BITSAT Exam Pattern 2021: Total Marks, Negative Marking, Paper Pattern

Exam Date

Jun 24, 2021

Result Date

Jul 7, 2021

Apr 28, 2021 | Engineering , Pharmacy


The BITSAT exam pattern consists of details regarding the marks distribution, types of questions, and the exam duration. Interested applicants can get a clear idea of how to prepare themselves for the entrance exam by going through the BITSAT exam pattern 2021. Knowing the BITSAT paper pattern works as an advantage to all BITSAT aspirants.

BITSAT Exam Pattern 2021 Highlights

BITS Pilani sets BITSAT exam pattern 2021. BITSAT 2021 is an Online (Computer-based Test) exam, and it has Multiple-choice Questions (MCQs) from which candidates should choose one correct answer from the given options. BITSAT 2021 includes 150 objective questions from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/ Biology, English, and Logical Reasoning. Candidates can prioritize the subjects by analyzing the BITSAT exam pattern and make a study plan accordingly. As per the BITSAT exam pattern 2021 duration of the BITSAT 2021 test is going to be three-hours without a break. BITSAT 2021 Exam will be conducted in two slots. Slot I - 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM and Slot II - 2:00PM to 5:00PM.

To better understand the BITSAT 2021 paper exam pattern better, candidates must refer to the highlights given below:

BITSAT Exam Pattern Highlights
BITSAT Paper Pattern 2021
Total Questions 150
Each Question weightage 3 marks
Total Marks 450
Duration 3 hours (180 minutes)
Negative Marking -1 for every wrong answer

Detailed information on BITSAT Pattern of Question Paper 2021

Any candidate capable of answering 150 questions within the specified time (without skipping any question) can attempt an additional 12 questions (four each from Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry only), as per the weightage presented in the BITSAT exam pattern. Questions given in BITSAT paper pattern are selected randomly from an enormous question bank, and each candidate will get different BITSAT question paper sets.

Suppose any candidate finishes their exam within the given time that is before 3 hours (180 minutes) as per the BITSAT exam pattern, without skipping any question. In that case, they can attempt an extra 12 questions related to Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. But there will be no change in the BITSAT paper pattern with respect to the 150 questions, which they have already answered before. In this case, the candidate should note that if he/she opts to answer those 12 questions, he/she would not be able to go back to the previously answered 150 questions. This opportunity under the BITSAT exam pattern 2021 ensures that even the candidates who are at an average level can complete it within the given 3 hours. At the same time, a sharp candidate will get the opportunity to answer extra 12 questions. This aspect of BITSAT exam pattern 2021 allows sharp aspirants to score higher.

Note: Please make sure that before applying for BITSAT, you are aware of eligibility criteria for BITSAT 2021 to avoid your application being rejected at the advanced stages.

Additional Questions in BITSAT 2021

The BITSAT 2021 will consists of an additional of 12 questions apart from the 150 questions that will be asked. The 12 additional questions will be given to the candidates who have completed the initial test. Candidates must note that these additional questions will need to be attempted within the three hours that will be provided. Attempting these 12 questions after all the 150 questions have been answered will give the candidate an opportunity to score higher. The 12 questions have been divided accordingly.

  • Physics: 4 questions
  • Chemistry: 4 questions
  • Mathematics or Biology: 4 questions

NOTE: Candidates who choose to answer these 12 extra questions are not allowed to go back to the original exam and make any changes in those 150 answers.

BITSAT 2021 Marking Scheme

Candidates should analyze and understand the marking scheme designed by the official authorities for BITSAT exam pattern. Each correct answer will award you three marks, and every wrong answer will lead to a negative marking of 1 mark. There will be no negative marking for unattempted questions, as per the BITSAT paper pattern 2021. The exam will be for a maximum score of 450, and the total number of questions will be 150 in the BITSAT exam pattern 2021. There is no time limit for individual parts of the test.

Subject-wise Marking Scheme - BITSAT Exam Pattern 2021

The BITSAT exam pattern is primarily divided into four major subjects. The organizing body of the exam selects the subjects to be included in the BITSAT exam pattern. Candidates are evaluated on their skill to score marks in the mentioned subjects, and at the same time, the weightage carried by each of these subjects is predefined and is different from each other. The subjects covered under BITSAT paper pattern 2021 include Physics, Chemistry, English Proficiency, Logical Reasoning, and Mathematics. Applicants can plan and strategies their preparation for the exam based on the weightage distribution mentioned in the BITSAT exam pattern table mentioned below:

Subject-wise Marking Scheme for BITSAT Exam Pattern 2021
Total Number of Questions 150
Subject-wise BITSAT Paper Pattern
Part Subject Name No. of Questions
Part I Physics 40
Part II Chemistry 40
Part III English Proficiency 15
Logical Reasoning 10
Part IV Mathematics (for engineering candidates) or Biology (For B.Pharm candidates)


BITSAT Marking Scheme 2021 for Physics

Candidates can go through the BITSAT marking scheme for the physics portion and prepare for the subject accordingly. Going through the weightage and marking scheme of a particular subject also helps applicants decide the time duration of attempting a particular subject portion in the paper. The physics portion consists of 18 chapters in total, with each question carrying one mark. Applicants can refer to the table mentioned below for more information on the BITSAT exam pattern for the Physics part.

BITSAT exam pattern for Physics
Marks/Weightage of Questions
Oscillation 3-4
Gravitation 3-4
Rigid Body Dynamics 3-4
Kinematics 2-3
Mechanical Properties 5
Waves 2-3
Electrical Field 2-3
Dual Nature of Matter & Radiation 3-4
Alternating Current 2-3
Magnetism & Moving Charges 3-4
Current Electricity 4
Thermodynamics 3-4
Work, Energy, and Power 3-4
Atomic Study 3-4

BITSAT Paper Pattern and Marking Scheme 2021 - Chemistry

To understand the Chemistry section's BITSAT exam pattern, candidates should know the weightage carried by the different topics covered under the subject. Chemistry consists of 8 major topics as per the BITSAT exam pattern 2021. The weightage pattern for Chemistry is mentioned in the table below:

BITSAT exam pattern for Chemistry
Marks/Weightage of Questions
Hydrogen and s-block Elements2-3
Atomic Structure3-4
The Solid State2-3
Coordination Compounds2-3
Physical and Chemical Equilibria4-5
States of Matter2-3

BITSAT Marking Scheme for English Proficiency and Logical Reasoning

As per the pre-defined BITSAT paper pattern, the English Proficiency portion of the paper consists of 15 questions, carrying one mark each. The Logical Reasoning portion consists of 10 questions, carrying one mark each. To understand the weightage of topics covered under English Proficiency and Logical Reasoning, candidates can go through the table mentioned below:

BITSAT exam pattern for English Proficiency and Logical Reasoning
English Language TopicsMarks/Weightage of QuestionsLogical Reasoning Topics
Marks/Weightage of Questions
Composition1-2Alphabet Test2-3
Synonyms1Puzzle Test1-2
Verbal Ability3-4Binary Logic1-2
Conclusion2-3Classification Test2-3
Reading Comprehension2-3Verbal Reasoning2-3
Vocabulary1-2Non-verbal Reasoning1-2
Word Formation1-2--

BITSAT Marking Scheme 2021 for Mathematics and Biology

As per the information given out by the organizing authorities in BITSAT question paper pattern 2021, Mathematics and Biology carry the maximum weightage amongst the rest of the subjects; they separately have 45 questions in their respective sections carrying one mark each. The Mathematics section comes in the BITSAT exam pattern for applicants attempting Engineering courses. The biology section is for candidates attempting the exam as per the BITSAT pharmacy exam pattern.

BITSAT exam pattern for Mathematics and Biology
Mathematics TopicsMarks/Weightage of QuestionsBiology Topics
Marks/Weightage of Questions
Binomial Theorem2-3Molecular Basis of Inheritance1-2
Permutations & Combinations4-5Anatomy of Flowering Plants2-3
Parabola3-4Plant Growth and Development1-2
Circles4-5Excretory Products and Their Elimination2-3
Sequence & Series4-5Chemical Coordination and Integration1-2
Sets, Relations & Functions2-3Ecosystems1-2
Theory of Equation2-3Biological Classification2-3
Matrices Determinants3-4Breathing and Exchange of Gases1-2
Application of Derivatives6-7Biotechnology: Principles and Processes2-3
Continuity & Differentiability2-3Reproduction5-6

The distribution of marks and weightage within the BITSAT exam pattern structure is pre-defined by the organizing authorities. Candidates who are willing to attempt the exam should go through the given BITSAT question paper pattern properly to avoid any unnecessary mistakes in the admission procedure. Aspiring candidates can also refer to the graphical representation of subject wise weightage within BITSAT pattern 2021.

BITSAT 2018 Exam Pattern

Note: Candidates can take a look at the BITSAT 2021 Syllabus as well to get a clearer idea of the BITSAT Exam Pattern.

BITSAT 2021 Facts and Figures

Candidates can take a look at the facts and figures of the BITSAT 2021 Exams

  • Candidates can go back and make changes to any of their answers among the 150 questions.
  • Candidates are given the opportunity to attempt 12 extra questions once they have answered the 150 questions (without skipping any) within the prescribed 3 hours.
  • The twelve extra questions will be from Physiccs, Chemistry, Mathematics or Biology, i.e. 4 questions from each of the subjects.
  • Candidates must note that they cannot go back to modify their answers of the 150 questions once they've opted to attempt the extra questions
  • The final list of exam centres as well the date and time of the BITSAT 2021 exam will be announced on the official BITSAT website.


Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies, [MRIIRS] Faridabad



LPU, Jalandhar

B.Tech (Total Fees) Rs. 960000


Hindustan Institute of Technology & Science, [HITS] Chennai



Acharya Institute of Technology, [AIT] Bangalore

B.Tech (Total Fees) Rs. 12,00,000/


Sharda University, Greater Noida

B.Tech (Total Fees) Rs. 1.82 LPA


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