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Lisha Gupta

Updated on Jan 4, 2023 by Lisha Gupta

Lisha Gupta

Updated on Jan 4, 2023 by Lisha Gupta

MBA Sales and Marketing syllabus and subjects are designed to help students experience both the theoretical and practical concepts in the sector of marketing, sales, product management, and more. In the first year of MBA in Sales and Marketing, students have to learn the core subjects of sales and marketing, while in the second year, students deal with the elective and specialized subjects according to the student's area of interest.

Semester Wise MBA Sales and Marketing Syllabus

MBA in Sales and Marketing is a combination of communication skills, leadership skills, analytical skills, and integrating skills. MBA Sales and Marketing syllabus is divided into four semesters with a duration of two years.

Students can opt for their specialization according to their area of interest in the second year of post-graduation. Semester-wise MBA in Sales and Marketing subjects are listed below.

MBA Sales and Marketing First-Year Syllabus

MBA Sales and Marketing First Year Syllabus
Semester I Semester II
Marketing Management Corporate Finance
Operations Management Operation Research 
Micro Economics Business Research Methodology
Organizational Behaviour Human Resource Management
Business Mathematics Cost and Management Accounting
Financial Accounting Macro Economics
Business Communication I Business Communication II
Information Technology for Business Business Statistics II
Legal Environment for Business Macro Economics
Business Statistics I International Marketing

MBA Sales and Marketing Second Year Syllabus

MBA Sales and Marketing Second-Year Syllabus
Semester III Semester IV
Applied Operations Research Strategic Management
International Business Management Project Management
Enterprise Resource Planning Business Process Management
Supply Chain Management Materials Management
Logistics Management Maintenance Management
Products Design and Development Robust Design
Total Quality Management Final Project 
Summer Internship Projects Research Report

MBA in Sales and Marketing Subjects

MBA in Sales and Marketing subjects are classified into two parts that are core and elective subjects. Internships and projects are an essential part of the MBA in Sales and Marketing course. Aspirants can choose specialization according to their area of interest.

MBA in Sales and Marketing Core Subjects

  • Marketing Management
  • Operation Management
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Micro Economics
  • Business Mathematics
  • Financial Accounting
  • Information Technology for Business
  • Legal Environment in Business
  • Business Statistics
  • Corporate Finance
  • Operations Research 
  • Human Resource Management
  • Micro Economics
  • International Marketing
  • Business Research Methodology

Apart from core subjects, there are elective subjects in MBA in Sales and Marketing:

MBA in Sales and Marketing Elective Subjects

  • Applied Operations Research
  • International Business Management
  • Enterprise Research Planning
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Product Design and Development
  • Total Quality Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Project Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Materials Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Project Report of Specialization

MBA in Sales and Marketing Course Structure

MBA Sales and the Marketing course includes classroom lectures, discussions, industry interactions, case studies, projects, and other activities. MBA in Sales and Marketing course consist of two types of subjects is core and elective subjects. Sales and Marketing help us find business leads generated by mobile technology, computing, and internet services.

MBA in Sales and Marketing helps to enhance skills and knowledge regarding marketing and sales for job opportunities.

MBA in Sales and Marketing Teaching Methodology and Techniques

Teaching methodologies and techniques used at MBA in Sales and Marketing postgraduate level can be very different. Students are taught, and they largely depend on the course content, level of study, although in all cases, students are required to undertake an independent study. Students can work in companies as they have to submit the final year internship file.

MBA in Sales and Marketing makes students understand and experience the sales problems and find out their feasible and creative solutions to enhance the sale of products in a company. Students can utilize the tools and technology wherever required in a particular project possible. Some of the teaching methods and technologies that may be highly effective in Sales and Marketing education are: 

  • Case Study Methods
  • Presentations
  • Assignments
  • E-learning
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Online Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Event Marketing
  • Lead Generation 
  • Search engine Optimization

MBA in Sales and Marketing Projects

MBA in Sales and Marketing project is a term used to describe the planning, development, assessment, and implementation of sales of products in a company, mainly marketing tools and technologies that will help managers solve sales problems and search for actionable solutions.

MBA project topics in sales and marketing require cooperation between various companies' processes, objectives, and logistics while contributing to companies' goals.

Popular MBA in Sales and Marketing projects are:

  • Advertising Strategy of the Indian Corporate World
  • Customer experience management in personal loan
  • A study on general awareness of insurance policies 
  • A Study on Purchase Behaviour of grocery for middle-class people
  • Effectiveness of Retailing Mix in Big Bazaar
  • A survey of dealers buying perception
  • A study on the Future of BPO 
  • Importance of Consumer Buying Behaviour
  • Measuring the impact of a social media marketing campaign 
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Effect of branding on consumer buying behaviour 

MBA in Sales and Marketing Reference Books

Top best books on Sales and Marketing explore a wide range of subjects that may extend far beyond the field. Listed below are the best MBA Sales and Marketing books to explore:

MBA Sales and Marketing Books
Books  Author 
Marketing Management Philip Kotler
Sales Management Richard R Still
Rural Marketing Pradeep Kashyap
Marketing Research Naresh Malhotra and Satyabhushan Dash
Consumer Behaviour Schiffman and Kanuk 

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