Bachelor of Technology in Computer Engineering is an undergraduate degree offered in the field of engineering. It is one of the most sought of degrees in the whole world. Aspirants can complete the degree within 3 years (via lateral entry after diploma) to 4 years which depends on the university or institute. Students must have a Science background (with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) as a core subject. B. Tech CSE explains in-depth and provides extensive knowledge about engineering and also on applied science (Physics/Chemistry) programming languages, engineering graphics. B.Tech Computer Engineering Subjects provide a greater focus on Computer Engineering which includes majorly programming and its applications in real-life systems along with some basic engineering concepts to provide fundamental knowledge on how the mechanism works. This program emphasizes the basics of computer programming and also also provides the students with both hard and soft skills that are required. The study of computer science and engineering has gained many markets in the IT sectors, many more students are able to implement, design, and management which makes the students working in both hardware and software processes. computer engineering trains an engineer to design, construct, and repair any digital system in various sectors.

The minimum eligibility to pursue this course is 55% in 10+2 exams with physics, chemistry and maths background, from a recognized university. This course makes way for talented individuals to work in major software development or application development companies and conglomerates with greater emphasis on coding and development of advanced features such as artificial intelligence and Machine learning. B.Tech Computer Engineer Salary graduates are abundant in both the private sector and the public sector owing to the fact that sectors such as IT, Electronics, and software have overlapped the job market. The graduates of this course are skilled to implement a variety of computer applications in various domains and efficiently monitor the progress and troubleshoot the errors faced. Often these graduates receive a higher pay scale due to their immense workload.

This is an academic program at some of the universities that help students to integrates the fields of computers and also in computer science and also help them in providing knowledge in computing systems in both hardware and software design. This program is modeled in the technical knowledge which helps students to immense with technical knowledge.

It is basically a comprehensive or major course in computer application and system. which helps in designing and developing the computer software and hardware processes the students are able to understand learn and use different technologies and programming languages, networking, digital and analog electronics.

This course is based on an engineering course with various disciplines such as software engineering, communications, electronics, and mechanical engineering along with the computer knowledge system. The selection of this program is based on the college either by direct admission or entrance based tests.

B.Tech in Computer Engineering Fees in India:

 The average course fee is INR 40000 - 3 lakhs per annum. which may vary accordingly to the university to university-based on the resources in their standards. students who are interested in joining the Bachelor in Computer engineering course should be aware of the fees of the course based on different universities or colleges.

B.Tech in Computer Engineering Salary in India:

The starting salary of B.Tech Computer Science graduates will vary from one candidate to another as it depends on the skill, knowledge, experience one has gained while getting graduated in B.Tech. students with unique ideas and technical skills have a chance of getting paid with the higher salary package. The average salary the companies offer to the graduates is INR 5.86 lakhs per annum.which varies based on the specialization and sector the candidate is working. It varies with personal experiences.

B.Tech Computer Engineering Course Details

Degree Bachelors
Full Form Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering
Duration Course Duration of Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Computer Science and Engineering) is 4 Years.
Age Minimum age limit is 17 years
Minimum Percentage 50%
Subjects Required Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics
Average Fees Incurred The average B.Tech CSE course fees ranges from 40000 - 3 lakhs per annum
Similar Options of Study B.E (Computer Science and Engineering), MCA Master in Computer Application
Average Salary Offered Average B.Tech CSE Salary in India is INR 5.86 lakhs per annum
Employment Roles Software Engineer, Software Developer, Programmer, Systems Engineer, Product Engineer, Consulting Engineer, IT Support as Associate/Fully Fledged
Placement Opportunities Tata Consultancy Services Limited, InfoSys Limited, HCL Technologies Ltd , Accenture, Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp, Tech mahindra Ltd, Inc, IBM India Private Limited etc

B.Tech in Computer Engineering Course:

The full form of the B.Tech course is Bachelor of Technology. It is an undergraduate course offered by most of the institutes in India in the field of engineering. The B.Tech CSE course duration is 4 years.which is divided into eight semesters. This program is designed to give a solid and brief description of various departments in technology along with practical and theoretical knowledge through the B.Tech course and its subjects.

This is a course where engineers learn to build small a small circuit to the large computer system. computer engineering have training in electronic engineering. it includes both hardware design and software design integrate with software engineering. the duration of Engineering) is of four years but it may or less depending on the institute to institute. the course is an important and valuable one which provides many job opportunities to the candidates. 

The minimum eligibility for this course is that students must have 10+2 with subjects like Physics, Maths, Computers and Chemistry. Admission of such courses is on the basis of counseling after clearing Entrance tests others depending on the colleges.

students who are interested in these fields of engineering includes installing, organizing, which help in maintaining computers designing and operating networks and also the software applications through different websites.Candidates should clear the entrance examinations held by the desired institution or university, and all eligible students are allowed to take the entrance exam.

The B.Tech syllabus covers much of the essential concepts and skills needed to develop oneself into a computer engineer. Computer science course mainly deals with the experimentation, theory, and engineering that form the basis for the design and use of computers. Computer Engineering part deal's with tasks involving computer engineers such as developing software and firmware for embedded microcontroller and designing operating systems, etc.List of few colleges offering B.Tech course:

As the IT and software industry is growing at high speed, all the B.Tech courses are designed in a way that the requirement of industries can be met daily.

B.Tech in Computer Engineering Quick Links:

What is B.Tech in Computer Engineering Course?

What is Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Computer Science and Engineering)?This course is the branch of engineering that integrates with electronics engineering with computer science and helps them to design and develop computer systems and the technological devices connected to it. It is a 4-year engineering undergraduate course in computer sciences through which candidates can get practical and theoretical knowledge on computer hardware and software. Candidates are trained to gain knowledge on developing their skills in sustainable working models that operate on the strategic integration of computing devices with technology to meet the operational needs of the modern work environment.

In Computer Science & Engineering, engineers usually have training in Electronic engineering mainly focusing on digital aspects, Software design Hardware-software integration. A computer engineer also called a software engineer is responsible for Developing, Testing, Evaluating the software that makes our computers work.

Also, they are involved in many hardware and software aspects of computing, from the design of the Individual microcontrollers, Microprocessors. Personal computers and supercomputers, Circuit design. B. Tech CSE graduates may help in the development like new computer software and design models, Business applications, Design of entirely new operating systems, Games and graphic technologies, As well as how these all components integrated into the larger picture for the end user’s usability and design goal of the development team.

As important function computer engineers is to integrate the electronics components into computer systems and network systems.which helps the students to learn and develop the skills with different knowledge in different fields.

The syllabus of B.Tech CSE consists of subjects that enhance their knowledge of coding, which is the fundamental step towards software development. Some of the computer engineering subjects includes C and data structure, JAVA Programming, Design and analysis of algorithms, Data processing and file organization

On completion of this course, the graduates are entitled to receive numerous job scopes across various fields such as software development, machine learning, application development, gaming development, data structures, etc, with often a higher pay scale depending upon their skill set and knowledge on the subject. Visit B.Tech for other major Specializations apart from Computer Engineering.

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Why Choose B.Tech in Computer Engineering?

Why choose Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Computer Science and Engineering)?

It is a broader field, and the course covers a wide range of subjects. Students start with the basics of this popular introductory programming course. And no prior experience is required to do this course. As the technology sector is booming, the demand for computer science engineers is more than ever.

This course helps the students become professional computer, science engineers.B. Tech graduate in Computer Science can work in profiles like Software Developer, testing engineer, Technical analyst, Consulting engineer, Programmer and so on.B. Tech in Computer Engineering is a computer application program as it provides a popular career choice for the students. This subject helps the students to get vast knowledge about computer applications for solving complex programs through structured formats.

This course helps the students who can create and invent things a good knowledge in technology and an interest in maths ,physics are good match for this course.This helps the students to get familiar with programming and computer hardware and different techniques with the software.Students should have good analytical skills with programming and have the ability to solve the problems.

The benefits of choosing this course is that it provides a lot of opportunities to the students on the computer filed and want to work in the IT sector as a programmer or software developer. During the entire duration, the student gets to learn more about software languages like C, C++, JAVA and so on. It demonstrates sound knowledge in critical areas of computer science or industrial computing. It also carries out the required analysis and synthesis involved in the computer applications, Information systems, Computer systems.

students get opportunities to work with some of the major recruiters for B.Tech. Computer science is software giants like Infosys, TCS, Accenture, IBM, Cognizant, etc.

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B.Tech in Computer Engineering Entrance Exams:

A candidate must have completed 10+2 with the minimum aggregate of 50% marks .candidates applying for the B.Tech in Computer Engineering course can avail admission based on previous education qualifications or through entrance exams conducted by individual universities.candidates are advised to have a look at the universities to confirm the admission procedure.

It is easy for the aspirants to opt for a field they like. But to get admitted into the courses it will be needed by the students to write an admission test or go through the entrance exam. The entrance exam is conducted statewide or nationality. Lateral entry is also possible for the students into the second year based on the entrance tests. The eligibility for the lateral entry is 10th +3 years in diploma. The students have to plan properly to clear these competitive entrance tests. some of the top B.Tech Entrance Exams are as follows:

Some of the top entrance exams for B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering course:

  • JEE Main: Joint Entrance Exam [JEE] Main is the gateway for admission to various B.Tech/B.E. programs offered by 25 IIITs, 31 NITs and 28 CFTIs and it is the national level undergraduate engineering entrance exam.
  • JEE Advanced: It is an academic examination held annually in India. It is conducted by one of the seven zonal IITs (IIT Roorkee, IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIT Kanpur, IIT Madras, IIT Kharagpur and IIT Guwahati) under the guidance of the Joint Admission Board [JAB].
  • KCET: KCET is a state-level exam, managed and conducted by Karnataka Examinations Authority [KEA]. It is an offline exam, held for admission to the B.Tech course.
  • BITSAT: BITSAT (short for BITS Admission Test) is an online (computer-based) entrance examination for admission to the B.Tech programs of BITS Pilani (Pilani, Goa, Hyderabad campuses).

B.Tech in Computer Engineering Course Preparation Tips:

students should make a proper plan and timetable and devote their time in a dedicated manner. students studying in advance is a major requisite in order to relieve the stress immediately prior to the examination. Subjects with a higher level of difficulty and comprehension should be tackled with greater dedication and should be devoted more time. Students should solve numerical regularly in order to hone and practice their application skills. Referral to previous year question paper in order to aid comprehension of question paper format and to gauge the importance of each chapter is necessary.

some of the essential course preparations tips are listed below:

Create a study plan: Candidates should make a proper plan to prepare for the exams and score good marks. Being a student you won't be having any work except studying, so make sure you divide your time properly. Make sure you start studying in the morning after waking up because it is the time when your brain works at its peak. If you start studying in the early morning then the probability of focusing and concentrating will be high.

Key points to be covered while preparation: Candidates should know the pattern of the question paper, knowing what kind of question might be asked for how much marks. knowing this one can easily prepare for the important question which might be asked in the exam.

Reference books for the preparation:

  • All India Engineering Entrance Exam
  • NCERT Textbooks
  • Principles of Physics by S.chand
  • Mathematics by Dinesh
  • KCET Engineering Entrance Exam Solved Question Papers

B.Tech in Computer Engineering Subjects:

The following list of the subjects is followed by most colleges in India. While few colleges adopt a minor change in subjects but the core subjects would remain the same for almost all colleges.

Name of the Subjects Topics Description
Mathematics Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis This course will enable the students to learn the dimensions of engineering in Mathematics.
Chemistry Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry A detailed study of chemistry as a subject that will be requisite for engineering needs.
Physics Quantum Physics, Electricity, Light and Magnetism A detailed study of Physics as a subject will give a detailed version of engineering Physics.
Data Structure's, Algorithms & other CS Concepts
Array,Tree,BFS & DFS Algorithm,Networking,Database,etc. This covers topics that introduce the student with first-hand computer programming basics.
Programming Languages C++,JAVA,C# & various development frameworks. Here the focus shifts to learning the languages of a computer.
Training 6 months of training Students have to get themselves trained under any of the recognized institutions as a part of their course structure.
Research Project Writing proposal and research paper Students have to choose any one topic and should prepare a research paper on it.


Computer Engineering Course Fees:

The fee for this undergraduate course will vary from one college to another. It may also vary upon the scholarships provided by the university/college for meritorious students. The average B.Tech CSE course fee would be approximately INR 40000 - 3 lakhs per annum.

B.Tech in Computer Engineering Course Syllabus:

Following are the subjects which are mentioned in the syllabus for computer engineering adhered by most of the colleges-

B.Tech (CSE) Syllabus Year-1 Semester-1
Sl.No Subjects
1 English
2 Mathematics
3 Applied Physics
4 Computer and Information Technology
5 C and data structure
6 Network theory
7 Semiconductor devices and circuit
8 Engineering and drawing practice
9 Computer programming lab


B.Tech (CSE) Syllabus Year-1 Semester-2
Sl.No Subjects
1 English
2 Physics
3 C language or C++
4 Elements of Mechanical Engineering
5 Human values and Professional ethics
6 Mathematics I
7 Environmental studies
8 Data structure


B.Tech (CSE) Syllabus Year-2 Semester-1
Sl.No Subjects
1 Mathematics II
2 Discrete structure and graph theory
3 Data processing and file organization
4 Linear and Digital ICs application
5 Switching theory and logical design
6 Managerial economics and accountancy
8 IC application lab


B.Tech (CSE) Syllabus Year-2 Semester-2
Sl.No Subjects
1 Probability and statistics
2 computer organization
3 operating systems
4 Design and analysis of algorithms
5 Electrical technology
6 Operating systems
7 Object-oriented programming
8 Operating system lab


B.Tech (CSE) Syllabus Year-3 Semester-1
Sl.No Subjects
1 Operations research
2 Data communications
3 Interfacing through microprocessors
4 Theory of computation
5 Principles of programming languages
6 System programming
7 Interfacing through microprocessors lab
8 System programming lab


B.Tech (CSE) Syllabus Year-3 Semester-2
Sl.No Subjects
1 Management science
2 Computer graphics
3 Computer networks
4 Artificial intelligence
5 Language processors
6 Database management systems
7 DBMS lab
8 Language processors lab


B.Tech (CSE) Syllabus Year-4 Semester-1
Sl.No Subjects
1 Software engineering
2 Distributed systems
3 Java programming
4 (Elective I) Advanced computer architecture
5 (Elective I) Fault-tolerant system
6 (Elective II) Digital speech and image processing
7 (Elective II) Neural networks
8 Visual programming lab
9 Java lab


B.Tech (CSE) Syllabus Year-4 Semester-2
Sl.No Subjects
1 (Elective III) Simulation and modeling
2 (Elective III) Robotics
3 (Elective IV) Data mining and warehousing
4 (Elective IV) Advanced databases
5 Project work

B.Tech in Computer Engineering Eligibility:

Eligibility Criteria for Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering

For B.Tech  In Computer Engineering the minimum eligibility criteria for an intermediate is (10+2) with subjects such as Physics, Maths, and Chemistry. The minimum cutoff for most of the colleges is 50%. The candidate should have a secured rank within the max cut off for the course in the desired colleges or institutes.  Most admissions for B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering Course is by JEE ranking. The JEE exam has two levels: JEE Mains & JEE Advanced. Admission of such course are on the basics counseling after clearing entrance tests other depending on the colleges.

The JEE Mains paper will contain 180 questions with the option of appearing for either offline as well as an online mode of test. This will be an objective type paper and will consist of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics questions with MCQ type questions with 4 options, granting 4 marks for each correct answer and negative marking i.e 1 for each wrong answer. The duration of the test is 3 hours.

The JEE Advanced paper will be written offline, it will be OMR sheet based paper, the questions will be of 3 types: Multiple Choice Questions, Numerical Aptitude Type and Match the cases. There will be 2 papers and a total of 6 hours.

Candidates must have a graduate or postgraduate degree with a minimum degree of 10+2+4 formal education with Mathematics as one of the main subjects from the recognized boards or university. students who are in the final year are also eligible to apply provided they complete their formal education.

B.Tech in Computer Engineering Course Admission

Admission Procedure for Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering

Admission to this program will be based on both entrances based and on merit-based admission. Most of the universities offer both direct admission and entrance based admission to the program. However, few universities require candidates to take admission through applicable entrance exams for B.Tech computer science & engineering, while some colleges have their private exam for admission to this course.

Candidates who are applying for the B.Tech computer science & engineering program should beforehand have their results from the respective entrance exams required by the selected/opted universities. Applications for admissions can be availed either from the university website or by visiting the admissions office of the same.The admission test will comprise multiple-choice or short question-answer type questions on the basics of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry.for interview good detailed knowledge about the subjects is required.

Candidates are advised to have a look at the list of entrance exams applicable for B.Tech computer science & engineering from various universities. Candidates should also make sure that they qualify for the education eligibility criteria with the minimum required marks and cut-off rank.

B.Tech in Computer Engineering Job Opportunities:

Computer engineers have many opportunities and career growth. Computer Engineers are required in every organization to make the work easier by developing new technologies and new software. Computer Engineers can work as software developers, application developers, and so on.

Computer applications are required in various fields like government jobs banking, insurance, accounting, etc which are required in today's world. It is a full-time course but students have also had the option of doing several courses along with this. There are many B.Tech in Computer Engineering is available for the jobs B.Tech CSE graduates. As the IT industry is very vast, B.Tech graduate can get a role in:

  • Software Developer
  • Testing Engineer
  • QA Specialist
  • Web Developer / Mobile App Developer
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Technical Director
  • IT Technical Content Developer
  • Project Manager
  • Software Architect

B.Tech in Computer Engineering Course Salary:

The starting salary of B.Tech CSE graduates will vary from one candidate to another as it depends on the skill, knowledge, experience one has gained while getting graduated in B.Tech. The average computer engineering salary for the graduates is  INR 5,86,000 per annum and its subjected to gradual increase depending upon their work ethics and experience.

List of B.Tech in Computer Engineering Colleges:

List of some top colleges which offers B.Tech computer science and engineering course are listed below:

Distance Computer Engineering:

Distance learning in a degree program in learning computer engineering technology may benefit both those who are looking to start their career in the field along with those looking to advance their jobs.As distance learning can be found both synchronous and asynchronous or combined format. students can gain the technical requirements necessary to complete work online, which may include certain types of operating systems and software.Those candidates who do not find time to do full-time B.Tech can go for IGNOU. IGNOU is an open university which is built to provide learnings to individuals through various means other than going through full academic session.

Few colleges providing distance B.Tech CSE course are:

Difference Between B.Tech, B.E, and B.Sc:

Sl.No B.Tech B.E B.Sc
1 It is a skill-oriented program It is a knowledge-based program It is only a graduate program
2 Things are practically done here Here only theoretical aspects are taught Basic Program in Science stream are taught
3 It is a 4-year course divided into 8 semesters It is also a 4-year course which is also divided into 8 semesters It is a 3-year course which is into 6 semesters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To get admission in B.Tech course one must finish 10+2 with at least 50% of the aggregate marks. With Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as the core subjects, and should attend any one of the B.Tech entrance exams.

The average B.Tech course fee is Rs 40000-3 lakhs per annum.

Some of the top colleges/universities in India offering the B.Tech CSE course is listed below

  • IIT Bombay
  • IIT Madras 
  • IIT Delhi
  • Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani
  • Jadavpur University, Kolkata
  • College of Engineering, Anna University, Chennai
  • College of Engineering, Pune
  • Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, New Delhi.

According to the global jobs survey prediction model, there will be an 8% rise in dependency of computer engineers across all domains between the year 2020-2022. Due to advancements in Machine Learning and artificial intelligence and structured coding, the scopes for computer engineering is nowhere around declination. 

In a general perspective, computer science engineers do need mathematics for algorithm understanding and process understanding. However, due to the growth in machine learning and artificial intelligence, the requirement of advanced mathematics to understand the method of functioning is essential

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