MBA Hospital Management or Master of Administration in Hospital Management is a postgraduate degree. MBA Hospital Management course duration is 2 years. This is one of many specialisations of MBA. MBA Hospital Management graduate works on managing hospitals and other health care centres. The minimum requirement for an MBA is a bachelor's degree in any of the field. Few colleges prefer to take in students with a bachelor's degree in health sectors such as MBBS, dental, BPT, etc.

MBA Hospital Management course trains students in operations, HR management, finance management of health sectors such as hospitals, medical insurance centres, medical research centres, etc.

MBA Hospital Management Fees in India:

Master of Business Administration[MBA] in Hospital Management average course fees ranges from 80,000 to 5 Lakh per annum.

MBA Hospital Management Salary in India:

MBA Hospital Management course salary varies with companies. The average salary is 4.8 Lakh per annum

MBA Hospital Management Syllabus and Subjects:

MBA Hospital Management Syllabus and subjects consist of topics from both management and health. MBA Hospital Management Course is a unique course where subjects such as business management, Economics, Health Management, Human Anatomy are studied. These subjects give the required knowledge to the students related to the health and management of hospitals.

MBA Hospital Management Syllabus:

Health, Managing Hospitals, Anatomy, Leadership are few of the topics under MBA Hospital Management syllabus. Semester wise syllabus is mentioned below:

MBA Hospital Management Syllabus - Semester I

  1. Functions of Management
  2. Organisational Culture
  3. Health Economics
  4. Health Environment
  5. Measurement of Probability
  6. Hospital Management: Levels and Roles
  7. Composition of Health Sector
  8. Levels of Managers and Management Skills

MBA Hospital Management - Syllabus II

  1. Digestive System
  2. Reproductive System
  3. Reasons for Using Medical Terms
  4. Classification and Description of Disease
  5. Introduction to Operations Research
  6. Role of Project Manager and Skills Inventory
  7. Introduction and Relationship between HRM and HRD
  8. Pay and Incentive System

MBA Hospital Management - Semester III

  1. A Sample Constitution for the Hospital
  2. Medical Council of India
  3. Guiding Principles in Planning Hospital Facilities and Services
  4. Disaster Management: Principles and Classification
  5. Sub-stores, CSSD, Immediate Postoperative Recovery Rooms
  6. Nutrition and Dietary Services – Pharmacy Services – Medical Records Services
  7. Networking: Importance, Types, Methods of Networking, Network Planning and Management
  8. Data Processing (DP)
  9. Need and Importance of IT in Health Care

MBA Hospital Management - Semester IV

  1. Meaning and Process of Communication
  2. Interview: Meaning, Types and Techniques of Taking Interview
  3. Concept of Health Insurance
  4. Demand and Supply for Health Insurance
  5. Characteristics of Strategic Decision
  6. Mission for an Organisation
  7. History, Need and Importance of Quality Management
  8. Meaning, Purpose, Types and Methods of Research

MBA Hospital Management Subjects:

MBA Hospital Management Subjects provide much-needed knowledge about the course and help the students to know the course better. Below mentioned are the subjects of MBA Hospital Management Course:

MBA Hospital Management Subjects - Semester I:

  1. Principles of Management and Organisational Behaviour
  2. Health Economics
  3. Hospital Administration
  4. Biostatistics & Operation Research
  5. Health Environment

MBA Hospital Management Subjects - Semester II:

  1. Human Anatomy, Physiology and Medical Terminology
  2. Health Programme Management
  3. Health Resouces Management
  4. Healthcare Marketing and Public Relations
  5. Hospital Accounting and Finance

MBA Hospital Management Subjects - Semester III:

  1. Hospital Materials Management
  2. Legal Aspects of Healthcare
  3. Patient Care Planning and Management
  4. Supportive Services and Facilities Management
  5. Information Technology in Healthcare

MBA Hospital Management Subjects - Semester IV:

  1. Health Communication Planning and Management
  2. Health Insurance and Managed Care
  3. Strategic Management in Healthcare
  4. Managing Quality in Healthcare
  5. Research Methodology

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