CLAT PG Syllabus 2021: Subject-wise Syllabus and Weightage Pdf Download

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Jul 23, 2021

Apr 7, 2021 | Law


The examination syllabus will be prepared by the examination authority. The syllabus of CLAT PG changes every year. Syllabus of CLAT PG 2021 will cover the topics of GK & current affairs, Legal aptitude, Elementary Mathematics, Constitutional laws, etc. Applicants need to be well prepared before attending the exam. Here are some details related with the CLAT PG 2021 exam which will help you to give a brief overview of the syllabus section and its criteria.

Given below are the main topics for the CLAT PG 2021 Exam:

  • Constitutional Law: Election Law, Human Rights, Private Defense, Article 44 of Constitution, Indian Foreign Policy, Fundamental Rights, Voting Rights in India, etc. 
  • Jurisprudence: Morality in the Rule of Law, The Common Law Model, The Rawlsian Model, Legal Institutions in the Society, Role of Legal Systems, Legal Theory, Nature and Role of Legal Systems, etc.

Some of the topics are:

  • Jurisprudence,
  • Administrative Law,
  • Law of Contract,
  • Torts,
  • Family Law,
  • Criminal Law,
  • Property Law,
  • Company Law,
  • Public International Law,
  • Tax Law,
  • Environmental Law, and
  • Labour & Industrial Law

CLAT PG 2021 Subject-wise Important Topics

The subject-wise, important topics for the CLAT PG 2021 exam is mentioned below. Candidates are advised to go through the list of important topics and prepare accordingly.

CLAT PG 2021 Criminal Law Syllabus Important Topics

The Criminal Law Section of the CLAT PG exam may contain some tricky reasoning questions. Aspirants must brush up on the basics of this subject and prepare thoroughly. You can check the list of important topics in this subject concerning the CLAT PG 2021 exam.

  • General Principles
  • Conspiracy, Offenses, Liability
  • Punishments and Criminal Conceptions, etc.

CLAT PG 2021 Constitutional Law Syllabus Important Topics

From the Constitutional Law Subject, the questions will be asked from the syllabus of LLB. The significant points concerning CLAT PG are as follows. Candidates can refer to this list to prepare for the CLAT PG exam.

  • Indian Constitution
  • Supreme Court, High Court, District Court, and Tribunals (Judicial and Quasi-Judicial Bodies)
  • Rights and Duties
  • Official Languages
  • Panchayati Raj Acts
  • Legislative Assembly, Election of President, and Vice President, etc.

CLAT PG 2021 Law of Torts Syllabus Important Topics

This topic covers some of the high weightage questions from the Law of Torts section of the CLAT PG 2021 paper. CLAT PG candidates can refer to the points mentioned below as part of their preparation for the upcoming exam.

  • Types of Liability (Focus on Strict and Absolute Liability) 
  • Definitions and Basic Concepts of Torts Law
  • Tort Feasors, Conspiracy, False Imprisonment
  • Malicious Prosecution and Remedies & Negligence

CLAT PG 2021 Law of Contracts Syllabus Important Topics

The Law of Contracts can be a very competitive section in the CLAT PG exam, due to its syllabus content. The major topics that students should focus on in their preparation for this section are as follows:

  • Agency Contracts
  • Insurance Guarantee
  • Contracts Formation
  • Contracts Discharge
  • Quasi Contracts
  • Void, and Illegal Contracts, etc



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