BITSAT Previous Years Question Papers: Free Pdf Download of 2020, 2019, 2018 Papers

Exam Date

Aug 3, 2021

Result Date

Aug 5, 2021

Apr 7, 2021 | Engineering, Pharmacy


The BITSAT previous year papers are another essential study material for all aspirants. Along with practising sample papers candidates must make sure to practice BITSAT previous year question papers. BITSAT previous year paper gives a clear idea of the exam to the BITSAT 2021 aspirants. Going through the BITSAT previous year papers will also help applicants to become familiar with the BITSAT exam paper structure and pattern. Candidates should develop a practice of attempting the BITSAT previous year papers regularly to nurture their learnings and strengthen their confidence before attempting the exam.

BITSAT Previous Year Papers

The BITSAT previous year papers give the aspirants an idea of their progress in terms of their preparation for the exam. After finishing the BITSAT previous year question papers, they can evaluate their performance and make necessary changes in their study plan if they think they need to improve. Most of the times, the BITSAT past year papers have similar questioning style and structures, analyzing them would help applicants develop a better understanding of how to attempt the paper prominently. Te official authorities responsible for organizing BITSAT 2021 give out the BITSAT 2020 paper and BITSAT 2019 paper for the aspiring candidates, before the exam. To understand the impact and importance of practising BITSAT previous year question papers, candidates can refer to the points mentioned below. 

Benefits of solving the BITSAT Previous Year Papers

  • Analyzing the BITSAT 2020 question paper and BITSAT 2019 question paper will provide an idea about the questions and topics which have been consistent since the past few years and have a high probability of occurring in the present year paper as well. 
  • Practising BITSAT previous year question papers will help applicants develop the required routine for better preparation.
  • Developing a sense of exam pattern that has been into a function from past years, including the BITSAT 2019 paper and BITSAT 2018 paper will strengthen the overall preparation of the applicant. 
  • Solving BITSAT previous year papers will work as a getaway from the burden of books and other heavy study material.
  • When the applicant can solve the BITSAT previous year papers, it boosts the confidence as well as opens up the understanding about which of the topics carry more weightage and require more practice. 

BITSAT 2021 Exam Pattern

All candidates need to familiarize themselves with the current BITSAT exam pattern, as it would help them utilize the given exam duration properly. The candidates must solve the BITSAT previous year papers as they don't just help them assess their preparation but also enable them to customize a time plan that suits them best. Some highlights that we've found in the most recent BITSAT previous year papers are given below:

BITSAT 2021 Exam Pattern
Particulars Details
Mode of BITSAT 2021  Online
The medium of the BITSAT 2021 question paper English
No. of questions 150
Type of questions Multiple Choice Questions
BITSAT 2021 exam duration 3 hours (180 minutes)

The candidates can also take a look at the marking scheme, as observed in the BITSAT previous year question papers:

BITSAT 2021 marking scheme
Total No. of Questions 150
Maximum Marks 450
Correct Answer +3 Marks
Incorrect Answer -1 per answer from the total score

 Some of the BITSAT previous year question papers are given below.

BITSAT Previous Year Question Papers
BITSAT 2013 Question Paper
BITSAT 2012 Question Paper
BITSAT 2011 Question Paper






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