BA Astrology Syllabus and Subjects

Duration: 3 Years
Avg Fees: ₹1 LPA
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Updated on - Jun 26, 2023

BA Astrology syllabus is the study of Vasu Sashtra, Horoscope, Constellations, and Calculation over three years, equally divided into six semesters. Astrology covers topics such as Important Principles of Astrology, the History of Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Gemmology, etc.

Candidates for the BA Astrology course get the knowledge and abilities necessary to make accurate predictions about the future or to construct a credible scenario for the near future. The job scope for candidates range from Coloum Writer, Guidance Advisor, Plamists, Numerologist, etc.

Table of Contents

Semester Wise BA Astrology Syllabus

The BA syllabus is created to contain essential and significant information regarding astrology, horoscopes, constellations and calculations to aid in future prediction. Vasthu Sastra, Ganitham, Panchangam, and other significant subjects are covered. The semester-by-semester astrological syllabus is shown in the tables below: 

BA Astrology First Year Syllabus

The BA Astrology syllabus for first year is given in the table below:

Semester I

Semester II

Introduction to Astrology (Jothidaviyal Arimugum Matrum Adippadaigal)

Casting of Horoscope some methods & Ganitham (Mathematics)

Fundamentals of Astrology

Important Principles of Astrology (Jothissastri k mulbuth sidanth)

History of Indian Astrology (Bharatiya Jothis Ka Itihas)

Panchangam (Almanac)

BA Astrology Second Year Syllabus

The BA Astrology syllabus for second year is given in the table below:

Semester III

Semester IV

Six systems of Indian Philosophy


Method of Seeing Astrology Results (Jothida Palan Kannum Murai)

Sacrifices (Yaganal)

Construction of Horoscope (Janampatri ka Nirman)

Introduction to Astronomy (Khogal Parichay)

BA Astrology Third Year Syllabus

The BA Astrology syllabus for third year is given in the table below:

Semester V

Semester VI


Numerology, Palmistry, Gemmology,

Vasthu Sastra 

Surya Sidanth


Case Studies

BA Astrology Subjects

BA Astrology subjects cover Basics of Astrology, Fundamentals of Astrology, Vasthu Sastra, etc. The astrology course syllabus only teaches the core paper in the vernacular language. There are no electives offered in the course. Below is a list of astrology subjects:

BA Astrology Core Subjects

In the list given below are core astrology subject:

  • Introduction to Astrology (Jothidaviyal Arimugum Matrum Adippadaigal)
  • Casting of Horoscope some methods & Ganitham (Mathematics)
  • Method of Seeing Astrology Results (Jothida Palan Kannum Murai)
  • Vasthu Sastra 
  • Six Systems Indian Philosophy
  • Vasthu Sastra
  • Panchangam
  • Numerology, Palmistry, Gemmology

BA Astrology Subjects In Detail

BA Astrology syllabus deals with various subjects and the topics under them, which are listed in the table below:

BA Astrology Subjects Topics
Introduction to Astrology (Jothivigyan Ka Samanya Parcichay)  Sachitra Jothis Siksha (Illustrated Study of Astrology), Rashicharak Tatha Nakshatra (Horoscope and Constellation) .
History of Indian Astrology (Bharatiya Jothis Ka Itihas) Vaidikal Mein Jothis Ka Udthbav Tatha Vikash (Origins and Development of Astrology during Vedic Period), Perspective through Ramayana and Mahabharatha, Tecachers of Astrology.
Construction of Horoscope (Janampatri ka Nirman) Lagan Nikalna, Isthkaal and Kundli Banana, Graha Ka Ucch- Nich, Grahameitri aur Graho ka drishti vichar.
Introduction to Astronomy (Khogal Parichay) Geography Pattern (Bhugol Swarup), Octagon Definition (Saptgol Paribasha), Division.

BA Astrology Course Structure

Candidates for the course are taught the fundamentals of astrology, a practise that dates back to the Vedic era and is founded on faith and belief. The astrology course syllabus is organised in the manner described below:

  • VI Semesters
  • Core Subjects
  • Vernacular Language
  • Demo Sessions
  • Case Study

BA Astrology Teaching Methodology and Techniques

Typically, the method of instruction involves giving lectures in the local language in a regular classroom setting. The following are a few BA astrology syllabus teaching techniques:

  • Classroom training
  • Case Study
  • Group Discussions

BA Astrology Projects

Projects in the astrology syllabus are based on students' knowledge of planetary alignment, horoscope preparation, constellations, and astronomy. Based on these concepts, the candidate may choose any of the topics listed below, among others:

  • Idea of Astrological Belief in Primitive Society
  • Abilities of each Zodiac Signs
  • Geometry in Astrology
  • Uranus, Earthquake, and the Choice of a Base Chart
  • Chakrapani Ullal: Friend and Mentor
  • Support for Astrology from the Carlson Double-blind Experiment

BA Astrology Reference Books

Numerous authors have highlighted numerous important topics in publications on astrology. Here are some of the books for astrology subject:

Reference Books


The Manual of Astrology, the Standard Work


A History of Western Astrology

S. Jim Tester

Astrology: A Guide To The Signs

Armand Eisen, Ariel Books

Fundamentals of Astrology

M. Ramakrishna Bhat

Astrology For You

Shakuntala Devi

BA Astrology Fee Structure


What are the subjects in BA astrology?

The BA Astrology subjects are Introduction and Basics of Astrology, History of Indian Astrology, Fundamentals of Astrology, etc.

What is the scope of BA astrology?

BA Astrology candidates can work as Numerologist, Astrologist, Subject Matter Expert, etc.

Who is eligible for BA Astrology?

Candidates eligible for BA Astrology must have a 10+2 in the high school degree from an accredited board.

Is there demand for astrology?

Yes, the market is expected to be worth $22.8 billion by 2023, indicating significant demand.

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