MHT CET Biology Syllabus 2024: Weightage, Distribution, Tips

Hafsha Qureshi
Hafsha Qureshi

Updated on - Apr 11, 2024

MHT CET Biology syllabus 2024 covers topics from class XI and XII. Botany and zoology topics make the syllabus. 20% value to the class XI syllabus and 80% value to the class XII syllabus given. Apart from Biology, the syllabus consists of topics from physics and chemistry. Biology is opted for by candidates appearing for PCB. 

Further, the exam is of 3 hours duration and is held in online mode. The MHT CET syllabus, weightage, and questions from each topic are discussed in this article. 

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MHT CET Biology Syllabus 2024

THE MHT CET Biology syllabus 2024 is detailed in the table below. Each topic holds a certain number of weightage and importance. Candidates are suggested to read through the syllabus and prepare accordingly. 

MHT CET Biology Syllabus 2024
Class XI Class XII
Diversity in organisms Genetic Basis of Inheritance
Biochemistry of cell Biotechnology: Process And Application
Plant Water Relations and Mineral Nutrition Enhancement of Food Production
Plant Growth and Development Microbes in Human Welfare
- Photosynthesis
- Expression and Regulation, Respiration
- Organisms and Environment I
Organization of Cell Origin and the Evolution of Life
Animal tissues Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance
Human Nutrition Genetic Engineering And Genomics
Human Respiration Human Health and Diseases
- Animal Husbandry and Excretions
- Control and Coordination
- Human Reproduction
- Organisms and Environment II

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MHT CET Biology Syllabus Weightage 2024

As mentioned earlier, each topic carries a certain value in the question paper. MHT CET Biology syllabus weightage 2024 of topics are as mentioned below in the table.

MHT CET Biology Syllabus Weightage 2024
Topics Weightage
Biomolecules 9%
Respiration and Energy Transfer 8%
Human Nutrition 8%
Excretion and Osmoregulation 7%
Origin and Evolution of Life 8%
Genetics Engineering and Genomics 5%
Human Reproduction 6%
Genes and its Nature 5%
Reproduction in Plants 7%
Respiration 5%
Photosynthesis 5%
Biotechnology and its Application 6%
Microbes in Human Welfare 4%
Human Health and Disease 5%

MHT CET Biology Syllabus Questions Distribution 2024

Questions from botany carry more marks than zoology. The questions with the highest marks to the lowest are mentioned in the table below in ascending order. Candidates must check these before attempting the questions.

MHT CET Biology Syllabus Questions Distribution 2024
Areas of Question No of Questions
Genetics & Biotechnology 15
Ecology 10
Plant Physiology 8
Plant Diversity 7
Cell Biology & Cell Division 6
Plant Reproduction 5
Plant Morphology 4
Plant Anatomy 2
Bio-molecule 2
Biology in Human Welfare 1
Human Physiology 13
Human Reproduction & Reproductive Health 5
Origin & Evolution 3
Animal Diversity 3
Human Health & Diseases 3
Structural Organisation in animals 1
Animal Tissue 1
Animal husbandry 1

MHT CET Biology Best Books 2024

Various books for covering the MHT CET Biology syllabus 2024 are available in the market. The listed books are best for preparation and are suggested for the best results.

MHT CET Biology Best Books 2024
Books Publications/ Authors
MHT-CET Triumph Biology Book for Pharmacy Entrance Exam  Target Publications
MHT CET Biology Test Series 
Objective MHT-CET Biology Nikhil M. Shriwastav
MHT CET Prep Guide Biology 2023 Kavita Dhamle & Mukta Gigras 

MHT CET Biology Syllabus 2024 Preparation Tips

Among various ways to prepare for the exam, we have listed some tips that are followed by toppers. These tips help candidates achieve good marks. 

  • Create a Timetable: The first and foremost step is to create a timetable before preparing. The entire syllabus, weightage and question distribution are mentioned in the article; candidates should ensure that they cover all the topics. Focus on a chapter with higher weightage. 
  • Prepare from the Suggested Books: All the candidates should follow the books mentioned above for the exam preparation. The books are available online as well as offline. Candidates can buy the books or download a soft copy for preparation.
  • Follow the Previous Year's Question Papers: Candidates should follow the past year's questions for revision. The questions reflect an idea of expected questions from each topic and offer an idea of expected questions. 
  • Give Mock Tests: After the syllabus is covered and the exam is advancing, each candidate must appear for MHT CET mock tests. The mock test will be a reality check for the candidate's preparation. After the results of the mock tests are released, candidates must focus on the areas of weaknesses.



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