MBA in Tourism Syllabus and Subjects

Duration: 2 Years
Avg Fees: ₹3 - 12 LPA

MBA in Tourism syllabus educates students on tourism marketing, tourism policy and law, travel patterns and tourist behavior, destinations and destinations development, etc. The course is a two-year post-graduation course divided into 4 semesters.  

Students are required to study both core and elective subjects and complete a job-oriented project in the final semester of the MBA in Tourism course. Students can look for jobs in sectors like Hotels and Resorts, Airline Travel and Luxury Cruise, Food and Beverage Services, etc. 

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Semester-Wise MBA in Tourism Syllabus

MBA Tourism syllabus focuses on tourism economics and global tourism management. MBA in Tourism course provides students with a basic understanding of business management and hotel management skills to cater to the needs of the job market. Semester-wise MBA in Tourism subjects list is given below:

MBA in Tourism 1st-Year Syllabus

The first-year MBA in Tourism syllabus touches upon basic management principles applied to the tourism, travel, and hospitality sectors. Given below is the semester-wise MBA in Tourism syllabus:

Semester I Semester II
Management Concepts & Organisational Behaviour Financial Management
Managerial Economics Marketing Management
Accounting for Managers Human Resource Management
Business Environment and Law Operations Research and Management
Research Methodology Strategic Management

MBA in Tourism 2nd-Year Syllabus

MBA in Tourism course syllabus for the second year imparts knowledge on concepts like eco-tourism, event management, etc. Students will do a project in their fourth semester. Given below is the detailed MBA Tourism syllabus for the second year:

Semester III Semester IV
Tourism Principles, Policies & Practices Air Fares & Airline Management
Global Tourism Geography Travel Agency & Tour Operations Management
Tourism Products of India Event Management
Destination Planning and Development Customer Relationship & Service Management
Eco-Tourism E-Tourism Management
- Project Work

MBA in Tourism Subjects

Subjects in MBA in Tourism are classified into two parts: core and elective subjects. Internships and projects are an essential part of the MBA in Tourism course. Aspirants can choose a specialization based on their desire.

MBA in Tourism Core Subjects

Listed below are the MBA in Tourism subjects covered in the course:

  • Hospitality Management
  • Hotel Management
  • Destination Planning and Management
  • Tourism Marketing
  • Tourism Transportation 
  • Tourism Products of India
  • E-Tourism Management
  • Travel Agency & Tour Operations Management
  • Customer Relationship and Services Management

MBA in Tourism Elective Subjects

Apart from core subjects, there are some elective subjects in each semester. Some of the elective MBA Tourism subjects are:

  • Event Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Tourism Concepts and Linkage
  • Principles of Management
  • Basics of Accounting and Finance
  • Cargo Management
  • Air Fares and Ticketing and Logistics Management
  • Entrepreneurship in Hospitality Business

MBA in Tourism Subjects in Detail

The subjects in the MBA in Tourism course syllabus throw light on top tourism destinations in India and worldwide. Students get to learn about destination planning and development and eco-tourism in detail. Explained below are the topics covered in the MBA Tourism syllabus in detail:

MBA Tourism Subjects Topics Covered
Tourism Principles, Practices and Policies Elements, Nature and Characteristics - Typology of Tourism, Tourism Industry; Structure and Components, Tourism Impacts - Tourism Area Life Cycle, Tourism Organizations, etc
Global Tourism Geography Physical Geography of India, World Geography, Latitude, Longitude, International Date Line, Tourism Transport Systems in the World, etc
Tourism Products of India Tourism products: Definition, Types and unique features, Natural resources: Wildlife sanctuaries, Major tourism circuits of India, Manmade resources: Adventure sports, etc
Destination Planning and Development Destination Development - Types of destinations, Destination Planning Process and Analysis, Destination Image Development, Destination Promotion and Publicity -, etc
Travel Agency and Tour Operations Management Travel Trade - Historical Perspectives, Travel Agency and Tour Operation Business, Itinerary Planning & Development, Tour Packaging & Costing , etc

College-wise MBA in Tourism Syllabus

The syllabus for MBA in Tourism can differ from college to college. Students should go through the syllabus PDFs to learn more about the curriculum. Given is the syllabus for MBA in Tourism in top colleges.

Burdwan University MBA Tourism Syllabus

Students will understand the basics of tourism principles and undertake a unique practical tourism course during the 2nd-semester classes in the MBA Tourism course offered at Burdwan University. Given below is the semester-wise syllabus of the course.

Semester I Semester II
Management Process & Organizational Behaviour Tourism Products of India
Tourism Economics Travel Agency & Tour Operations Management
Tourism Concept & Impacts Tourism Marketing
Indian History Art, Culture Information Technology and Tourism
Geography and International Tourism Hotel Management
Transport in Travel & Tourism Practical Tourism
Semester III Semester IV
Air Fares & Ticketing Tourism Policy, Planning & Development
Sustainable & Eco-Tourism Research Methodology
Elective 1: Computerized Reservation System Destination Marketing
Elective 2: Tour Guiding and Visitor Interpretation Resort Planning and Development
Event Management Project Report & Viva
Tour Packaging and Operations Management -

University of Kerala MBA in Tourism Syllabus

Students will understand the theory and practice gap in the field of general management and Tourism through seminars and assignments that are included in the MBA Tourism Syllabus provided at the University of Kerala. Listed below is the semester-wise syllabus for MBA in Tourism.

Semester I Semester II
Principles Of Management And Organizational Behavior Laws For Business
Managerial Economics Research Methods For Management
Accounting For Managers Human Resource Management
Quantitative Techniques Finance Management
Operations Management Marketing Management
Business Environment And Corporate Business Planning And Entrepreneurship
Semester III Semester IV
Tourism Principles & E- Tourism Strategic Management
Tourism Products Of India Sales And Distribution Management
Hospitality & Customer Relationship Management International Business & Tourism Law
Airlines & Travel Agency Management Eco-Tourism
Tourism Geography And Destination Planning  Service Marketing 
International Business Environment Dissertation

MBA in Tourism Projects

MBA in Tourism projects can be on planning, development, assessment, and implementation of tourism principles in a travel company. Tourism projects require cooperation between various companies' processes and the clients or customers. Popular MBA in Tourism projects are

  • Accessing the significance of transportation systems in the tourism industry.
  • Assessment of the importance of cultural tourism to sustainable development.
  • Development and promotion of creative tourism as a panacea for economic sustainability.
  • E-marketing in the hospitality industry: Problems and challenges.

MBA in Tourism Course Structure

MBA in Tourism course structure is designed to give students theoretical knowledge of the course along with practical training in the tourism industry through seminars, workshops, etc. The course structure is listed below:

  • 4 semesters
  • Core Subjects
  • Elective Subjects
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Research Papers
  • Internships
  • Projects

MBA in Tourism Teaching Methodology and Techniques

Teaching methodologies and techniques used at MBA in Tourism is the combination of detailed study materials, workshops, group projects, surveys & research, etc. Students can pursue an internship or freelance in tourism companies to complete their final year projects. Some of the teaching methods and techniques are mentioned below: 

  • Case Study Methods
  • Presentations
  • Business Quizzes
  • Direct Instruction
  • Flipped Classrooms
  • Kinesthetic Learning 
  • Differentiated Instruction 
  • Inquiry-based Learning 
  • Expeditionary Learning 
  • Personalized Learning
  • Game-based Learning

MBA in Tourism Reference Books

Top best books on tourism explore a wide range of MBA Tourism subjects like global tourism, tourism and travel principles, etc Tourism offers a high-level insight that will develop students' managerial skills related for the tourism industry. Listed below are some best books.

Books Authors Topics Covered
Tourism Principles and Practices S.K. Mishra Basic concepts, history, motivation, and impacts of tourism, passenger transport, hospitality, travel agency, tour operations
Essentials of Management Koontz and Wihrich Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Leading, Controlling, Training and Selection, Recruitment in Organizations
Travel Agency Management Chand, M Travel Agency And Tour Operator Management Issues, Tour Operation, Changing Dimensions Of Tour Operators, Itinerary Planning
International Tourism Reisinger, Y Impacts of culture on tourism planning, development, management and marketing, tourist behavior and travel decision-making
Tourism Economics Mukhopadhayay, S Economics factors in Indian Tourism, Technological Factors, Legal Factors in Tourism, Tourism sectors

MBA in Tourism Fee Structure


What are some important subjects covered in MBA in Tourism syllabus?

Tourism Products of India, Destination Planning and Development, Travel Agency & Tour Operations Management, Eco Tourism, etc are some important subjects in MBA in Tourism.

What are the elective subjects taught in MBA Tourism syllabus?

Cargo Management, Event Management, Air Fares and Ticketing, Entrepreneurship in Hospitality Business, etc are some elective subjects in the course.

What subjects are taught in the final year of the MBA in Tourism?

Customer Relationship & Service Management, Global Tourism Geography, E-Tourism, etc are some subjects taught in the final year course.

What are some best projects for MBA in Tourism?

Accessing the significance of transportation systems in the tourism industry, Assessment of the importance of cultural tourism to sustainable development, etc are some of the good project topics.

What are some good books to refer to in MBA Tourism?

Tourism Principles and Practices, Travel Agency Management, International Tourism, etc are some best books to refer to for students.