LLB Jobs:

The Bachelor of Laws [LLB] course job opportunities is abundant in both the private and public sectors. After completing the LLB course, the aspirants can practice their knowledge in a vast spectrum of jobs. They can be appointed as Judges of various courts which is a prestige profession and also can work as Legal counsels, advisors for organizations apart from being lawyers. LLB course after graduation can be further continued with higher education.

The major employment areas for LLB graduates are:

  1. Colleges & Universities
  2. Courts & Judiciary
  3. Law Firms
  4. MNCs
  5. Bank (Legal Dept)
  6. Business House
  7. Legal Consultancies
  8. News Channels
  9. Judiciary
  10. Sales tax and Excise Departments

The major opportunities for higher studies after LLB course are:

  1. M.A. Human Rights
  2. M.A. Human Rights and Duties Education
  3. Master of Comparative Laws (MCL)
  4. Master of Law (LLM)
  5. Diploma in Environmental Laws
  6. Diploma in Human Rights
  7. Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights
  8. Diploma in Administrative Law
  9. Diploma in Alternative Dispute Resolution System
  10. Diploma in Co-operative Law
  11. Diploma in Corporate Laws and Management
  12. Diploma in International Laws
  13. Diploma in Labor Law and Personnel Management
  14. Diploma in Labor Laws (D.L.L)
  15. Diploma in Labor Laws and Labor Welfare
  16. Diploma in Taxation Laws
  17. P.G Diploma in Women’s Rights and Human Rights

The top recruiters for Bachelor of Laws [LLB] graduates are:

  1. AZB & Partners
  2. J Sagar Associates
  3. Khaitan & Co
  4. Luthra & LuthraTrilegal
  5. Titus & Co
  6. Wadia Ghandy & Co
  7. Lakshmi Kumaran & Sridharan
  8. Economic Laws Practice
  9. Vaish & Associates

LLB Jobs for Freshers:

For freshers graduating from an LLB course, a large spectrum of job opportunities is available such as:

Sl. No. Jobs
1 Oath Commissioner
2 Teacher
3 Lecturer
4 Advocate
5 Trustee
6 Lawyer
7 Notary
8 Law Reporter
9 Legal writer


LLB Government Jobs:

Bachelor of Laws [LLB] graduates are highly respected and have an immensely-large spectrum of opportunities in the public sector:

Sl. No. Jobs
1 Public Prosecutor
2 Solicitor
3 District & Sessions Judge
4 Legal Advisor
5 Oath Commissioner
6 Attorney General
7 Munsifs (Sub-Magistrate)
8 Advocate
9 Trustee
10 Lawyer
11 Magistrate/Judge
12 Notary
13 Magistrate

LLB Private Jobs:

Bachelor of Laws [LLB] graduates have a large scale of jobs to choose from in the private sector:

Sl. No. Job Opportunities
1 Public Prosecutor
2 Solicitor
3 Legal Advisor
4 Teacher
5 Lecturer
6 Advocate
7 Trustee
8 Lawyer
9 Law Reporter
10 Legal Expert
11 Legal analyst
12 Corporate lawyer


Salary Scale for LLB Course:

The Bachelor of Laws [LLB] Course Salary fluctuates from 3 lakhs to 1 crore per annum depending on a variety of factors. It differs based on the seniority and experience of the aspirant, the skillset, and abilities of the individual, his or her diligence and hard work as well as adaptability to the work environment.

Other Related Job Scope and Salaries:

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