for taking the course online and offline. The different types of LLB Hons course details are detailed below:

Full-Time LLB Hons

Enrolling in a full-time LLB Hons course has the advantage of providing students with excellent faculty exposure, academic expertise, experience, knowledge, and close learning interactions with other students.

Part-Time LLB Hons

If a student cannot attend regular classes, they should consider enrolling in the part-time LLB Honours programme. It enables graduates to continue their education while working, researching, etc. This course has the advantage that the student can take it while engaging in other activities.

Distance LLB Hons

The LLB Hons distance learning course is designed to expose students to various aspects of the legal framework and law-related concepts by providing students with appropriate study materials and exposure to get fully equipped with the opportunity to obtain essential knowledge. 

Popular Entrance Exams for LLB Hons

For LLB Hons admissions, candidates are either chosen based on their merits or how well they performed on the entrance exam administered by the colleges. To prepare for the entrance exam, aspirants must make sure they carefully meet all eligibility requirements.

The following is a list of some of the well-known LLB Hons entrance exams:

LLB Hons Entrance Exams Registration Details
CLAT CLAT Application Form
LSAT LSAT Application Form
AILET AILET Application Form
KLEE KLEE Application Form

A Quick Glance at the LLB Hons Entrance Exams

Students who are interested in applying to the college can learn more by visiting the college's official website. Before choosing any LLB Hons Colleges in India, aspirants are expected to follow all rules and regulations. The general rules for the LLB Hons admission exams are as follows:

  • Exams can be taken both online and offline.
  • LLB Honours entrance exams typically include subjects such as Mathematics, Current affairs, General English, Logical, Quantitative, legal Reasoning, etc. 
  • The Language examination format is in English
  • Objective-type questions are included
  • The question paper typically includes an MCQ format.
  • To improve exam preparation, one can solve the previous year's question papers.

Top 10 LLB Hons Colleges in India

Many prestigious universities in India offer excellent LLB Honours programmes. Candidates can choose from various LLB Hons colleges across the country based on their type and rank. LLB Hons fees typically range from INR 10,000 PA to 2.60 LPA on average. The following are the top ten LLB Hons colleges in India:


Name of the College

Average Fees (INR)


NLSIU, Bangalore

2.58 LPA


NLU, New Delhi

1.07 LPA


Nalsar University of Law, Hyderabad



IIT Kharagpur



NLU, Jodhpur



NLU Kolkata (NUJS)



GNLU, Gandhinagar



Symbiosis Law School, Pune



Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi



NLU Patiala (RGNUL)


Top LLB Hons Colleges in New Delhi

The capital city of India is home to some of the best LLB Hons institutions in the country. The following table lists the top LLB Hons colleges in New Delhi:

Sl. No





Jamia Millia


Indian Law Institute


Amity University


Lloyd Law College

Top LLB Hons Colleges in Pune

Some of India's finest LLB Hons colleges are located in Pune. Below is a list of the top LLB Hons colleges in Pune.




Symbiosis Law School




Bharati Vidyapeeth New Law College


D.E.S's Shri. Navalmal Firodia Law College


Savitribai Phule Pune University

Top LLB Hons Colleges in Bangalore

Top-notch LLB Hons Courses are offered by universities in the capital of Karnataka. The following is a list of the top universities in Bangalore that offer the LLB Honours programme.




M.S. Ramaiah College of Law


School of Legal Studies


KLE Society's Law College


The Oxford College of Law


School of Law, Christ University

Top LLB Hons Colleges in Kolkata

Apart from that, Kolkata offers a few respectable Indian colleges that offer LLB Honours programmes. For the top LLB Hons colleges in Kolkata, see the chart below:




The West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences


George Group of Colleges


Amity University


Sister Nivedita University


St. Xavier's College

Top LLB Hons Colleges in Mumbai

The state capital of Maharastra is home to some of the colleges and universities that offer LLB Honours programmes. The table below lists Mumbai’s top LLB Hons colleges:




Government Law College


Mumbai University




Dr. Ambedkar College of Law


Kishinchand Chellaram Law College

Fee Structure for LLB Hons

LLB Hons fees range between INR 1 to 3 LPA. The LLB course lasts three years and is divided into six semesters. A few colleges' fee structures for the LLB course are as follows:


Name of the College

Total Fee Structure (INR)


NLSIU, Bangalore

2.58 LPA


NLU, New Delhi

1.07 LPA


NALSAR University Law, Hyderabad

1.5 LPA


IIT Kharagpur

1.3 LPA

Syllabus and Subjects for LLB Hons

The LLB programme is designed to teach and improve legal skills. This area of law entails studying, developing, and applying legal skills. The following are some of the subjects covered in the LLB course syllabus:

LLB Honours subjects:

The curriculum for some of the core and well-known LLB Hons subjects are listed below.

  • Family Law
  • Law of Crimes
  • Law of Contract
  • Administrative Law
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Corporate Law
  • Civil Procedure Code
  • Family Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Law of Arbitration and Conciliation

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Why Choose LLB Hons Course?

The legal industry offers a variety of work opportunities and, like any other sector, is influenced by both domestic and global economies. Additionally, because it's one of the highest-paying positions in the world, it's in great demand. Why choosing an LLB Hons is explained in the brief questions and answers that follow.

What are LLB Hons All About?

The three-year LLB Hons course aims to give students a comprehensive understanding of the law and related areas. It combines the study of law and the arts. Administrative law, business law, criminal law, and tax law are a few of the crucial topics covered in the LLB Hons course. Graduates of the LLB Honours programme have a wide range of career options, including positions as attorneys, solicitors, and others.

What Does an LLB Hons Graduate Do?

The employment profile of a lawyer is quite varied and dynamic. It varies depending on the circumstances. The following are only a few of a lawyer's duties:

  • Public prosecutor: The public prosecutor is the official who represents the central or state governments in a particular case. Public prosecutors seek to protect the people by pursuing the attainment of justice, which includes overseeing the court's trial, appeal, and other proceedings. 
  • Notary: Also known as a notary public, who is authorised to witness the signing of legal documents, deeds, estates, licences, powers of attorney, court documents, and trusts and perform various other legal activities. 

Reasons Why LLB Hons Can Fetch You a Rewarding Career?

Due to the large compensation offered in this field as well as the prestige and influence these positions confer on the employee, the legal profession is currently one of the most sought-after careers. Here are some of the primary justifications for why taking this course can lead to a lucrative career:

  • Rewarding Compensation: This industry offers a wide range of compensation structures and profitability prospects, which may reward career choices in different industries.
  • Job Diversity: For years, LLB Hons has been a safe and in-demand course since it offers a variety of job choices across the globe. Several industries and areas, including the media, business, government, social service, and more cater to the diversity of jobs available upon course completion. 

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LLB Hons Course Comparison

There are other courses which are on the undergraduate level and contain a similar area of study. Below is a difference between LLB Hons and LLB:

LLB Hons vs LLB

The table below showcases LLB Hons vs LLB:


LLB Hons


Full Form

Bachelor of Laws Honours

Bachelor of Laws




Course Duration

3 Years

3-5 Years


Graduate preferably in the science-related stream with 45% aggregate

10+2 equivalent from Recognized Education Board

Entrance Exams



Top Colleges

NUL Hyd, NLU Jodhpur, GNLU

NLSIU, Bangalore, NLU, Delhi, IIT Kharagpur


INR 10,000 PA to 2.60 LPA

INR 35,000 - 1.5 LPA

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Preparation Tips for LLB Hons Course

When deciding whether to enrol in an LLB Hons Course, students should take into account a number of factors. The key study tips on the list that follows will assist students in passing the course and the exams.

  • Improve communication Skills: Communication is important because of the LLB Hons course since it involves students to practise interaction with clients extensively and people in the field.
  • Read and Practice More: It's crucial to adhere to the curriculum exactly. The student will be better prepared to handle the curriculum and do well on tests if they practise and read more.
  • Have required Knowledge of Subjects: The student will remain motivated to study extra than what is on the course if they have an innate understanding of the subject and have interest in the curriculum.

Scope of LLB Hons For Higher Education

After earning a LLB Hons degree in law, students who wish to continue their education can enrol in relevant certification programmes, master's programmes, and other certification programmes. The following is a list of some of the options:

  • LLM
  • MBA
  • M.Phil
  • PG Diploma in Law
  • MCL
  • M.Phil in Law
  • Ph.D in Law
  • Certification Course in Labour Law and Administrative Law

Salary of a LLB Hons Graduate

Students in the profession have many employment options and the choice to pursue higher education. According to Payscale, the average pay for a LLB Honours graduate in India is INR 3 to 10 LPA. However, this figure may vary depending on the city, the number of years of experience, the title, etc. students can work with famous MNCs like Wipro, Tech Mahindra, Capgemini, Genpact, TCS, Delloite, and Accenture.

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Career Options After LLB Hons Graduation

For LLB Honours graduates, there are several job prospects in both the public and private sectors. They are equipped to handle roles of greater magnitude and span many disciplines thanks to their expertise and research-based experience. As a result, the number of LLB Hons jobs available after graduation has grown over time. The highest degree of employment will be represented by the job roles given.

  • Advocate
  • Public Prosecutor
  • Legal Advisor
  • Legal Associate
  • Law Reporter
  • Notary
  • Solicitors
  • Trustees

Skills That Make You The Best LLB Hons Graduate

LLB Honours graduates require several skills to thrive in their careers. Students in a traditional classroom setting might not always learn these abilities. These abilities are instead solely developed via repetition, effort, and experience. Several of these skills are

  • Communication Skills
  • Time Management and Organisation Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Decision-Making Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Interpersonal Skills

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