Syllabus & Subjects for Bachelor of Arts [BA] (Assamese):

The BA Assamese Syllabus consist five subjects and that 5 subjects cover study of topics like origin and development of Assamese script definition of language varieties meaning definition and Folklore 

Subjects Units
History of Assamese Language and Script

Indo Aryan Languages and Assamese language

Origin and development of Assamese Script

Assamese language in the medieval period

Phonology, Morphology and Syntax of Assamese language

Semantic changes

Language Varieties

Definition of language, Idiolect

Language varieties of Assamese

Grammar and vocabulary of the language varieties of Assamese

Use of language varieties in modern Assamese literature

Use of language varieties in audio-visual media

Functional Grammar of Assamese

Parts of Speech

Semantic Properties

Sentence Structure


Correction of Sentences/ Application of Grammar

Cultural Behavior of the Assamese

Meaning and definition of Culture

Behavioural Pattern of society

Festivals and Rituals

Cultural issues

History of Culture

Oral Traditions: Folktales, Folk songs and myths

Meaning, Definition and Sectors of Folklore

Folk songs and its Varieties

Folktales and its Varieties

Folktales, folk songs and myths of Assam

Folk elements in Assamese literature

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