B.Tech in Computer Engineering Jobs:

B. Tech Computer Engineering degree holders can also pursue their career as project leaders, Junior Engineer, etc. After pursuing the B.Tech CSE course there is a lot of great opportunities for the newly graduated students as the scope is high in terms of growth in the IT sector. Freshers can select their industry where they will like to work, for example, Companies, IT sector, Government sector. The course structure of B.Tech computer engineering subjects is designed to provide the students with adequate knowledge to venture into specialized paths in the Computer science domain.

Computer applications in various fields like banking, insurance, accounting, etc are required in today's world. It is a full-time course that is divided into 6 semesters. Students must have a graduate or postgraduates degree with a minimum 10+2 years of formal education of Mathematics as one of the subjects from a recognized university or college. Visit B.Tech jobs for other major Specializations jobs apart from Computer Engineering.

B.Tech Computer Engineering Jobs for Freshers:

There is a lot of great opportunities for the freshers after graduating, few jobs for freshers would be-

  • Software Developer to Project Manager to Software Architect
  • Testing Engineer to QA Specialist
  • Web Developer / Mobile App Developer
  • Technical Support Engineer  to Technical Director
  • IT Technical Content Developer

B.Tech in Computer Engineering Government Jobs:

The government also recruits freshers after getting graduates in B.Tech Computer Engineering. Few related jobs are-

  • Junior engineers
  • Engineering instructor
  • Assistant software engineers
  • Trainee flight simulator maintenance engineers
  • Data engineers
  • Developers

B.Tech Computer Engineering Private Jobs:

Few jobs relating to B.Tech freshers in private sectors-

  • Assistant professor 
  • Junior research fellow
  • Project associate
  • Field assistant PHP developer
  • Technical advisor
  • Project engineer

B.Tech in Computer Engineering Jobs Abroad:

Getting a job in other countries and working there would give you a great experience in work-life and also in real life. There are huge opportunities in growth and making money in other countries.

Few jobs for fresher who want to work in other countries after graduation:

  • Junior software engineers, Japan
  • Trainee data scientists, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia
  • Internship availability in the USA
  • Java developer, Canada
  • Software engineers freshers, Japan
  • Software design engineers, Germany

Salary Scale for B.Tech Computer Engineering Course:

The starting salary of B.Tech Computer Engineering course graduates will vary from one candidate to another as it depends on the skill, knowledge, experience one has gained while getting graduated in B.Tech. The average salary the companies offer to the B.Tech Computer Engineering graduates is INR 5,86,000 per annum. The salary packages will increase if the candidate pursues a postgraduate degree. 

With some job experience, a B.Tech computer Science engineer can get up a salary package up to Rs. 1,00,000 per month.Whereas jobs in Government sector provide a lesser monthly salary to computer engineers but in return, they are well compensated by other perks and allowances in addition to housing facilities, medical expenses as well as free/concessional air passages for their immediate family members and dependants.

Salary Packages Offered by the Top Companies in India for B.Tech Computer Engineering:

Compared to small companies MNC's would pay a relatively high salary along with some more benefits to the employees. It varies with the personal skills and also experience. Salaries offered by few top companies:

Source: Payscale

Average Salary Based on Job Position for B.Tech Computer Engineering:

There is a huge demand for a few roles in the industry and the company is willing to pay a huge salary for the deserved employee. As it help in researching, designing, analyzing and testing computer application.which helps the students to build computer networks. Here is a stat showing salaries paid to different roles-

Sl.No Designation Average salary per annum
1 Software Engineer INR 515k
2 Senior Software Engineer INR 871k
3 Software Developer INR 471k
4 Sr.Software Engineer/Developer/Programmer INR 893k
5 Team Leader (IT) INR 1m
6 IT Consultant INR 882k
7 Web Developer INR 312k

Source: Payscale

Key Stats for B.Tech Computer Engineering:

Key stat showing the details of the job salary according to gender, and based on their experiences.

Source: Payscale

Other Related Jobs and Salaries:

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