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Lisha Gupta

Updated on Oct 3, 2022 by Lisha Gupta

Lisha Gupta

Updated on Oct 3, 2022 by Lisha Gupta

MBA Hospital Administration syllabus and subjects are structured for a full-time 2 years postgraduate program. The course is for both aspirants from medical and non-medical backgrounds assisting them in providing the knowledge needed for managerial and planning works in healthcare. The syllabus of MBA in Hospital Administration is designed in a way to develop essential and important skills in the aspirants pursuing this course. 

Semester Wise MBA in Hospital Administration Syllabus

MBA in Hospital Administration syllabus main subjects include management, organization, and administration of clinical services, pharmaceutical management, and many more subjects in the curriculum.
Semester wise MBA Hospital Administration subjects are listed below:

MBA Hospital Administration First Year Syllabus
Semester I Semester II
Principles of Management and Organisational Behaviour Hospital Support Services
Marketing Management and Public Relations Material Management
Health Economics Human Resource Management
Managerial Communication Financial Management
Business Law Cost and Financial Accounting
Quantitative Management Business Statistics
Financial Accounting Health informatics
MBA Hospital Administration Second Year Syllabus
Semester III Semester IV
Hospital Planning and Designing Management Control Systems
Epidemiology in Medical  International Business 
Hospital Utility Services Patient Care System
Legal Aspects of Health Health Insurance
Operational Research Safety and Risk Management in Hospitals
Organizational Change and Development Entrepreneurship Development 
Compensation Management Health Management Information System

MBA in Hospital Administration Subjects

MBA Hospital Administration subjects can be classified as core and elective subjects. Practical subjects play a vital role in this course. Students can choose elective subjects based on their personal interests, career scopes, or future education goals.
MBA in Marketing Core Subjects:

  • Hospital Support Services
  • Health Management
  • Epidemiology in Medical
  • Hospital Planning
  • Legislation for Health and Hospital
  • Materials Management
  • Health Management Information System

MBA in Marketing Elective Subjects: Apart from core subjects, there are some elective subjects for each semester. Students can choose their electives from the options provided to them by their institution.
Some of the elective subjects are:

  • Hospital Project Management
  • Healthcare Delivery System
  • Drug Discovery and Regulatory Framework
  • Hospital Accreditation
  • Organization and Management of Utility Support Services
  • Electronic Medical Records Management
  • Health Policy

MBA in Hospital Administration Course Structure

MBA in Hospital Administration course is structured as a core and elective subject along with practical subjects. The course is divided into four semesters, and in the first year as a foundation course, all the basics of management concepts will be introduced to the students. The course focuses on hospital administration and management. The aspirants can choose their electives based on their specialization and areas of interest and submit research-based practical projects at the end of the IVth semester.
The course structure is:

  • IV Semesters
  • Core and Elective subjects
  • Practicals
  • Project Submission

MBA Hospital Administration Teaching Methodology and Techniques

An MBA in Hospital Administration is a multidisciplinary program that concentrates on enhancing students' expertise in the healthcare field. To make the teachings effective different teaching methodology and techniques are employed to enhance the concepts. In short, the teaching methodologies and techniques are:

  • Lecture-based
  • Group projects
  • Research projects
  • Practical lab sessions
  • Viva-Voce
  • Jury
  • Case Study based
  • Experiential learning
  • Simulation

MBA in Hospital Administration Projects

MBA in Hospital Administration subjects strengthens the managing and leadership skills required to utilize people and their skills in a business organization to meet the organization goals. A project in this field will motivate the students to learn more and explore hospital administration.
Popular Hospital Administration projects are: 

  • A Study on Work Safety for Employees in Lab
  • A Study on Patient Satisfaction in Billing Department in a Multi-Specialty Hospital
  • A Study on Infection Control Management in Selected Hospitals
  • Different Type of Health Insurance Coverage

MBA in Hospital Administration Reference Books

Listed below are the best hospital administration books suggested by our experts:

Books Authors
Principles of Management Koontz and O'Donnell
Cost and Financial Accounting Khan and Jain
Principle of Hospital Planning and Administration Llewyn Davis L.
Hospital Supportive Services L Goel and R Kumar
Epidemiology in Health Service Management G E Alan Dever
Operations Research S. Kalavathy
Hospital Waste Management: A Guide for Self-Assessment and Review Baserkar Shishir

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