BITSAT Previous Year Question Papers with Solutions

Hafsha Qureshi
Hafsha Qureshi

Updated on - May 17, 2024

BITSAT Previous Year Question Papers is an essential study material for all aspirants. Along with practising BITSAT sample papers, candidates must make sure to practice BITSAT previous year's question papers as well.

BITSAT 2024 Question Paper give a clear idea of the exam to the aspirants. They will also help applicants to become familiar with BITSAT 2024 exam paper structure and pattern.

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BITSAT Previous Year Question Papers

BITSAT Previous Year Question Papers PDF provide an insight into the frequently appearing questions and important topics for preparation.

Students looking to gain a thorough idea of the BITSAT exam difficulty and pattern can review the link below. More PDF links will be added as they keep releasing officially.

BITSAT 2023 Question Papers

Unfortunately, the official BITSAT 2023 Question Papers aren't released by the BITS Pilani administration. However, we have provided the memory based questions below to get an idea of the question format and difficulty level:

BITSAT Previous Year Papers 2024
BITSAT Question Paper 2024 Download Link
Jun 18, 2024 Download
May 21, 2024 Download
May 22, 2024 Download
May 23, 2024 (Shift 1) Download
May 23, 2024 (Shift 2) Download
May 24, 2024 (Shift 1) Download
May 24, 2024 (Shift 2) Download

BITSAT previous year paper gives the aspirants an idea of their progress in terms of their preparation for the exam. After finishing BITSAT previous year's question papers, they can evaluate their performance and make necessary changes in their study plan if they think they need to improve.

Candidates are able to work on their weak areas by solving the BITSAT previous year papers PDFs.

Some of BITSAT previous year's question papers are given below.

BITSAT Previous Year Question Papers
BITSAT Previous Year Question Papers PDF Link
BITSAT 2022 Question Paper Download
BITSAT 2021 Question Paper Download
BITSAT 2020 Question Paper Download
BITSAT 2019 Physics 1 Paper Download
BITSAT 2019 Physics 2 Paper Download
BITSAT 2019 Biology Paper Download
BITSAT 2014 Chemistry Paper Download
BITSAT 2013 Question Paper Download
BITSAT 2012 Question Paper Download
BITSAT 2011 Question Paper Download

Benefits of Solving BITSAT Previous Year's Question Paper

Students can benefit from the multi-layered process of studying. The benefits of solving BITSAT previous year's question papers are as follows.

  • These papers will provide an idea about the questions and topics which have been consistent over the past few years, and will probably come in the present year's paper as well. 
  • Practising BITSAT previous year papers PDF will help applicants develop the required routine for better preparation.
  • Solving BITSAT previous year question will work as a getaway from the burden of books and other heavy study material to something more approachable.
  • When the applicant solves the BITSAT previous year paper PDF, it boosts confidence as well as helps to understand which topics carry more weight or require more practice. 
  • Most of the time, BITSAT previous year paper PDF have similar questioning styles and structures; analysing them would help applicants develop a better understanding of how to attempt the paper.
  • Candidates can run through the list of BITSAT reference books to optimally solve the BITSAT paper.

How to Solve the BITSAT Previous Year Question Paper?

Solving BITSAT Previous Year Question Papers under a time limit is a great way to assess a candidate's readiness. This will provide a good understanding of the types of questions asked, the difficulty level of the exam, and the important topics that are likely to appear. Additionally, it will help applicants to practise their time management skills and identify any areas where they need to improve.

Here are some tips for solving BITSAT previous year papers:

  • Candidates must set a timer to solve the BITSAT previous year paper for the same duration as the actual exam.
  • The easy questions must be attempted first, and the difficult questions must be attempted after.
  • Applicants should complete the BITS previous year papers within the allotted time.
  • Aspirants must only check for answers to the BITSAT previous year paper after they have solved the whole paper.
  • Candidates must outline any questions that they find difficult and review them later.
  • Candidates must analyse their performance in BITSAT previous papers and identify the areas that need more work.

BITSAT Previous Year Question Paper Solving Tips

BITSAT 2024 Paper Analysis

The BITSAT Exam 2024 paper analysis will be shared on the page as soon as the exam has been conducted. For reference, applicants can solve the BITSAT question paper highlighted above to get a sense of the difficulty level and frequently appearing questions. This way, candidates can prepare the recurring topics and cover a significant weightage of the exam.

Through the paper analysis of the BITSAT exam 2024, the difficulty level for each subject was assessed for candidates. Candidates can check out the BITSAT paper analysis for 2024 to understand the expectations of the exam. The Physics and Chemistry sections were easy-moderate, while the Maths section was difficult. It is an overall assessment of all the shifts of the BITSAT exam held in 2024.


Where can I find the BITSAT PYQ PDF?

Candidates can find the BITSAT Previous Year Question Papers on the official BITS Pilani website Candidates can also download the BITSAT PYQ PDFs from this page in the section above.

Are the BITSAT Previous Year Question Papers free?

Yes. Candidates can get the BITSAT previous papers for free from this page for download.

What are the benefits of solving the BITSAT Previous Year Papers?

Candidates are able to gauge the exam difficulty level, understand the exam pattern, and review any areas that may need improvement by solving the BITSAT previous papers.

What should I keep in mind before solving the BITSAT Previous Year Question Papers?

Applicants must time their attempt at solving the question paper. They should also attempt the easy questions first, and mark the difficult questions for review later.

Is solving BITSAT Previous Year Question Papers enough for preparation?

No. Aspirants are required to study the BITSAT subjects comprehensively and solve the previous year papers side by side to assess their performance. Only solving the question papers is not preparation enough for the BITSAT exam.



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