The MBA Travel and Tourism syllabus and subject allow students to go to different catering, restaurant, tourism, business, administration and related work. The main goal of this MBA program is to develop collaborative and negotiation skills and learn how to convert theoretical expertise into practical applications. It improves responsiveness to important industrial aspects and is also a future curriculum with strong job opportunities. 

Semester Wise MBA in Travel and Tourism Syllabus

The main subjects of the MBA in Travel and Tourism Management syllabus include managerial economics, transport in travel and tourism, tourism marketing, and many more subjects in the curriculum. MBA Travel and Tourism 1st year subjects will be mostly foundation on management with few core subjects based on the specialization. Semester wise MBA Travel and Tourism syllabus subjects list is given below:

MBA Travel and Tourism 1st Year Syllabus
Semester I Semester II
Management Process & Organizational Behaviour Tourism Products of India
Transport in Travel & Tourism Tourism Marketing
Tourism Economics Information Technology & Tourism
Communication Skill Development Hotel Management
Indian History Art, Culture & Architecture Managerial Communication Skill
MBA Travel and Tourism 2nd Year Syllabus
Semester III Semester IV
Sustainable & Eco-Tourism  Tourism Policy, Planning & Development
Computerized Reservation System Research Methodology
Event Management Tour Operation
Hotel Operations Tour Guiding and Visitor Interpretation

MBA in Travel and Tourism Subjects

The syllabus of the Travel Management Course can vary from college to college. The MBA in Travel and Tourism subjects are classified as core and elective subjects. The core subjects are mandatory and they provide all the fundamentals of the course. Electives are choices from which the student can choose their subjects and work on. Some of the core subjects in MBA Travel and Tourism are listed below.

Core Subjects:

  • Managerial Economics
  • Macro Economics
  • Historical Development of Tourism
  • Elements of Tourist Destination
  • Indian Art and Architecture

Apart from core subjects, there are some elective subjects each semester. Some of the elective subjects are:

  • Adventure Tourism
  • Tourism Entrepreneurship
  • Computerized Reservation System
  • Tour Guiding and Visitor Interpretation

MBA in Travel and Tourism Course Structure

Course structure refers to the choice of topics and the sequencing of course content. The MBA in Travel and Tourism course structure is of two phases - foundation and elective. For the duration of two years, there will be four semesters with six months each. 

In the first year of study, the students will be exposed to all the foundation courses of management. Making them understand and gain managerial skills will be one of the main focuses.

In the second year of study, students will be given options of subjects to choose from according to their area of interest and preference. Summer training and final projects are mandatory as they aid in acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge.

MBA in Travel and Tourism Teaching Methodology and Techniques

MBA Travel and Tourism subjects are divided as core subjects along with practical exposure to fieldwork. Seminars for students are conducted to make them familiar with practical life experiences and much more. The main teaching methodologies are as follows:

  • Lectures
  • Seminars
  • Extracurricular Individual Work
  • Practical Exposure
  • Internships
  • Site Visits

MBA in Travel and Tourism program prepares the student with basic skills of travel, tourism and hospitality industry. For travel and tourism, site visits to aid the students understand the concepts better as they will get a visual picture. Site visits create an interactive learning environment for students and will provide exposure to the real world.

MBA in Travel and Tourism Projects

MBA courses broaden the horizons of the students concerning their domain knowledge and practical know-how. The research study will be a challenging and rewarding experience, the travel and tourism sector requires exposure. It promotes the means of finding, reading, writing, analyzing, and nourishing the brain. The project in their desired field of interest will motivate the students to learn more and obtain skills that are essential for today's world. 

Popular Travel and Tourism projects are:

  • Tourism as a Development Strategy in Micro Regions of India
  • The Impact of Tourism Developments in India
  • Wellness and Health Tourism
  • Analysis of Marketing Communication of the Sub-Sectors of Tourism

MBA in Travel and Tourism Reference Books

There are many reference books for travel and tourism that will guide MBA aspirants for a better future. Some of the MBA in Travel and Tourism books that they will come across during their course of study are listed below:

MBA Travel and Tourism Books
Book  Author 
Organizational Behaviour Robbins
Managerial Economics Mithani, D.M
Economics of Hospitality Management Peter Cullen
Successful Tourism Management P.M. Seth
The Wonder That Was India Rupa & Co. New Delhi
History of Modern India Chandra, B
Geography of Travel & Tourism Burton Rosemary
Transport for Tourism Stephen Page
Effective Communication and Public Speaking Mandal S.K

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