MBA Hospital Management Jobs:

MBA Hospital Management graduates get to work in any sectors such as hospitals, medical research centres, health insurance companies, etc. Few of the job roles mentioned below are for MBA Hospital Management Course graduates:

Sl.No MBA Hospital Management Job Roles
1 Medical and Health Service Manager
2 Healthcare Finance Manager
3 Administrative Manager
4 Medical Director
5 Drug Safety Associate
6 Executive Administrative Assistant
7 Project Supervisor
8 Administrative Officer
9 Hospital Administrator

MBA Hospital Management Jobs for Freshers:

MBA Hospital Management freshers are paid much better compared to other degree freshers. Few of the jobs mentioned below are for MBA Hospital Management freshers:

Job Opportunities
1 Hospital Marketing Assist Officer
2 Human Resources Executive
3 Hospital Operations Executive
4 Hospital Administrator
5 Management Trainee

MBA Hospital Management Government and Private Jobs:

MBA Hospital Management graduates have opportunities to work in both government and private sectors. Few jobs given below are from both government and private sectors:

Job Opportunities
1 Senior Healthcare Consultant
2 Senior Hospital Manager
3 Operations Manager
4 Relationship Manager
5 Healthcare Solutions Analyst
6 Additional Medical Superintendent

MBA Hospital Management Jobs Abroad:

Same as in India, MBA Hospital Management graduates get to work in hospitals and healthcare facilities abroad. MBA Hospital Management professionals get paid very well. People with experience are in higher demand. Some of the jobs are mentioned below:

Job Opportunities
1 Chief Medical Officer
2 Medical Director
3 Chief Hospital Manager
4 Clinical Safety and Risk Management Admin
5 Clinical Supervisor

Salary Scale for MBA Hospital Management:

Below mentioned is the salary scale for MBA Hospital Management Course which is tabled according to the experience:

Experience From Up to
0-5 Years - INR 2.59 LPA
5-10 Years INR 2.59 LPA INR 7.02 LPA
10-20 Years INR 7.02 LPA INR 12.3 LPA

Average Salary based on Job Position for MBA Hospital Management:

Salary varies according to experience and job position. Below mentioned is the average salary based on the job position for MBA Hospital Management: Job Type Average Salary per annum
1 Hospital Administrator INR 6.15 LPA
2 Executive Secretary INR 2.74 LPA
3 Office Manager INR 6.39 LPA
4 Clinical Operations Manager INR 7.09 LPA
5 Human Resource Assistant INR 2.50 LPA
6 Operations Manager INR 8.46 LPA

Source: Payscale

Key Stats for MBA Hospital Management:

Key stats such as gender payscale, pay according to experience is mentioned below for MBA Hospital Management course:

Source: Payscale

Source: Payscale

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