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Parvathy Krishnakumar
Parvathy Krishnakumar

Updated on - Jun 9, 2024

MHT CET Rank Predictor 2024 uses your MHT CET 2024 rank and score to determine your chances of being admitted to the engineering college of your choice. The MHT CET rank predictor uses an innovative algorithm and the opening and closing rank from the previous year to predict the best college for you to pursue engineering. MHT CET 2024 results will be declared on Jun 19, 2024.

The candidates can check their chances with the MHT CET 2024 rank predictor by entering their MHT CET score, rank, or result for 2024 to obtain the cutoffs, fees, placement reviews, and admission procedure for all engineering institutions in India that recognize MHT CET.

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What is MHT CET Rank Predictor 2024?

The MHT CET rank predictor 2024 estimates the candidates' projected percentile score based on a number of variables, including the number of applicants who took the exam, their results, the complexity of the question paper for each shift, etc.

The candidates must submit all the required data to obtain the MHT CET 2024 rank predictor 2024 by percentile and their expected rank position.

The Common Entrance Test has several question papers because it is administered in shifts. Thus, using the normalisation procedure, the MHT CET 2024 percentile is found. Candidates can prepare for MHT CET counselling for the colleges accepting the specific marks with the aid of the percentile scores determined by the rank predictor MHT CET 2024.

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How to Use MHT CET Rank Predictor 2024?

MHT CET rank predictor 2024 is easy to use. The candidate needs to have their marks and contact number to see the expected MHT CET Rank. They can follow the steps below to get the predicted rank. 

  • Step 1: The candidates should select the MHT CET 2024 rank predictor tool on the GetMyUni website.
  • Step 2: The candidates should then enter the score obtained in the exam.
  • Step 3: As a next step, they must enter the required details, such as name, mobile number, email ID, city name, course category and qualification.
  • Step 4: Next, they need to enter the marks obtained & select the paper type, category, and preferred location.
  • Step 5: Lastly, the candidate should submit the details and click the 'Predict My Percentile' option.
  • Step 6: After the details are submitted, the MHT CET rank predictor will display the candidate's estimated rank on the screen.

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Factors Used by MHT CET Rank Predictor 2024

As previously stated, a candidate's percentile is determined by utilising the exam scores of other candidates who took the same course. The method listed here is followed to find their expected rank through the MHT CET rank predictor 2024.

  • The marks earned in every Session are transformed into a 100–0 range.
  • The percentile of a candidate is the proportion of candidates in that percentile who had a raw score that was equal to or lower than that of the candidate.
  • The 100 percentile will then be the highest score for each Session.
  • Percentile scores will be computed using the scores that fall between the lowest and highest.
  • To prevent ties, the percentile scores will be calculated to seven decimal places.

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MHT CET Marking Scheme 

To be admitted into prestigious private or public universities, applicants must have an MHT CET rank of less than 40,000. Applicants should rank 40,000 or above if they received a score of at least 70% on the admission exam. Candidates need to be informed that the MHT CET 2024 rank range could change. Therefore, the candidates can check their expected rank through the MHT CET rank predictor 2024. 

Candidates must understand that the MHT CET percentile is prepared using the normalization procedure. Because the entrance exam is given in multiple shifts, the applicants' scores will be changed to ensure that every candidate is at a disadvantage due to a shift's variable difficulty.

MHT CET Rank Predictor 2024: Calculation

Candidates must understand that the percentile does not represent the mean of their particular subject scores. The normalization method generates the percentile score, taking into account the combined exam scores of all candidates who took the test. The rank predictor MHT CET 2024 is computed using the normalization technique.

Mode of Calculation Calculation Method
MHT CET Rank Predictor 2024 by Percentile 100 x Number of Candidates in the Session with a Raw Score Equal To/Less Than the Score of the Candidate ÷ Total Number of Candidates in the Session

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MHT CET Score vs Percentile

The MHT CET rank predictor 2024 analyses a candidate's chances of getting admission into engineering colleges by taking into account their score and percentile. Based on previous year trends, the MHT CET 2024 rank predictor helps to check whether the candidate has a high or low chance of being admitted into a particular college.

Percentile Rank
90 to 99 1 to 19,000
80 to 89 19,001 to 32,000
70 to 79 32,001 to 41,000
60 to 69 41,001 to 47,000
50 to 59 47,001 to 53,000
40 to 49 53,000 to 59,000
30 to 39 59,001 to 64,000
20 to 29 64,001 to 73,000
10 to 19 73,001 to 81,000

Benefits of Using MHT CET Rank Predictor 2024

MHT CET rank predictor 2024 helps the candidates narrow down the range of choices in colleges and makes their search for the best colleges easier. The following are some advantages of utilising the MHT CET percentile predictor.

  • Candidates can estimate their percentile using the MHT CET rank predictor based on the exam's difficulty and expected grades. 
  • Candidates can more effectively evaluate which universities and courses to apply to by knowing their predicted percentile. This information enables them to make well-informed judgments during the counselling and admissions process.
  • Based on their estimated percentile, candidates can use this estimation to strategically plan their college applications and concentrate on universities where they have a better probability of admission.



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