B.Tech in Computer Engineering Syllabus and Subjects:

B. Tech is an engineering course that is of 4 years. It includes classroom training, practical assignment and project works which are assigned to the student while pursuing this course, also students are provided with practical and theoretical knowledge on software and hardware. The syllabus is designed to adapt to the recent requirements for computer science engineers in the job market. B. Tech Computer engineering graduates are generally highly competed and specializations are required to be done to become a clearcut favorite in getting their B.Tech Computer engineer salary. The course structure adopted by most of the colleges include specialization subjects to suffice the need of the job market. Visit the B.Tech syllabus for other major Specializations syllabus apart from Computer Engineering.

B.Tech in Computer Engineering Syllabus:

The syllabus of B.Tech Computer Science engineering is given below:

sl no  semester 1
2 Mathematics
3 Applied Physics
4 Computer and Information Technology
5 C and data structure
6 Network Theory
7 Semiconductor Devices and Circuit
8 Engineering and Drawing Practice
9 Computer Programming Tab


sl no semester 2
1 English
2 Physics
3 C language or C++
4 Elements of Mechanical Engineering
5 Human Values and Professional Ethics
6 Mathematics l
7 Environmental Studies 


sl no semester 3
1 Mathematics ll
2 Discrete Structure and Graph Theory 
3 Data processing and File Organization
4 Linear and Digital ICS Application
5 Switching Theory and Logical Design 
6 Switching Theory and Logical Design
7 Managerial Economics and Accountancy
9 IC Application lab 


sl no  semester 4
1 Probability and Statistics
2 Computer Organization
3 Operating System 
4 Design And Analysis Of Algorithms
5 Electrical Technology
6 Operating Systems
7 Object-Oriented Programming
8 Operating System Lab


Year-4 Seme

sl no semester 5
1 Operation Research
2 Data Communications
3 Interfacing through Microprocessors
4 Theory Of Computation
5 Principles Of Programming Languages
6 System Programming
7 Interfacing Through Microprocessors Lab
8 System Programming Lab


sl no semester 5
1 Software Engineering
2 Distributed Systems
3 Java Programming
4 Elective l Advanced Computer Applications
5 Elective l Fault-tolerant System
6 Elective ll Digital Speech and Image Processing
7 Elective ll Neutral Networks
8 Visual Programming Lab
9 Java Lab 


sl no semester 6
1 Elective lll Simulation and Modeling
2 Elective lll  Robotics
3 Elective lV Data Mining and Warehousing
4 Elective lV Advanced Databases
5 Project Work

Computer Engineering Subjects:

Few of the common computer engineering subjects which most of the colleges follow in their syllabus is tabulated below:

Name of the Subjects Topics Description
Mathematics Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis This course will enable the students to learn the dimensions of engineering in Mathematics.
Chemistry Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry A detailed study of chemistry as a subject which will be requisite for engineering needs.
Physics Quantum Physics, Electricity, Light and Magnetism A detailed study of physics as a subject will give a detailed version of engineering physics.
Data Structure's, Algorithms & other CS Concepts
Array,Tree,BFS & DFS Algorithm,Networking,Database,etc. This covers topics that introduce the student with first-hand computer programming basics.
Programming Languages C++,JAVA,C# & Various Development Frameworks. Here the focus shifts to learning the languages of a computer.
Training 6 months of training Students have to get themselves trained in any of the recognized institutions as a part of their course structure.
Research Project Writing proposal and research paper Students have to choose any one topic and should prepare a research paper on it.

Other Related Syllabus and Subjects:

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